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  1. Can anyone tell me when the Motobility part of DLA will be reinstated. I have been in contact with the Expo team in Castle Court in Belfast, they say there is a test case going through at the moment and it depends on the outcome of this,I think it's Judge Meshers test case, as she says that the motobility is part of the DLA benifit, Any answers?
  2. Hi Anne,(Megan le Fev),

    I have been to the vets and had the Rabies booster done plus all the other jabs he would get normally every year, the vet said that I could take the dog back to the UK whenever I wanted as his booster is good for another year, in France it has to be done every year to be valid, she also said she would send me a reminder next year to have it done before the date due. It cost me 49euros for his rabies jab and his annual jabs, so I am well happy now, I didn't have to show the vet the letter from Defra. Thanks again for you help.

  3. Hi Megan le Fev,

    Thank you for your help I will get to the Vet's as soon as they open again and have the Rabies Booster done plus all the other booster jabs.Kind

    Regards Susan
  4. I had a booster done in June 2008 and this is Valid til June 2010, will I have to start again as nearly 2 years has elapsed?
  5. I have had my dog blood tested in the UK for Rabies and kept up with his booster every 2 years since, last lear when we moved to France I had his Rabies Booster given to him, along with all the other boosters. Do I have to have it done anually here in France or can I leave it for the 2 Years that DEFRA UK require, I might be taking my dog back to the UK in August this year and it will be 1 year this month since he had his booster done.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Motobility part of DLA be reinstated and if so is this the Test cases that Judge Mesher has been hearing.
  7. rockstitch



    I will be moving house in about 4 weeks, I will be moving from the Lot area to the Dordogyne area, but I won't be changing my Doctor as it's still only a few klm difference, do I have to inform the CPAM my change of address or just the Doctor or both.
  8. Hi AME, Thank you for your swift reply, I must now go and post it.

  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me the address where I post the Carte d'invalidite 80% form to when I have it filled in, I live in Gourdon Lot 46300 area, is it Cahors and if so what is the address?
  10. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me how I can get Ulster TV (UTV) region, I did get it till one day my Sky Dish moved and I have now moved it back but cannot get UTV, I can get almost all the other regions but as I come from N Ireland would like to get UTV. Can any one please advise me on the Frequency and Toggle Positions etc:
  11. I phoned the helpline about my package, but that is another story, I was going through my options on the phone, I was told by the operator that I was paying for this call, which surprised me and when I asked why, was told that I was paying for this call as it was a special line no, a 09 no but I said that all my calls were free and was told that it was charged at the local rate so I again said I got these free, but was told No this was a paying line. So any 09 nos arn't Free
  12. Do you know that the English Speaking Helpline number 09699363900 is not Free, I repeat not Free any more, you are charged at the local Rate.
  13. I should add that I bought my livebox in May, sorry about the spelling didn't read it over first
  14. Hi I have the same package, except mine is E46.90 per month from FT/Orange, but my problem is we have to install a satailte dish first (BIG PROBLEM), we have got the decoder connected and are at the stage were we have to find a satilite, but it doesnt seem to want to play, Can enyone please HELP me or recommend a person with a bit my knowledge that me. I live near Gourdon Lot 46300.

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  15. Hi, Can anyone HELP, I have just received my new decoder box from Orange (Ihave changed my package) I should be able to install the decoderbox so that I can receive 150TV channels, High Speed internetand free phone call to UK and virtually anywhere in the world and French landlines all for the one price, the thing is I don't have a clue how to install any of this as its in French and I havn't been able to read French as yet, also I am at an age were thes things are too technical. Can any one HELP
  16. I live in the Gourdon Lot area and would like to join a group that will help me speak French, I have been told ther are some classes that are free to help people intergrate into the French system
  17. Hi, Tony, Itried to email you but it wouldn't send can you send me your email. It's regarding DLA movement.

    Regards Sue

  18. Thanks for everyones help it give me a lot to think about. Sam
  19. I have enquired at the prefecture in Perigueux and also in Cahors for a temp carte Gris for my caravan so that I can Legally take it to DRIER for inspection and neither office ever heard of this. I would be most grateful if you could you please send me more information as to how you came by this information as getting my caravan through the French registration system is fast becoming a total nightmare. Kind Regards Sam.
  20. We have just had our caravan inspected by Veritas and we have to have 2 isolation taps fitted, 1 for the cooker and 1 for the heater also a new gas regulater for the gas bottle and it has to be 30bar (ours is 28 bar), this isn't a problem and we just phone Veritas and it will be inspected free of charge.As the Veritas visited our home and did the inspection we didn't have a problem, but now we have to take the van to him to have it reinspected free of charge, but we have the GB number plate still on the van and the new French Number plates on our car, do we take a chance and tow it to Veritas, some were on the forum I did read that the Prefecture will issue you with a temporary certificate whilst this is done, but the Sue Prefecture in the Lot and the one in Dordogne said they had never heard of this and couldn't help. I wondered how we can take our van to Veritas and later to the DRIRE to be legal on the road??????
  21. Can any one tell me where the inspection dep., in Cahors is for caravans (not the office) I have to take my caravan to have it inspected but haven't got an appointement yet???
  22. Hi, How do you know that the mobility componement is being discussed, Are you saying that there is a chance that it might be paid also, this would be great not only for myself but for my brother who had a stroke before leaving N Ireland and would gladly welcome the extra money as his car is about 7years old now and is starting to show some wear. I would love to have a copy of the letter that you sent to the Appeals Service.

    Regards Sam
  23. Hi, No they are definatnly not strawberry on a tree, it's a Mulberry tree, I have checked the berries and the leaves and they all match the Mulberry tree.

  24. Hi If this is a Mulberry Tree (I think it is by the description on the link) why arn't the birds eating them?? and can you make wine with them?? I have heard that Mulbery wine is very nice, I still have millions of the some ripe and loads not ripe yet, when do they stop producing fruit or doese this take place just the summer months or go on throut the winter!!!
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