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  1. Came over us last night (we are right by the Dordogne river) - just a few I think - about midnight as I was trying to get to sleep! Woke the OH up - which didn't go down too well!!

    Made me think about how far do they go in a night - surely they don't try and land in their next stopping off point at night - do they? Unless they have night vision?
  2. Thanks for that Chrissie - found it. Might have to go on the other lot to trawl for an answer to my second query.

    Incidentally what happens on line to the sentence we added in writing ref exemption to social charges when on E121?
  3. I am doing an online form for the first time so I have a couple of queries.

    1. Somewhere else on this forum I read that you must fill in 2047 first, then the 2042. But the online system runs you straight through to the 2042/2042C/2042IOM. Where do we get the 2047 from?

    2. Whilst doing the figures in rough first on the paper forms, I put my wife's self employed earnings (from work in the UK) on 2047 Sect V Benefices des Professions Non Commerciales (I am assuming that is right) - but then where do we take that forward onto the 2042? Is it one of the boxes in 8 Divers?
  4. Am I right in thinking (attempting to translate the notes) that for installation of new doors and windows (double glazed) I include the cost of installation (pose) as well as the cost of materials. Unlike the woodburner which went in last FY when only the cost of materials was eligible.

    Sunday Driver would know this one?
  5. As the original poster I am very grateful for all the comments. I have found some young plants and planted them up. And now having said there were none at our local market - this Thursday guess what - a new stall (bio admittedly) with some raw beetroot! But as Gengulphus has said in an earlier post, these were very squashy (flabby) and the OH said they would be hopeless to grate for the planned beetroot cake.
  6. Thanks for all the replies - makes sense if you think about it that it will only be at the market when in season! Silly me. Will wait for our few plants to grow.

    Sweet - will report back on the beetroot cake as and when it is made, and eaten!
  7. It seems the only beetroot we can get here in France is betterave cuit - can anyone tell us (or at least the OH) where you can get good old ordinary uncooked beetroot straight from the ground.

    No luck at our local market or at places like Grand Frais. And I know I could grow our own - have now planted a few young plants, but why not on the food stalls?

    (By the way, the OH wants to make the beetroot cake as per Nigel Slater!)
  8. Many thanks to parsnips, anOther, Bob T et al for their contributions. All very worthy replies and I will take them on board when I come to fill in the forms. The RAF pension was certainly going on - I am aware that although it is a UK govt pension I still have to declare it (and I have a local govt one as well!). BoB T - we will have to meet sometime and bore ourselves silly with RAF stories - I live just down the road from you.
  9. Trying to fill in the various forms for the first time - we moved here last July 14th following retirement, but on the 30/31st of July I got my (forces) pension lump sum and also my last month's salary. Do I need to declare these particular items on the 2047/2042 just because they came into my (UK) bank account after we became resident here?
  10. I used to use iplayer a lot in the UK so I was interested to see that it does not allow such use over here. So in anticipation I signed up for this thebox thing. Can someone please explain what on earth you are supposed to do? I am afraid the site is not clear, despite your optimistic words, Richard! I have looked at the Rules and FAQs and am still none the wiser! 'download the .torrent' to 'correctly seed the files' - ?! 'Internal cappers'.

    I am with Chrissie - plain English please to explain how this site works!
  11. Plenty of posts on this credit, I know - and I have just had a woodburner installed and have the facture d'acompte. But what do we do now - what is the actual procedure for claiming this credit? Do I send this facture anywhere or do I wait until the next tax return - where does it (the facture) fit in on that?

    We have just arrived in France (July) so haven't done anything about a tax return yet.
  12. Just taken delivery of one that I bought online from a bunch called Cemonjardin. Looks an excellent quality - certainly better than the thin walled, stapled things from B&Q etc. Yes you pay more but so far cannot fault the service - it pitched up earlier than expected within a week or so of ordering. There is no way I could get one across from UK.

    Hopefully better weather this week will see me starting to construct the thing!
  13. I have, like others, just received my (first) bill for tax fonciere - but it was sent to my previous UK address. We have been resident here since mid-July and this is now our principal (and only) residence.

    Should I have notified someone or some authority that this is now our home? Another post has mentioned that we do not become 'registered' until we submit a French tax form - and that will not be until next year. What do we do in the interim to 'register' our presence?
  14. Cathy - absolutely.  And how we miss Bearders - was listening to TMS last week during the WIndies Test - and the team (in the box) was floundering without him.  Very unassuming chap - he came to speak to our RAF Umpires and Scorers annual do at the RAF Club last year and regaled us with all the tales of the greats he had known.  Nice man.

    I have progressed to coloured pens - not that my scoresheets are very neat anyway, but at least they look bright!  

  15. We're a bit off the original thread here - but nice to know, Cathy, that there is another cricket scorer around.  We are just about to move (finally) to near Lalinde (24) in July - right in the middle of the cricket season - on my retirement from the RAF.  I have been scoring for the RAF XI for some years now - and I am getting a few games in now before I leave.  I hope to find some friendly social team in the Dordogne area that might want a scorer in the future. 

    Yes, great way to watch a match - and enjoy the teas - but you do have to concentrate! And the OH is not so keen!!!  


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