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  1. Well after being away for a couple of days my original question seems to have been hijacked.  For the record, I don't have a salt water pool.  A neighbor has told me that I am not supporsed to backwash my pool water close to his boundry wall.  I just want to know if he is legally right or whether there are suposed to be rules about it or not.  my French isn't good enough to translate the French question and reply, so I'm still not any wiser.  W e all appreciate the help that the pros give I'm sure.
  2. ive been told that there are rules regarding the disposale of pool waste water, like when backwashing or emptying the pool, but I cant find anything where I can read about them.  Is ther a rule about how close to boundries like walls and neigbours it has to be or near a road?  Does this just apply to salt pools or to others?
  3. Oh Dragonrouge,  I certainly don't want an English enclave - and really would prefer it to be not for 'couples' (certainly my husband was thrown into a panic when he thought it might involve him!).  Cooking is a hobby for me since I had to give up energetic sports due to an injury - and I'd love to be able to experiment with other like minded people - I've got a whole cupboard full of ingredients for Japanese cooking which I brought back from London, and no doubt it will still be there in another year unless I get kickstarted to have a go.  Plus, if it involved couples it would then run the risk of turning into a 'cosy lunch party circuit' which isn't the idea.  The reason that I'm suggesting meeting up during the day is that I have children at College and would prefer them to be out of the way!
  4. I've had enough of paying for meals that just aren't that good (with a couple of exceptions) and would like to combine my keen interest in cooking and eating with meeting up maybe once a month with like minded people.  What I've got in mind is something where we could take it in turns to host a lunch - preparing the main course, with other 'members' bringing puddings or starters perhaps.  Maybe it could go on to a light hearted 'make something out of this ingredient' for next time - or with a theme each time (Indian, veg, in season, etc.).  I have to say I am not an expert - I follow recipes and do have the occasional disaster - but I enjoy it.  I like to think I have a fairly discerning palate - and certainly appreciate fine dining, so not for anyone looking just for cottage pie or chilli concarne (do love those too though!!!). I am near Sauze-Vaussais, just 5 minutes from the D948 / N10 junction.  However, if there was interest in an area slightly too far to travel comfortably, we could always have inter-group 'cook-offs'.  Any views, comments etc. welcomed.
  5. Strongly suggest you get at least three quotations, and most important, ask for and follow up at least three customer references for pool installations which they have done before you go ahead.  
  6. Well in our case the original artisan has been biven first bite - but now I don't want him anywhere near as he is simply not capable of putting things right.
  7. We have been having some work done for well over a year - there have been problems at every turn, not all of which have been satisfacorily resolved.  We have now had enough, and wish to get our money - or a proportion of it - back, and get someone else in to sort out the problems.  Unfortunately the money has all been paid out, as some of the faults didn't come to light immediately.  Should we go to an Advocate, or if not, what is our best option?  The company in question is registered etc.
  8. The crowds arriving and departing from the Castle Donnington circuit are huge - and on the way out the all try to emulate the drivers/riders they have been watching!  The M1 is on the doorstep - but can't imagine would be fun for little villages with small roads going through.  Wouldn't be great for small furry animals either.
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