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  1. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    Look at it this way, Fi, you're very lucky to still have your mum (I mean at 46!)

    My mum had me when she was 45 and she died when I was 33.  Still, she would have thought herself lucky to have seen me grow up as she was convinced that she would be long dead and gone before I grew up.

    Celeri remoulade is good but I prefer carottes rapĂ©es.  Yes, I know, I belong to les ploucs!  Can't help it, just no class and less pedigree than my dog!


    She was 40 when she had me and is still vaguely surprised!  (My eldest brother will be 61 this year - crack open the sanatogen!)

    I also really, really like salade aux bettraves - the stuff you get in tubs at the supermarket - Bonduelle the best by far.  Have been known to stand at the fridge, fork in hand, guzzling - now what does that make me???? (Apart from greedy[:$])

  2. [quote user="sweet 17"]Come on, it's only a typo.  We all know he means caravaners.[/quote]

    I know that.[:)]  We just call them tin tents in this house.  And there is nothing more infuriating than being stuck behind one when you're in a jurry trying to get to the airport (and running late as per) and you get stuck behind one going at 35kph over Col de la Schlucht and you can't overtake for 20km.....

    And another bad thing about here is the increase in wine intake.  And celeriac remoulade intake.  And mealtimes becoming a pleasure rather than a refuelling exercise.  But I still miss my mum (and I'm nearly 46 - very sad!)


  3. [quote user="virginia.c"]A good friend of mine bottles and preserves everything from pork to fruit. She simply washes in very hot water with washing up liquid then puts the jars into a hot oven. In doing this the jars get sterilised - get dry and then don't crack if hot contents get put into them.[/quote]

    My original plan was to put them through the dishwasher (without detergent) on a bot wash, then I was overcome with self-doubt when I read the destructions.

    I do have some Milton (no babies, but good for sterilising Camelbaks) - would that do?


  4. This might be better in food in drink......

    Am about to bottle some of the glut of pears.  I have been given some Le Parfait bocaux, and in the instructions it tells me wash the jars in hot water and carbonate de chaux.  What is this stuff?  Where can I get it?  I have searched the forum and only found posts about lime plaster, not exactly the same thing.   The literal translation of course is carbonate of lime, which doesn't help me much either.

    Any help gratefully received!


  5. We were charged 30 euros/hour by a recommended (by the immobilier) electrican who had to repair damage done by our predecessors. There was no power in 2 of the 3 apartments when we arrived.  We found out after the event that the builder had walked off the job of the attic conversion, and left a few "presents", which we had to deal with!  All cables to the fuse box cut, gaines installed but no cables in them, and some other deeply weird stuff.  Many gallic shrugs from the electrician at the time and "bizarre" muttered at regular intervals.  All working now though[:)]


  6. Some Dutch acquaintances used f**ng instead of very.  They were slightly bemused when I informed them that some people find it quite offensive!

    My French isn't bad but I err on the side of polite - don't want to cause any offence!  Mind you, my mother (French parents but born in London and has spent all her life in the UK) recently referred to some naughty guests I had had as "andouillettes".  Made my neighbours hoot!


  7. There still seem to quite a few on the websites, and when I spoke to the car sales companies, they didn't bat any eyelid. We shall see when we get there.

    I think there will always be a market for cheap (under 1000 euro) cars - not everyone has the cash to pay 2500+.  Not entirely convinced by the scrappage scheme - I understand the theory, but in practice it seems to exclude the "poor" from car ownership - and it must make life hard for the student and first-time buyer population (my first car, ancient Renault 5 - the one with the white plastic bumper - sounded liked a souped-up sewing machine, cost 100gbp....)

    Off to Germany shortly.  Will report back ce soir!


  8. We're off to Germany tomorrow to look at cars. (It's only 90 minutes or so from here.)  We are the last of the big spenders [:)].  We want a reliable, economical, preferably diesel run-around for around 1000 euros.  At the moment we are thinking of getting the best Golf we can for the money.  Have spoken to a couple of car sales places - very friendly and helpful.  Will let you know how we get on.


  9. Gin makes the world go round, and round, and round, and round, and round...

    I gave up my sub to Living France too.  Somehow less relevant once you are here - and far too south-west oriented for those of us in the north-east! 

    I do treat myself to "Massif des Vosges" for a "mere" 6,50.  The pictures are great, and I leave them in the gites for visitors when I finished with them.


  10. [quote user="Alan Zoff"]When I last tried the Creme Fleurette Entiere, it tasted nothing like English fresh cream to me. Have searched in vain for some time to find an exact equivalent.[/quote]

    Syllabub still "off" then.   Burger.  Will just have to instruct next UK visitor who is driving to smuggle cream in for the freezer......


  11. I shall visit my nearest Leader Price forthwith.  I can find a way round most cream-related issues, but I have yet to produce a good syllabub (which always went down very well with French friends in the UK!).  I soldier on......  A good lemony, boozy syllabub with raspberries - yum  I know raspberries are out season en ce moment, but I can always practice and inflict my efforts on the long-suffering Bloke.  By next summer we could be in syllabub nirvana[:D]

  12. [quote user="confused of chalus"]Good thinking Fi. I found that the French version of the instructions for my ice cream maker used creme fraiche while the English version used double cream - they treated tham as interchangable. With sugar/vanilla or fruit I dont think you can taste any difference. But I cant get creme brulee to work with creme fraiche. Anyone got a recipe that works with creme fraiche or fromage blanc?  Have found a good fresh cream (posted on another thread) that has recently appeared in our Intermarche. Creme Fraiche special chantilly - but I think it's only local to area round Limoges, and its quite expensive.


    Try this one - it worked for me!

    creme brulee recipe


  13. This might seem a mad solution to the whole cream issue, but why not either surf some French cookery sites and see what they use, or buy a French cookery book?  I have a fairly old book called "La Bonne Cuisine Francaise" which I was given by my late (French) aunt and I tend to use that book, rather than Good Housekeeping or whatever, for day to day stuff, getting the right cut of meat for particular dishes, and even for puddings which involve cream!


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