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  1. Thanks for the reply we are working hard  towards the move everything seems stacked against us here in the U.K. (money and everything) but we are definately comming and thank you for your encouragement. Angus
  2. Thanks so much for the incouragement we are giving Amey extra French and spending the whole of the summer building the house in France.
  3. Thank you so much for your comments I have just come in and have only a second so thought Iwould just say thanks and if I may E. mail you with some other questions. Yours Angus McPherson
  4. We are moving to France in two years time for good with our 10 year old daughter . Is private health insurance the only option!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My wife and I are moving to France for good in 2011 our daughter will be eleven years of age . Will it be hard for her we are comming to the Lot valley are the schools good?
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