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  1. Just like to thank everyone for the replies,  we are now sorted. Thanks J
  2. We have been renting in the Limousin region since November and would now like a change of location.  We are house hunting and though originally thought Haute Vienne would be suitable we would now like to consider other areas.  If anyone feels they may have a small property for short term rental, 6 - 8 weeks duration, can they please send pm. The ideal property should include broadband and maybe use of a telephone.  The property must be within easy walking distance of local commerces and fairly near a small town.   We are a retired couple, non smokers with no pets. Definitely no hamlets, please!!! Thanks J Oops, have just realised my pm facility has not been enabled so perhaps an email will be necessary      
  3. Hi Furry, they're my 'babies' sweet aren't they?  Blimey 10%, as much as that?
  4. Hello, new to this forum and just thought I'd make myself known. We're hoping to buy a property  and will be in France soon for three months, so we are still around but many fewer buyers on account of slow or non existant sales in the UK.
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