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  1. [quote user="sweet 17"]Go on, Fi, tell us what it's like kissing and making up with Norman?[:D][/quote] I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.  Seriously, peace has broken out! Fi
  2. Hi Ernie The links NormanH gave earlier were very useful.  Maybe a place to start.  Despite the bickering, he does know what he's talking about (and we're friends now[:D]) Fi
  3. That old chestnut, paint, and it isn't even any good!
  4. The supermarkets will be open on Christmas Eve as previously stated.  However, I would get there reasonably early or there will be a limited amount of fresh stuff left.   I presume you are planning a French-style grande bouffe, rather than English Christmas dinner - some items (such as ready-prepared stuffing, mincemeat, Christmas pudding etc etc) will be almost impossible to pick up.  Plenty of foie gras and things containing chestnuts though.... Fi
  5. My issue isn't really with walking on the lead, even though when we do go for a walk Pete would insist on taking his dog himself, it's more a concern about him being flattened by an over-excited dog who is almost as big as he is!  We are quite strict with our animals, they know their place in the family pecking order (i.e. at the bottom!), and I feel sorry for un/badly trained dogs - it's not their fault, it's the owners[:)] Fi
  6. Now going completely off-topic [:$], but maybe because a forum such as this offers some anonymity so the normally mild-mannered amongst us let rip, when they would normally have a more tempered world view when talking to real people, and they can't cope with the criticism/disapprobation???? Anyway, for me, this year in the gites not as truly awful as expected.  But all French/Belgian - only one lot of Brits and two German parties. Fi
  7. [quote user="Russethouse"]http://www.poodleclubofamerica.org/breed.htm How about the middle size ? Personally I like them trimmed a little all over, rather than that lion cut, more teddy bear ! [/quote] They look great, but definitely no daft haircuts - it's a dog, not a box bush for topiary purposes.  Our mutt came back from the doggy hairdresser once with a show cut - try and imagine an embarassed springer - he licked me when I cut the fluffy bits off! Fi
  8. [quote user="LEO"]People with gites who have done badly ,are less likely to post! [/quote] Well I didn't have a brilliant year (20 weeks ish between 2 gites), edit:  so far, but it was our first year, so am quietly optimistic...  Full for Christmas/New Year, and some for the Feb holidays 2010. Fi
  9. [quote user="Russethouse"]What about a poodle ?[/quote] Is there a medium-sized one?  A standard would be a big thing, and one of those dinky, diamante-collar wearing little things would do nothing for my credibility!  A woolly dog rather than hairy one (if you see what I mean) would be a bonus! Fi
  10. Labradoodles do look suitably cute and softhearted.  Maybe a little large?  Good as my dog, but for a child?  I am happy to stand corrected on this point[:)].  Re the existing mutt, he will always be top dog in this house - any incomers will swiftly learn that Bryn's bed is his alone, and it's in my bedroom, and if anyone is going to get with away trying to sit on my lap it is him (even though poor old arthritic lump finds it difficult these days!). One of the local farmers has some knee-high brown and black curly-haired terrier types (look like very small airedales without the floppy ears).  I think they are great but Pete says they are too noisy (this from the boy who regales me with Kylie Minogue, yelled tunelessly, at 6am!). Maybe I should pay a visit to the local SPA and see what is available.  I just don't want to get caught out with something that looks cute and turns into a snappy beast. I'd still like another German Shepherd (had one from the age of 11 - she thought she was the guardian of my morals - my parents had no qualms about leaving me alone with boyfriends when I was a teenager!), and she was a big, soppy lump - perfect dog! Fi
  11. Life's too short [:D]  Live and let live, however mistaken you may think the other person is....
  12. We have recently acquired a kitten - now healthy and deranged in an endearing kitten-like way.  Patrick has been commandeered by my daughter, and my son is rather jealous.  Problem is, that he is a little cack-handed with the kitten, so we thought we should get him a creature of his own, which is a little less fragile.  We have been thinking for sometime about getting a 2nd dog (we have an elderly springer at the moment), and it would seem a good idea to make the new dog "his".   Much as I feel morally obliged to get an adult rescue dog, I think a puppy would be better in the circumstances.  Now I like German Shepherds, Labs, Airedales etc (i.e. "proper" dogs), but I think they could be rather a handful for a small boy to deal with.  We used to know a dachshund when we lived in The Hague, and Pete was deeply in love with it, but I think that be rather too small for me (I know, I'm a dog snob!).    I simply refuse to faff around with dog coats, and over-sized handbags to carry them around in.  And the idea of taking a dog for a walk and then carrying it because it's little legs can't cope is just too silly to to contemplate. Can anyone think of a middle-sized dog, with a generally soppy disposition, which could suit us?  Another spaniel is a possibility, but they seem to have snob value here (as well as gun-dog value) and are therefore a scary price.    We have a large, fenced terrain, so space to charge around isn't a problem. Would like to get new dog in-situ before winter sets in, so we can get him/her house-trained without the guilt of leaving a poor puppy shivering in the snow[:)] Thanks Fi
  13. [quote user="NormanH"]I bet jon has had a record year  [6] [/quote] Steady tiger[:)]
  14. [quote user="baypond"]It seems to me that the Brits are only just catching on to the fact that you can have a summer holiday in the mountains with temperatures still up in the 30's. More and more people I know are taking summer trips to the Alps and Pyrenees. [/quote] The Vosges are rather splendid too [:D]
  15. [quote user="Russethouse"]Could you try what they suggest for babies, lay him down and stand over him, get him to look for something above your head ?  (A halo ? [:)])[/quote] More likely - [6]  Definitely worth a try though - it would have to be an extremely large bar of chocolate to get his attention though! Fi
  16. Fi

    MDPH Letter

    Many thanks for that - much appreciated! Fi
  17. Fi

    Is My Kitten Sick?

    [quote user="Christine Animal"]The usual cat vaccinations here are coryza/typhus.  But in case you don't know the name Fi, the cat aids is Leucose fĂ©line and there is a vaccin.     [/quote] And he should have it now-ish?
  18. Oh yes, and Plymouth Gin (can't beat it - yum)[:D]
  19. Hope this is the right place for this. My 5 year old's passport has expired.  No problem with the paperwork, or getting counter-signatories for pics, but getting the pics is a nightmare!  He is autistic, and simply doesn't get "eyes open, don't smile" etc etc - meltdown ensues (very embarrassing).  Have tried everything.  Spent a small fortune in the local photoshop, got a lot of pics of the back of his head as he escapes from the photobooth, tried taking pics at home and using that useful website to make them acceptable to the authorities.  Rien de tout.  Cauchemar.  Je m'en fiche.  If I drug him somehow, his eyes will be shut.  Really don't know what to do.  Any ideas? Fi
  20. 28 ish here too.  Visiting mother and I cheerfully quaffed quantities of some very, very cold white in the interests of hydration earlier.  All a bit unravelled now.  Tant pis[:D]
  21. Was totally panic-stricken in June about no bookings.   Last minute, fully booked 1st week July to end August, full for Christmas/New Year, and have confirmed bookings for Feb holidays (skiing nearby).  Still some availability if anyone interested [:)]  Could do with some BS weekends for the autumn though.  Could have let 8 gites for new Year week no problem!  No Brits though - all French/Belgian/Dutch. Fi
  22. Fi

    MDPH Letter

    Just received an incomprehensible letter from the MDPH (Maison des Personnes Handicapes) Vosges (I asked a French friend to read it and she didn't understand it either!).  Ages ago, with the help of the assistant social of the Hopital de Jour, applied for various benefits  for our autistic 5 year old from the MDPH and CAF, and for the other 2 "normal" brats.  Have got a reply (apolgies for lack of accents, still using qwerty!): will miss out the preamble but it reads: une demande d'allocation d'education de l'enfant handicape (1ere demande) a ete addressee a la Commission en date du xxxxxx pour xxxxx Lors de la reunion du xxxxx, la commission a pris la decision suivante: Attribution del'AEEH pour taux >ou+50% et>80% et Attribution du complement:  AEEH + complement 3 du xx(date) au xx(date) versement:  Mensuel pour l'aide d'une tierce personne a hauteur de 50% d'equivalent temps plein. Taux incapacite:  au moins+ 50% et <80% du  "date" au "date". Eh?????? Not having been given any base figures, can't do the maths, and not entirely sure what they are on about anyway.  Am I about to (finally) get some money?  Still waiting for the CAF by the way.  My head hurts! Fi
  23. Flakes, prawn cocktail crisps (sorry filth I know), Hula Hoops, and baking powder in a tub with the directions of 4 tsp per 8oz flour.  Did 4 tsp of Alsa levure chimique and had to shot blast the oven  [:)] Fi
  24. Fi

    Is My Kitten Sick?

    Here's one for the cat experts.  When I took young Patrick to the surgery last week, I asked when he should be "innoculer" against all those nasty cat diseases.  Got a look of complete surprise from the nurse (vet having gone off to deal with a St Bernard with "boy trouble") and was told not to worry unless he was going to a pension.  surely shome mishtake?  Having lost 2 cats to "cat aids" which was truly hideous to witness, I want to protect the hooligan, even if it does cost a paw and a whisker.  Perhaps I should just make an appointment for next week (he'll be 10 weeks then) and insist politely but forcefully.  I can scare for Britain when necessary [:)] Fi
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