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    I am employed as a delivery driver, with a CDI contract. In July 2010 I had a back operation, and have been off since. Yesterday, I had an appointment with the m├ędecin du travail, and in her opinion, I am not able to continue with the job, however, she wants the opinion of an expert, and I have an appointment with the surgeon next week. In the meantime, she mentioned being reclassed through COTOREP, and a dossier needs to be prepared. Has anyone any experience with COTOREP, and what can I expect from them, ie help, money etc. Anyway advice is very much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I hope this the right place for this post, as it is a health issue as well. I have a CDI contract, and work as a delivery driver. In Feb last year, I hurt my back, and in July I had an operation. I am much better, had an appointment with the doctor at CPAM, who are stopping my money at the beginning of March. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the work's doctor who will decide if i am fit enough to return to work or not. Anyway, there are 3 options, I am fit to go back to my previous post, I am not fit, but can take another role in the company, or none of these and become part of COTOREP, as handicapped. Yesterday, I went to see my boss to explain the situation, and for him, the best option is COTOREP, as he needs to have a proportion of disabled people working in the company. For me it is to return to my job as normal. Now, my question is, has he an obligation to let me return to my job, and could he say there is no job for me and effectively make me redundant? I have a good relationship with him, but our interests differ. He also said to me that if I am off sick longer than I vave worked there, he can basically show me the door. However, I have one week on my side. Sorry for going on, but any sound advice is much appreciated, by the way it is not classified as an accident at work.
  3. Thanks for the information, my Class C is valid until 2014, and has a restriction 70 RU. ? However, I take it that to drive professionally here in France, I need to take a FIMO. Thanks again.
  4. I had a Class C license in the UK, and applied for a French driving license. I had a medical for the Class C here in France, passed, and my French license now has Class C on it. Is this valid as it stands, or do I still need to take a FIMO? If anyone could clarify this Then I would be very grateful.....thanks
  5. Thanks Will, that's exactly what I meant, no problem then thank's again
  6. How does it work with being self-employed, working from home, whilst at the same time being an employee. Basically, is it possible do do both at the same time? Thanks in advance.  
  7. I am going to open a made to measure, curtain and blind mail order business, making up people's own fabric, for English clients all over France. Where is the best place to advertise my services in order to reach all expats.
  8. I walk my dog through the local woods, and 3 weeks ago some old fellow cut down a massive oak tree which fell into the woods. He took the bulk of it and left loads. I said to him, "are you leaving this"?, "yes" he said. So, I took my saw, and filled my van up twice with wood for next year. The next day he returned for the rest of his wood, a few leaves and a dog pooh later he left. He owns the woods.  
  9. Thanks ever so much for your quick response, it's better news than I thought. All the best.
  10. I hope someone can help me. My HGV2 license expired in July 2008. I didn't get it renewed, as I thought my driving days were over. Never say never! Anyway, my question is, do I have to re-take the test here in France, and start from scratch? or, is it possible to take a medical and back date the renewal? probably naive thinking! Any information would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am a bloke, and I think the fact that you have changed as a person is very meaningful. For me, and it is only my personal opinion,  without seeing the person on a day to day level, experiencing the same things, talking, sharing the same space, enjoying the moments you have together, smelling each other, laughing together, eating together and growing together as people, then one misses out on fundamental human needs. It seems to me that you don't need him anymore, and in all probability, you don't love him anymore, and the fact that you experience resentment towards him is a sign that you don't even like him! I think you really should tell him exactly how you feel, be honest, be brave and what follows will follow. After all, it can't be any worse than what you are experiencing now. Maybe he will  change, move to France, and recharge your relationship. You know him, you know what he is like, and in all likelihood you probably know yourself what the outcome will be. I know it's hard, and emotionally draining, and 30yrs is a hell of a long time to be with someone, but if you are stressed out, and unhappy then make steps to change it. I believe that everyone can change if they want to, and especially if that means losing someone close to you. Shirley Valentine got her man!!!  
  12. Death is a strange phenomenon for people, and everyone deals with it in their own individual way. Why not meet someone else and have a relationship with them? After all, people keep saying, life is short, you will meet someone else, you will never forget the times you had but you have to move on in life, etc etc. My sister-in-law lost her husband last year,(52 trs old), and she has a full length photo by her bed and talks to him all the time, sees a clarivoyant, who tells her that he is always present, but also that she will meet a new lover in 2 years time!! It's not a matter of age, it is a reality that death is part of the process of life, and the realisation that death can happen to any of us at any given moment, is perhaps a driving force for us to make the most of our time whilst we can.  Of course, it's difficult for children to come to terms with the death of a parent, and a new person who fills the void, but again, this is a reality. I think that in time, people come to realise that we are social beings with a need for closeness, love, affection and companionship etc. With death comes all the emotions of loss, anger, guilt, pain etc, and these have to be experienced and dealt with before any real progress can be made in accepting the new reality, that mum or dad is with someone else who they love and care for. It's not easy, but to live a life of bitterness and resentment is even harder and probably more damaging, unhealthy and miserable, which will affect future relationships. I don't know if any of this helps you, but it is better to be open. After all, life is short and we are all fragile, and we all have needs that need to be fulfilled. I think, respect for the dead is not the issue. Perhaps, your friend is escaping, and transferring his feelings onto another person, maybe he has found a true love?  Whatever, he has made a choice and this has to be respected. As Simone de Beavoir said to Jean-Paul Satre, "your death will seperate us, my death will not bring us back together again"  
  13. Well well well, we are in 04 region and still wearing shorts and sandals.
  14. Hello Callie, thank you ever so much for your time. I have got a good idea of what is required now, so out of the country and into the city I go. All the best. Swallowtail
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