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  1. Does anyone have any hints on buying a mobile home in france? Do you know if prices vary much between france, holland, germany etc Are there any decent web resources or loot style magazines in france?  I have tried ebay.fr yet to no avail . ideally I am looking for a french made ( cheap repair?) & registered RHD 4 bed 2 litre plus Petrol/LPG converted mobile home with shower and toilet up to 8000 euros Am I in la la land? We live in Charente Poitou? regards to all you francophiles. Damon
  2. Here are some passwords from Telegraph Intrigue Experience Adventure Discover Suprise Regards all  
  3. Thanks all for advice  I have acquired a sat sky digibox box from ebay and purchased a freesat card. I wish to take the sytem out to france to rig up with the dish left when I bought the house, but is it o.k to register from the uk without plugging the box in ( I am not sure whether they need to marry the box to the card). regards
  4. Hi All Bon Noel .... A little technical help ta. I have a Pace D14000 - N Set Top Box originally supplied by NTL for cABLE tv in London Can I use the box with a FreeSat card or is the hardware/decoder a different thing. Also Does anyone know of any convergence of satellite and computer technologies given that I am in ADSL broadband area in Poitou Charente and was thinking that I could use my computer to do all the hard work and decode sat signals in software. i have a TV out card on my machine. Thanks and regards
  5. Has anyone got the required web address or telephone number ( add 5 pounds to your booking) as the offer on the general telegraph page has no link to the bookings page as follows http://www.promotions.telegraph.co.uk/promotions/index.jhtml;jsessionid=CF153FWNTPUZ1QFIQMGCM5WAVCBQUJVC?pg=/ETHtml/content/promotions/2005/09/30/eurostar/eurostar.jhtml Apparently the telephone number and web page is published in the paper. Trying to avoid purchasing the torygraph although my mum says its actually quite a good read. discover & indulge & experience (belgium) chocolate cos you have cash to spare. Any clues & regards Damon
  6. Furniture going from London to Poitier/Angouleme Does anyone want to share costs/van or make use of empty van on return to london. Am prepared to do the driving.  No drugs runners please. I got quoted 1600 for 27 cubic metres from 2 men and a van london to charente ....ouch ....
  7. Hi all. I was recently informed that second hand car market is good in Belgium and the transfer or registration to france relatively easy. Has anyone done this  and if so what was your experience .Thinking of buying a largish petrol mercedes and having it converted for gas 2 to and fro across the big river. Anyone have any recommendations. regards Damon Villefagnan
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