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  1. I am considering exchanging my British driving licence to a French driving licence and I need to maintain all the categories on my British licence, eg trailer, caravan etc.indefinitely, not just until I am 60 as I have already passed that drama in my life. Any advise on the  documentation required for this would be much appreciated.  I have filled in the required Cerfa11247 form. 
  2. Hello, could someone please tell me which days Emmaus in open in Cholet.  I know they open at 14.oo to 17.30 but can't for the life of me remember the days they are open.  Thanks
  3. Hello, I heard a rumour that drivers and all their passengers are required to have a hi viz jacket in France.  Is this correct, or is it just the driver?

  4. Hello, my daughter is getting married in Pinner next week and I want to decorate the bridal car the French way but am having difficulty in tying a nice big tulle bow. Mine looks a bit naff.  Can someone please advise me as to how to go about it.  Linda
  5. linhilary


    Hello, new to the Forum! :>)

    We are looking for a really nice cattery for our very spoilt cat in the vicinity of Boisme/Bressuire please. Can anyone help please?


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