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  1. I am afraid that following Ryanair's recent drama, my family have now changed the lyrics to "Lets Die, Lets Die, Lets Die with Ryanair"!!
  2. Hi ,visiting our house over summer in 71 and need to use the internet.  Are there any places where I can use my laptop and get free internet access?  Here in Germany and in the UK many McDonalds offer this alongside others, is this the same in France too? I would rather stuff myself with a Big Mac whilst surfing instead of sitting in one of those cramped, dingy internet cafes which I normally end up in!        
  3. Earlier this year I spelt one of my own children's names wrong when I booked online with Lufthansa. I telephoned them and they changed it and Emailed a new ticket straight away with no charge. Perhaps different airlines have different policies?
  4. Hi, we have our mortgage with Credit Agricole and wonder if it is possible to have a 'mortgage repayment holiday' with them?  What is this called in french? Many thanks Dale
  5. [quote user="Anton Redman"] I have only ever used it if : I am going to Euro Disney [/quote]   Its been 'Disneyland Paris' for some time now!!! (Sorry but it is one of my Bugbears along with Brits on the continent not displaying a GB sticker (if not on plate)!)  
  6. [quote user="J.R."] It looked like the paparazzi flashbulbs on oscars night[:)] I was impressed with how quick the capacitors could recharge to flash the car following. [/quote] That is sad and rather worrying!!   After never been caught speeding in my life I have had two fines through the post since the six months we have been living here in Germany!  Although famously there is no normal upper speedlimit on the motorways there are parts where speed limits are imposed and they are strictly enforced. Just like in France the Polizei are very sneaky and hide behind bridges, however I have seen them hiding in bushes!  In urban areas they also dress up in mufti and camoflage whilst craftily pointing their radar gun! What is quite funny is that as we still use our car from the UK here, the pictures on the speeding fines are always of the passenger side of the car.  It was therefore quite a surprise to have a picture of my dad come through the post! Again not sure about France but thankfully you only get points here if you go above a certain speed above the limit.  They send you a paying in slip which you just take to the bank - very efficient as most things here in Germany! Thanks for info about M25 will remember that when we return back in a few weeks visiting family. Dale      
  7. Hi - we used Wheadons Removals of Crawley for our move here to Germany last year. I cannot praise them enough!  They worked so hard even through the torrential rain which lasted throughout.  Highly recommended. Dale    
  8. Thanks Guys. Still have a few questions if I may? If we get the box from France, can we still have our German one working at the same time? My OH says something about 'piggybacks' and 'scarts' or something??  You mention a 'card' with the French box does that come with the box or do we get that somewhere else? Why does our channel list still have the '13.0' channels listed?  Presume by what you are saying that we can't access these at all? Dale
  9. We took ours all down here in Germany on the correct day, the eve of the Feast of the Ephiphany which marks the official end of Christmas. We don't put them up until Christmas Eve. As this was our first Christmas here we were interested to see what they do here and it seems that they put their outside lights up etc from Dec 1st on but the Christmas Tree goes up on or just before Christmas Eve.  Quite a few people here still put lighted candles on the tree. V.dangerous as as we were driving to Midnight Mass we saw a house on fire and although we can't be certain it was probably down to the tree catching alight! Decorations seem to have all been down by the begining of this week and today the local recyling people came and collected everybodys tree.  In a recyling mad country like Germay that was not a surprise and certainly saved us a job, is it collected in France too?   Dale
  10. [quote user="Martinwatkins"]Well it's a digital box if it says DVB (digital video broadcasting).   As far as I can see it's a sat box too!! It would be useful to find out which sat it's pointing at;   an awful lot of dishes point at Astra 1 in Germany and this is the same sat that transmits TNT par sat,  so if this is the case and if you went and got a TNT par Sat box from France and substituted it for your present box you could enjoy all the other delights of TF1 etc. So how do we tell what your present dish points at?    Probably one for tomorrow when I'm properly awake,  but if in the channel list there are lots of Dutch channels (Ned 1 2 3,  RTL 4 and 5 for example) and no Swiss channels then it's likely to be Astra 1.   Can you see lots of Premiere channels in the list (even if they don't clear and give a picture?).   Any Spanish channels (Taquillas?) Let's talk tomorrow. [/quote]   Hmm well no Ned  1 2 3 or RTL apart from RTL Shop. No Taquilla but we have Aragon TV, Cubavision, Euskadi TV, TV Canaria, Galicia, TVEi etc. As for Swiss we have ProSieben Schwiez , Sat.1 CH, Kabel 1 Schwiez. However we also have lots of Premiere channels! We can only watch programms in the list which have 19.2 E next to them not the ones with 13.0E which is a pain as BBC Prime is there. We are getting slowly fed up with Skynews with all the 'News in 15 mins every 15mins' Not sure what this means - over to you! Dale    
  11. [quote user="BJSLIV"] It doesn't really matter because the programme has been cancelled....... http://www.purepeople.com/2501-Arthur-range-ses-boites-.html [/quote]   AH NON!!!!   We are distraught! Have you seen that Wheel of Fortune Game its rubbish?! With that silly woman, she is certainly no Carol Smiley and whats the thing with the dog?  As for Millionaire well that smarmy Jean-Pierre is no match for wonderful Arthur! Off now to get a petition going................    
  12. Oh dear seems like we are going to be even more 'sad' now as no one seems to want to help us watch dear old Arthur!  Understandable of course as a bit of an impostition we know! Thanks Martin for your suggestions. We are I have to say not technical at all so all this about getting other dishes and sticking them out at the right time etc is I think way beyond us! However let me try and press a few buttons and see what sat box we have and maybe you can tell us whats possible?....... Ok it is a 'TechiSat Digit MF4-S box and it also says "Digital Value Broadcasting, woteva that means! Now I will press 'Settings'..... hmm Antenna configuration? System Configuration? Service Settings - oh dear which one - Martin or someone else please help!!!? Dale  
  13. Hi - this is a very sad request I know but my wife and I just love the French 'Deal or No Deal'  'A PRENDRE OU A LAISSER' . Unfortunately although we get some French Channels here in Germany we are unable to recieve TF1. Is there any kind person out there willing to record on DVD the next series (not sure when it starts) and post it to us??  We would of course pay for the blank discs and postage and any other expense. I told you we were sad but never mind!! Dale    
  14. [quote user="woolybanana"] My daughter was mucking about with her camera last time she was here and just sent me this. The compression is wrong, but she is just experimenting. Anyone else fancy showing their place? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xye6vroV12g [/quote]   Great, although I thought at first I was watching an episode of 'Last of the Summer Wine' with the music! Dale P.s What is 'compression' ?? I thought it is what I am doing at the moment to cure my leg ulcer!!!!
  15. What sporting event?  Do you mean the World Timber Sports Championship? Thats certainly very big here in Germany! Dale
  16. Hi. Removal Company came to today to begin packing for our move to Germany (sorry!) on Tuesday. They return on Monday to finish off and then will meet us at our new house. They have so far done an excellent job and I just wondering if it is usual for them to recieve a tip when they have completed the job? If so how much should we give ( there are three of them). Is it best to give Euro's or Pounds? Thanks. P.s We are not complete traitors as we do have a French house as well! (We moved ourselves)
  17. All togther now - 'Go for it for Gold -oh-oh-oh -go for it and you can win the prize. People are coming, people are trying, people are going to win the prize, they are going and going for Gold' NOW THATS SAD!!!!! Dale
  18. Wow - will be printing all this out to put in Éloi's or Eloi's (!) baby box - do you all fancy coming to the baptism?  Least when I baptise him I will be able to explain why we chose his name (I'm not even going to dare to tell you his other names!!) Dale 
  19. Hi - thanks for all your replies and we are still it seems none the wiser!!!! We named him Eloi after devotion to the French Saint of that name. I am a Catholic Deacon. Yes, ok I accept the point why use a name you are not sure how to pronounce but we have always presumed it was pronouced al-waar, until a relative of ours telephoned after speaking with a French friend  and said they said it was pronounced -ill-waa. We are british but intend to move to France in the near future so he will be bought up there. Dale    
  20. Hi we have named our new baby son (born thursday!) Éloi. However we are getting confusing messages about how it is pronouced! Some say ell-waa, others ill-waa, others ay-waa, please could someone give us the definitive version for our poor boys sake!!!! Many thanks Dale   
  21. [quote user="Tim_Quincaillerie"]I recently bought one and had to travel to Euro Disney, it was fantastic no stress whats so ever. [/quote]   DISNEYLAND PARIS please!!!!!!!!!!! - it's not been Euro Disney for years!!!!!!!!!!!! Dale
  22. Hi my wife has been told to send in her CV to apply for vacancies in France.  Would people advise sending it to someone who specialises in doing them or should we have a go ourself? Thanks Dale
  23. I'm not sure how many people bother with deflectors anymore. There was one time when on the ferry and on the tunnel drivers would be round the front of the car puzzling out how to put the things on but I have noticed for a while now that I have seemed to be the only one doing it!!!!  Its the same with GB stickers - its amazing the ignorance of some drivers who seem to think that just because they are British it somehow means they are exempt from displaying one (if they dont have a Euro GB number plate). Dale. P.S A tip for those of you who do put them on and want to remove them - use a baby wipe (pampers, huggies etc) and they come off including that sticky residue pretty easily!
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