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  1. we used hifx to transfer all the money when we purchased our house and we still use them whenever transfering money between our uk and french bank accounts.  very quick service.
  2. just another thought- how is she planning to come back to the uk?  as she will be quite late into her pregnancy airlines and ferries may want  a letter from doctor stating that it is an uncomplicated pregnancy and that she is fit to travel that late.  she may also need one from her doctor for the return journey if she has had a caesarian! i have friends in the same situation whose baby is also due in sept and they are trying to work out the best way of doing things as she also doesn't want to have to stay with parents for up to 8 weeks1 Good luck   Anj
  3. I frequently fly with ryanair from east midlands to either bergerac or limoges and i always carry a large handbag aswell as a changing bag for the kids full of nappies, milk etc.  Nobody has ever commented on the bags and as i do always have to stop and taste the milk and baby food etc(yuk) they watch me collect all my bags up and don't say anything! I think they're too busy trying to get people through as quickly as poss to keep queues down! (or perhaps it's just me that they want me out the way quickly as I hold everybody up having pushchairs etc all folded down and scanned!)
  4. A place called Mareuil sur belle- about 25 mins from Riberac (although i am still in uk waiting for hubby to sort out the electrics and hot water before i can bring the children over- fingers crossed, only about another 2 weeks!) where are you?  
  5. Hi all, would just like to say thanks for all the advice given when we needed it. After a lot of thought we decided in the end to drive the horses over ourselves but then................ the lorry blew up!!!!!!!! just our luck.  We then got John Parkers to move them and I can't recommend them enough.  They picked the horses up from our yard in Hereford on the Friday, stabled them at their yard in kent till the Sunday then put them on the ferry and they arrived at our's on the Monday night calm and happy. They have now settled nicely into life in france and are enjoying the break before I start working them again. Will post some pics when i've worked out how. Thanks again Anj
  6. we have just moved our cats to france- our regulations for passport were; microchip and 1st rabies jab 2 week wait and 2nd rabies jab 2 week wait and blood test 3 week wait for blood test results- ( hence where the 21 day wait comes from) passport issued in total it took us about 7 weeks to get the passports.  They did not have to wait 6 months before leaving for france, that is only if they are going to be coming back! Anj
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