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  1. I note that America dies not want the UK to leave the EU .

    Thats it in then.......We will not be leaving . I cant remember when a UK government ever went against the wishes of the USA.. When they say jump we usually ask then how high !
  2. How long will it be before the good people of Calais

    get what they want .The border moved to Dover .And put the lot on a ferry they are prevented landing and the ferry becomes their home ?
  3. [quote user="powerdesal"]I really do like the idea of the steel box. Loss of air will not adversely affect any cargo, nor will it harm the truck. Sounds like a winning idea to me.[/quote]

    Blimey ! Somebody on my side ... I was half expecting

    to be asked if I had loaned my uniform to Freddy Star or Prince Harry
  4. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]Went through there last weekend and it is just a s bad as ever.  There is a Tent City in the dunes a couple of Kms from the port and the trucks are often backed up as far as it, no choice.  2 or 3 minibuses of Cops and a CRS van or 2 permanently on duty (at what cost?). The whole time they are stopping the trucks being raided but they have little chance of getting them all.  I don't condone the rough treatment but after all this time, day after day, I can understand it.  Huge fences are going up (again at what cost?) but with such a vast area to defend I'm not sure if it will work.  Some solution has to be found.


    Short of running the lorry into a steel box closing doors and sucking the air out for 5 minutes and letting the whole world know that this is what happens in the port before boarding Which should make a lorry less attractive to hide in .

    Or building a consentration camp to hold them in to be fed on all the food past its sell by date the French government wants to see go to charities until they decide they want to be flown back to the country they left as they aint going anywhere !

    Another "Somthing " will have to be thoght about to be done .

  5. I have noticed this year in some restaurants I have used for years a trend to move over to plates of oll shapes to dish up meals . Meals that are smaller in size that come on big round plates that are with a three inch wide rim decorated by fancy artwork drizzels of dressings.while the meal is in a breakfast bowl size hollow in the middle . I have also been served up a meal in a big smoked glass bowl that tapered down to a small base .I was thinking of asking the waiter if I had made a goldfish homeless by my choice from the menu . I know the French seem to prefer to eat with a fork in the right hand to scoop up most things from what I see these days but not me .

    Is it a ploy to serve smaller meals for bigger profit or is it just an "in thing " to do ? I cant say I like it give me a normal dinner plate any day .. .

  6. I understand one of the best ways of spreading these things is when travelling from country to country people put their cases on beds to unpack them .
  7. Sue wrote : In my view IJ are the scum of the earth but they succeed often by terrifying (some) people into paying them.

    If you have the courage to ignore them then they usually go away ...though it takes time.

    I have also had a run it with them . I had FT disconnect my phone . I returned the Orange livebox to their shop got a reciept for it. Letter recorded delivery to Orange Broadband HQ with livebox reciept copy and request not to continue with their service at end of contract. I later got letters from IJ because Orange computer automatically reinstated another one year contract and after three months with no money coming in they called in the debt collection people . Orange did not want to know . Computer said I owed them money so I had to deal with I J . They failed to understand that they were demanding payment for a service they could not provide me they still expected payment because the compurer said so .

    I told IJ I did not owe Orange a cent and had the paper work to proove it and suggested they Foxtrot Oscar . They did ...
  8. They seem determined to upset Germany to a point of being thown out of the EU.. No wonder their banks are seeing more and more people getting their cash out over the past few days .


    Link may request " subscribe " to open for some people . below taken from article .

    Just now the Greek government seems to prefer lobbing incendiary political gibes instead. The defence minister has threatened to flood Europe with migrants, including jihadists. The justice minister has demanded that Germany pay €160 billion ($170 billion) in war reparations and warned Greece might seize the buildings of the Goethe Institute and even German holiday homes if the money is not handed over (see article). And Mr Tsipras has brought forward to early April a trip to Moscow to see Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. His hoped-for message is as clear as it is crude: Mr Putin might be only too happy to help a fellow Orthodox country that dislikes sanctions on Russia.
  9. [quote user="sueyh"]we live in a village in Northern France and there are several "maison secondaires". One of these has been burgled this week and there are no contact details for the owners. It is only through an hour of Internet searching that we have managed to contact the owners via, would you believe, their ebay account. Their house is unsecured because the police will not attend unless the owners are there. So please anyone with a maison secondaire, ensure the Marie have your contact details. As our Maire said, if there was a burst pipe in the house, nothing could be done.


    Good advice Suey

    My details are with the Maire ,,

    I have also had a visit.... many years ago from a couple of Gendarmes not long after I bought the place . They filled in a form with my details and wanted to know who if anybody had a set of keys to the house so I have always beileved I could be contacted by them if need be . I have a set of keys hidden... if important enough I could give access to them and authorisation to Maire staff to enter the house and then afterwards take the keys to the Maire for safe custody. .
  10. [quote user="woolybanana"]The inspector showed exactly what is wrong with the workplace in France; the left are still fighting a stupid class war which they have carried over in the workplace.

    As to the medical taxi system, it is thoroughly abused. Example, people using it when they have family or partners who are quite capable of driving them, and even a couple of cars sitting in the drive.

    Plus, gross overpayment of the taxi companies.

    Public money chucked down the drain basically.

    As to funds used locally for prestige building projects, it is just plain shameful.[/quote]

    I have wondered why in France there are not more people who when retired volunteer to do things within the community like the medical car transport as provided by volunteers free to patients in the UK

    Then you see how much power the unions in France have and I imagine they would not stand for

    people doing somthing for nothing in case it means a worker not being hired . And what volunteer work is done is subject to many rules imposed on organisations wishing to use them .which must put them off .

    Then it appears France is down at the bottom when it comes to the amount of time people want to give when it comes to voluntary work compared with other countries .according to the link

    France does get a lot right .when it comes to a place to be for quality of life ... More than most ....which makes it where I certainly like to spend as much time as I can .


    From OECD link :

    Time spent volunteering also contributes to a healthy civil society. On average, people in France spend 1 minute per day in volunteering activities, less than the OECD average of 4 minutes per day. Around 30% reported having helped a stranger in the last month, one of the lowest rates in the OECD where the average is 49%.

  11. Dave wrote ;

    People are shallow, vacuous, self-interested attention seekers, and posting thousands of photos to their social media profiles is a way of validating their lives...."look what I am doing, look where I have been, look at what I have spent my money on, look at the trendy restaurant I am eating in, look at me, me me me me me me me..."

    Now imagine a situation in years to come when your "on line life " is available to your family members or anybody else for a fee from lets say facebook by people who wants to know all about

    what you got up to ..Who you saw what you got up to with them or were nasty to in posts and text like I see young people seem to do these days

  12. Robert Peston with Marine le Pen is on You tube as shown here for those who missed it .


    No doubt last nights BBC report will soon also be available on you- tube

  13. I am glad you know who is going to win the UK election Q .. I think its not that certain today and after the Budget will be even less so . I suspect Cameron will not need a furniture van .

  14. Hoddy wrote "You cant blame the victim surely ? "

    Clarkson is a bully and he has hit out before... Piers Morgan . .

    In a situation where in the "work place " two people are involed in a punch up usually both are suspended while time is taken to find out what it was all about .It may well be Clarkson will be found to have "lost it " and is totally at fault . But .... you can bet your bottom dollar if the " victim " has run to put in a "please sir Clarkson has hit me report " in the way of a complaint. and he , along with many others , lose their well paid jobs if the whole show collapses The "victim " may well find he ends up taking some blame from his unemployed team if it ends up that way and I imaginr he is being " advised

    " right now .

    I think they are going to need a "We both had a bad day and took it out on each other statement " We have apologised to each other and have made it up and are still good friends " moment ..And a photo with their arms round each other to keep a lot of people employed in the BBC.and the viewers happy .... Unless of course there is more to this than we know and they want rid of Clarkson and dont care who loses their jobs in the process together with millions of pounds just to see him gone .

  15. Why is he the only one suspended ? Was he provoked in anyway ? Is the guy he is acused of giving a slap suspended ...appears not . Seems to me they have made up their mind he is the only one to be investigated over the incident so in their minds guilty . I have worked where guys have come to blows . It was usually kept away from the boss and if the guy Clarkson slapped had turned and put him on the deck there is a good chance today we would not be reading about it And like I have seen where guys have come to blows . They would end up having a pint together and putting their grievences to bed .
  16. This might have somthing to do with it .

    The Times Philip Aldrick Economics Editor

    Published at 12:01AM, March 10 2015

    The euro slipped to a seven-year low against the pound yesterday after eurozone central banks started to buy up sovereign debt in the markets as the currency bloc’s €1.1 trillion quantitative easing programme finally got under way.

    Government borrowing costs fell and the single currency remained on course for parity with the dollar on the back of the European Central Bank’s last-ditch attempt to resurrect growth and stave off deflation.
  17. Pisssst want to buy a gold bar...Got one here going cheap
  18. Haveing just read about over half a million in number batch recalls of LED bulbs in the USA by big companies and risk of fires from them together with all the warmings of where NOT to use them and big problems from people who have made the change over as in the link below . I will be happy to continue paying for my wind generated electricity even though the bill may be a bit higher living without LED's


    Recent posts peoples experiences with them in the link

  19. I dont like LED bulbs I dont want them I wont have them and I like less some people insisting I have to have them so it wont happen . But then what if in a couple of years time these same people say "sorry we made a mistake ....we have now been told they are not healthy for you get them out " ?

    More research needed on this form of lighting I think

    there are people who are saying they are not healthy to live with ...as the article below

    It’s December and the days are short, leaving us to bask in the harsh lights of our homes and offices. While it’s well known that natural light is preferable to artificial for a variety of reasons (vitamin-D production, prevention of seasonal affective disorder), new research published in the Journal of Environmental Management shows that nighttime exposure to certain types of artificial light has an even darker side than previously understood. In particular, it suppresses the body’s ability to make melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep and is celebrated for its antioxidant, mood-enhancing and cancer-fighting properties.

    The main culprit is artificial light that contains the highest percentage of blue light in its full-spectrum mix. One of the top offenders in this category is the light-emitting diode (LED) bulb, which suppresses melatonin at rates five times greater than bulbs that give off warmer “orange-yellow” light, like incandescents.

    LEDs have grown increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. They contain no mercury, last more than 50,000 hours and use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

    Despite these benefits, scientists encourage consumers to choose bulbs situationally, avoiding LEDs at night. Melatonin-suppressing light is “dangerous only if we expose ourselves to it during the hours when we should be in the dark, and if the exposure is sufficiently intense or long,” says physicist Fabio Falchi, of the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Italy. He advises people to rely more on incandescent light after dark, especially in the bedroom.

    like reading subscription ad

  20. I have a lot of these in my house in France ..Many set into room ceilings . The LED ones are VERY expensive so once again the interfering B*****ds of Brussels are out to reach into my pocket... I have worked out the replacemnent cost of mine would be over £ 300 at todays prices if done all at once .

  21. Vette wrote :

    So long as at least one of the Vanguard class Subs are patrolling, Putin would be a fool to attack Europe.

    The deterrent is there for a reason.

    If the SNP hold the balance of power in May it wont be

    they want rid of it .
  22. We have now decided its time to go IKEA shopping in France for new furniture .. Big savings to be made there now both on price difference and the exchange rate .

    And we have chosen what we want after a visit to a UK store examined what we are after and tried it out .

    0.7280 0.19%

    High: 0.7282Low: 0.7256

    Euro / British pound Yahoo! Finance

    At 0835
  24. I pulled up behind a car this morning and below the

    registration number almost the same size was a bumper sticker "OUT OF EU "

    Thats the first one I have seen on UK roads and have no idea who is distributing them .
  25. In the act of moveing away from the origional aim of " trading partnership " through "Euro Zone " and "Free Movement " to creation of more "Closer Union " . And all EU money now controlled from the ECB in Hamburg . Many EU peoples see Germany taking control of the EU and telling them how to lead their lives The last time they saw that happening it was by uniformed men in their streets . It has to throw off the march towards the creation of an empire and let individual countries run themselves in a trading union as first envisiged IMO

    to survive . The EU is a place where a lot of people are unhappy at the moment and want to see it changed .
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