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  1. We have 2 adorable 12 week old kittens left, from a litter of 5 abandoned by 'Mum' at 5 weeks, and hand-reared since then in our barn.  Our dog sadly killed one almost immediately, thinking it a rat, and we dare not try to have them 'inside' ourselves.  We have manged to re-home very successfully 2 locally, which leaves the 2 following:- A pure black, slightly fluffy one who we've dubbed Arbuckle, as he's going to be a big boy.  His temperament is superb, so purry and loving, nags for cuddles and fuss, loves to play. A black/white/marmalade splodged one who is so pretty and tiny we've dubbed her Minnie.  She also has a lovely affectionate nature, which she dispalys when Arbuckle will let her get a look in!  Again, busting to play and be fussed. We would consider delivering, if feasible.  We also would pay for any neutering needed.  Please, is there anyone who has a loving, warm home waiting!!??
  2. This being France, and kittens in some areas being 2 a penny,  I don't hold out much hope, but.... We have been hand rearing a litter of kittens from the time they were 5 weeks old, when 'Mum' disappeared, and they were left in our barn.  Now nearly 12 weeks old, I have managed to re-home 2 of them, who have settled in well and doing brilliantly, litter-trained immediately, etc, but still have 2 left. The male is all black and slightly fluffy.  He's extremely affectionate and playful, and has been dubbed Arbuckle, as he's going to be a big boy.  His sister, Minnie, is tiny and white/black/marmalade patches.  She's also very afectionate, when Arbuckle lets her get a look in, and again very playful.  They are still in the barn, as our dog has already killed a 5th one, thinking it a rat when tiny, although they have started to look wistfully in the front door, when safe to. We are prepared to deliver, if reasonable distance, and also to pay for any spaying/neutering if wished, if it means good homes for these two lovelies. I would rather hold onto them as outdoor cats than put to SPA here, as I cannot guarantee they will survive. Any takers, PLEASE!!?
  3. Thanks Angela, I decided to try to book from a friends computer and Bingo!, I managed it....Am now planning for her to come over to check my pop-up status, as I haven't a clue.  Good of you to reply[:D]
  4. The original post from painterman has certailnly touched a raw and lively nerve!... We have now completed on 5 purchases and 2 sales here in France, since our arrival, experiencing 2 different notaires and 5 different communes.  On our first purchase, conducted mainly whilst going to auction in UK, we too had the misfortune to be involved with a 'shonky' immo, who have several agencies here and employ a brit agent here with the company, for all us foreign ignoramus' she targets. We were misled, and fell foul of, among other things, wildly differing property measurements made by said immo, to such an extent that, with the 2 other serious issue found on our arrival here, 3 weeks before we could complete (due to agency's incompetence) we threatened to withdraw from the sale.  This was when we saw the true colours of the agent and agency, who variously lied and threatened every which way to avoid being culpable.... But, we were seen to be persistent, and wrote to our new Notaire (in English, sadly!) fully with our concerns, made a rendevous to see him before the completion, AND hired a translator to facilitate a straightforward meeting.  He set a few things in motion to start to resolve things, and on the completion day, we found he had invited the head of the agencies to be present also.  With our translator with us again, there was no missing salient points, and we, with the impartial assistance of the Notaire, eventually left the office as owners of the property but with a healthy sum in compensation from the agency.   As to artisans being unreliable, we have had many opportunities, now, to obtain quotes for various services, and do try to employ french workers if feasible.  We find them as reliable as in UK, in the main, with some more expensive than working brits here, some less.  What we do find lovely is how they are always, without exception, very pleasant and polite.  As with elsewhere....swings and roundabouts!  
  5. [8-)]I've travelled a fair bit from Poitiers to Waterloo, via Lille, booking the Eurostar service for 99 euros return from the net here in France. For some reason now, the site won't accept my searches and booking, and am having great difficulty accessing for booking France to UK and return, not UK to France.  I've had great service on this route so far, with tickets posted out with no problems, and am loath to find an alternative, as normally so reliable.  I've had no luck getting a response from their e-mail service. Any ideas??!!
  6. Thankyou, Will, for the very useful advise - seems an excellent choice, from what I've now seen.... Nor sure what on earth the other contributions to my request was all about, but not to worry![8-)]
  7. Can anyone recommend an easy to use website for us to release a small farm and barn for sale?  We struggle with jpegs and digi shots, so could only offer fullsome description and photos by post,etc, and it's a concern this would exclude us from most sites.  We know some lovely agencies and a notaire here, but they're experiencing a real downturn in actual visitors through the door, and the french agencies websites don't really inspire confidence anyway!  And the british agencies, because of the low price, don't seem interested in properly marketing it. Anyone with advise or knowledge on this would be most welcome...  
  8. No Probs - went anyway and it's open all day.  LOADS of stalls!
  9. Can anyone tell me, in the next hour, what time Rouillac market runs up until today!?
  10. Thankyou both for that - this being France, it seemed too simple to just plug it in, but I think that's all we may have to do.  There's no chimney in the room, so we're relying on the filters doing a good job.  First time we've had one, so fingers crossed!
  11. Can anyone advise us of the best way to install our new cooker hood, which can be extractor or absorbtion method?   There are no installation instructions with the kit, and the length of wire exiting from the appliance seems too short to run to a switch reached from the worktop.  We are still (just) at the stage of chasing out walls for cabling, as it is a completely new kitchen going in.
  12.   We are due to complete on a property in France soon, and have learned of possible planning consent nearby.  No information is forthcoming from the Marie, as it has only just been decided on. Because this is all new nothing was pointed out at the agents when signing the Compromis a few months ago, and there has been no notification from the Notaire of any plans.  Do we have the right to pull out , on this basis?   
  13. [*-)] Can anyone advise on the best places to look for good quality fitted wooden kitchens - preferably traditional style?  Also, it seems kitchens in France are more expensive than the UK.  Has anyone experience of ordering one from a UK firm, or off-net.
  14. Many thanks for the input from you all, and have booked our other pets in next week for full examinations, for our piece of mind!   
  15. Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of Bergere-type sofas? I don't mind if they are new or not, or even a complete match, but must be in good condition with cane in excellent condition.   Failing that, how about Tetrad sofas here in France, again new or excellent cond. second hand?
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