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        BONNE FETE
  2. [quote user="Boiling a frog"]  European law states that one is allowed to use a vehicle registered in another european country for a maximum of 6 months in an EU country where one is not resident. UK law states that if you intend to be a perminant resident of the UK the foreign registered vehicle on entering the country must remain off road until it is reregistered. French law states that you have one month to reregister your vehicle. Is anyone suggesting that this person ,who has decided to come to France for 7 months,but will remain tax resident in the UK(due to the UK tax rules) will have to reregister the vehicle within one month of arrival. Then at the end of the seven months ,return to the UK, keep the vehicle off road until it is reregistered in the UK. And so on. I think we need a touch of realism in these circumstances.If the car is insured,taxed etc and the insurance coy is aware that it going to be in France for 7 months the I cannot see any problem.      [/quote]   Sorry after all the above good advice, why stay with u.k. reg. when to french reg. has to be better. no1 no road tax. no2  2yrs testing. no 3 and if you changed your driving permit. drive to your death.
  3. [quote user="clarksinfrance"]http://www.promoconso.net/ For those that like the regular Brico Depot catalogue with arrivages, (and all the other junk mail) click the link above and then the bricolage link on the LHS. [/quote]   Now thats good,  Should help a lot of people, lets hope they all read it. Thanking you
  4. [quote user="ErnieY"]Loath as I am to resurrect what is a widely covered topic but this car is already illegal both in UK and France. Contrary to what many believe (and a great many practice) it's not a "pick-n-mix" choice, a vehicle must be fully road legal in the country where it is registered. Therefore, if it is to remain on UK plates, this means Tax & MOT and UK insurance, exactly as if it were being used in UK. The fact that it is temporarily in France for several month's of the year, or anywhere for that matter, does not negate that. [/quote] That is very true,   I know a Dutch couple that nearly lost there car ,after she was stopped for speeding,and told the police she had lived and been driveing on Dutch plates for ten years. So why take the chance
  5. [quote user="Stuart"] I used to be the sole decorator on a Wimpey Site in Norwich many moons ago... All modern sites are only plasterboard and jointed...Using only dulux high opacity emulsions, we only ever 2 coated the boards....One can poo poo the modern houses, but believe me, if the joints could have been seen we'd have been told, not only by the independant snaggers, but the purchasers as well....Here in France I have never primed the boards, just 2 coats of good quality emulsion....No joints visible...I also do the boarding and jointing as well...Once again, the slightest hint of a joint and apart from the fact that I am my own worst critic, the clients have never seen a joint.... I have tried these sous-couch products, and whilst they do their job well, they are not technically needed...As I see it.....Horses for courses...Other opinions can differ..I stand by mine. [/quote]     Now there you have it,from the horses mouth. As a ex joiner. in later years building manager for a national company, Thats all we did on dry lineing e.g. Two coats Mag.Emul.
  6. [quote user="Cat"]Which store were you looking at Geoff?  My local Brico site doesn't seem to have the same facilities, and I'd like to check out/compare a few prices for some bits and pieces.[/quote]   I do-not think there is one in the Lot. So wich do you use.
  7. [quote user="Ab"] O.K NOW . Gas is better flow after running a ong time and tightning the joint from short flexible hose attached to the dual valve. I assume a lot of air entered. stove in house but bottles of butane in adjoining building containing oil heating tank and  locked door. all fitted by french registered plumber. [/quote] Very pleased for you ,we can all learn some-thing new each day.
  8. Just one question Jacqui.                        Does your builder husband do all the work?
  9. Please do-not hold your breath plum.
  10. [quote user="melmoth"]My God! OK already, so iI should let the electrician do it - point taken.[/quote]       MERCI
  11. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] Why do you want to travel from the UK across to Calais to buy bath, toilets (how many do you want?), TV, white goods etc. They sell them all in England, you know....   [/quote]   He might think they are cheaper?
  12. [quote user="J.R"s gone native                   Can you actually search for things like 800mm manhole rings? If so then I must have been looking at a different site.         peut-etre que oui
  13. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"] I think the site is quite good and of course excellent for pricing a job out before starting another expensive project. Can some kind soul help me out please?  I need to get some of those concrete 'rings' often used for large drains or, as in my case, place them vertically for access to the cap of a fosse nearly 2 metres below ground. I have no idea what they are called in English let alone French.  They need to be 80 cm in diameter but I could adapt a little I think, anybody know what I should ask or search for on the BricoDespot site? When I get a mo' I'll post my experiances last weekend of a 'Full Fosse' [+o(] Still, it has a happy ending [:P] [/quote] Try   800mm manhole rings Anneaux de trou de homme  800mm
  14. [quote user="J.Rs gone native"] No real surprises there, as expected just a hollow menu structure with no real usefull information.[/quote]   Did you look at the same site as i did. I think not. But then again   Horses for courses but as the plumber said  (i am only a joiner)
  15. The make i do-not know, the problem seems to be the three blades at 300mm,i can-not seem to find that size at all,Shops, garden parts,internet. But thanking you for your help.
  16. [quote user="Le Plombier"] I have said this before and I will say it again I am glad that I am just a plumber Le Plombier [/quote]   Not     I am glad that i  am just a plumber BUT     I am glad that i am a plumber Do not do yourselve down   Ex Chipy
  17. Having a bit of trouble finding 300mm blades for mower,they have a 20mm centre fixing hole.Have looked round internet but no luck.
  18. [quote user="Dick Smith"][quote user="trees 2"]Amazing, isn't it? Call the cops to report a burgalry etc, get a crime number, and usually, no visit.[:(] Flip one of their Scameras the bird, etc, and they'll chase you to the ends of the earth. [/quote] I really don't want to live in a society in which people are allowed to choose which laws they observe and which they don't... [/quote]   The French have done that for years. ignore the laws that they do-not like,thing it is a lot to do with the revolution.
  19. I would try the free papers and the super-marche notice boards
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