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  1. [quote user="Benjamin"]That's all well and good geoff but what happens when the no tax, no MOT and more importantly no insurance Brit runs into you? [/quote] Most Brits i see have a french insurance  form in there windscreen. But sod all else
  2. Pardon           Touche
  3. Lets put this way,those people that wish to drive around on U.K. plates in France With no road tax or test form(and there is a lot that do) let them get on with it. The gendarmes and the municipal police are not as daft as these brits think. So when they get stopped and cry.   TANT PIS,
  4. You get out of life.that  you put into it. Or   As you sow.so shall you reap
  5. [quote user="Frenchie"] T H A N K    Y O U    B A Z               ! ! ! ! ! ! M E R C I     G E O F F   ! ! ! ! ! It was due to the cookie thing ... [:D] This site is soooo helpful .. I'm happy, you ' ve made my day !  [:D]  [/quote] Well there you are. If at first  you do-not succeed.keep at it and ask a lot of questions. And         Thank you to Baz.
  6. [quote user="Pickles"]I think that you may mean: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7395401.stm [/quote]   Thank you kind Sir. Will try harder next time.
  7. have  a look at this.                   http:// news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7395401.stm Sorry next post gets it right
  8. Come on Frenchie                              It is a new day,the day that Ryanair might let you book your away- day,                               All the best in advance.
  9. [quote user="Gardian"] After a month or so of complaints over the need to sign on again at regular intervals, the problem persists. Coupled with a speed of response which regularly sends me to sleep, it has to be said that nobody appears to be listening.  Just seen a 'pop-up' advert saying "Need a holiday??"  Sure do, after messing around on here. So, (and at the risk of shouting): WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO SORT IT OUT?   [/quote] Could be happaning for a reason, Think about it I have seen it on other sites.
  10. [quote user="alpina"]Home. For at least 20 years (I hope).[/quote] Well is there anymore one can say then,but wish you luck.
  11. [quote user="Frenchie"] Hi Geoff, well, no.. Not working... [blink] I don't know what to think now............................. Do you think they re going to go bankrupt ??  [:D]   [/quote] No i do-not think the Irish do bankruptcy.
  12. [quote user="alpina"]Yes, I can see why you would say that, but we aren't looking for a new build and know we aren't going to find a house that doesn't need any work at all (the above needs a lick of paint too). I'm trying to establish whether this one is worth considering as geographically it suits us very well.[/quote] Is this to be a second home? The reason for the question is that you talk geographically it suits you. So it seems place more then house.
  13. [quote user="Frenchie"] I'm trying to book a flight on Ryanair, but the site stops working as soon as I hit the " confirmer" key, the next pâge is just blank.. Has anyone experienced this too this morning or is it me ?? [blink] [/quote] Hi there is the site working yet,or are they missing a lot of bookings.
  14. [quote user="Daft Doctor"] Hi You'd probably get a much better euro rate from an online exchange broker such as Hifx or Travelex (especially for considerable sums) rather than using your bank, and they all transfer the money on to your french account without charge.  I'm with Axa Banque and they make no charges for receiving euro funds in this way.  The whole process takes only 3-4 working days. Graeme   [/quote] This is the way to do it.have been with HIFX for years no problems.  And if you do get a bank charge they will refund you. And as said 3 to 4 working days bank to bank.
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