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  1. Why not open an account with Interactive investor or A J Bell and just buy the ETF directly. The fees will be much lower. JFB
  2. I dont have gov/public pension but do have investment income and find the simulator accurate to +/- 100€. Which is fine by me. But you do need to choose the complete rather than the simplifee version of the simulator, and make the appropriate choices of incomes and credits.JFB
  3. of course you can with a small margin of error. once you have completed your declaration copy the fisc version of form 2042. take each box entry and input into the fiscs simulator, the result is very close. just make sure you also do the non numeric boxes.JFB
  4. I would agree with Limande, or perhaps Sole d'Ecosse, tho not sure about that. JFB
  5. Ah but Mint is talking about an insurance companies perceptions and Idun about local authority regulations. Very different! JFB
  6. Same experience. Though was asked for a letter confirming i did not want to renew other heavy vehicle categories even tho these had expired a couple of years before the licence.JFB
  7. madeira or malaga, easily available at least here in Leclerc. I usually use malaga / xereres vinaigre blend to get what i want.JFB
  8. Why not. ARM, Jaguar, you name them, they are all sold at the drop of a hat. Why should not a work of art made by an Italian outside the UK!JFB
  9. cannot help with all the details, but advance rents in France are illegal. You need to fight back by reporting it and seeking help from appropriate body. Off hand I dont know who but i am sure someone on here will have the answer.JFB
  10. did you tick the box saying you were covered for health by an eu country. 8SH.JFBPS still time to correct
  11. Surely the payments are advances on the eventual tax liability calculated from the revenues and charges you are now declaring. So they will appear on the avis in september as a deduction from tax due. JFB
  12. Personally i declare as pension. Tho that decision was made when pensions did not suffer social charges but rentes onereaux did. I have not looked into it since, but it would anyway not be a good idea to try to change.It is one of the grey areas that exist in tax due to the two differing systems. That allow you to choose legitimately the course best for you. But you could always ask the Fisc to define it for you. They will choose the definition most advanteageous to them.JFB
  13. Hi ParsnipsThe new charge of 7.5% was applied on my 2018 investment income taxed in 2019. For 2017 income taxed in 2018 the 7.5% did not apply, my claim for social charges was recently settled in full plus interest. Is the 7.5% still in contention then. I thought that that had all been settled.JFB
  14. Probably a little over sensitive. Written official and business french is very wordy and formal. (It might be used against them later!!!). A phone call and informal chat will results in reams of better information.JFB
  15. Not sure it helps but recently renewed my driving licence. My application was referred back as incomplete with a note to check the site for what was missing.I reviewed everything every which way but could not see a clue to what was wanted. But eventually fell on a different area of the site which did specify the missing info and it was a pop up to boot. Sorry I did not keep a note, but it was not in reviewing the original application. More like documentation or messagerie type area. Definately not self evident.Hope helps JF
  16. From personal experience while the majority of the above is undoubtbly correct as far as i can judge it ignores the work arrounds.EG paying 1 years rent upfront is illegal - true ( unfurnished yes, furnished not sure), I got round that one by depositing a number of months rent in an interest bearing account and the bank guarranteeing an equivalent months rent to the owner. there was a cost to the guarrantee yes.The reason owners ask for the docs they do is because they insure for non payment. And as we all know insurers ask for everything including inside leg measurements before refusing payment because you did not tell them your mothers name was Mary. As it happened in my case the owner preferred the guarrantee to the insurance there is a surprise.Learning talk to the owner direct not the agent.JFB
  17. This year was an annee blanche as they switch to pay as you go. You will be being preleved on this 2019 income in 2019. So they decided that it would be unfair to bill you tax on 2018 income in 2019. If you follow the drift.Enjoy JFB
  18. Yes that is the position I have taken. The UK tax credit was always based on the fact that the dividend was paid out of profits that had already been taxed. It was calculated by the revenue to reflect that fact and not on income tax rates. Hence why it is difficult to workout why 17.7% on the net which equates to a tax rate of 15% on gross I think. Why those rates I have not been able to get an answer. Personnally I will continue as before.JFB
  19. No you are not being dense the whole thing is very unclear. At the risk of confusing you, it can be approached in two ways either by applying the 17.7% and dealing with it as I proposed. Or ignoring the 17.7% and only the cash dividend.The way I laid out was the way i will and have been dealing with it. Maybe Parsnips has another take on it.For your questions Line 206 = 0 section 7 cash div   = + 17.7 8vl = 17.7 rgds JFB
  20. Had a quick look at this years form, not too dif from last years. Just a bit of shuffling. So it likes below. Form 2047Line 203 Cash dividend receivedLine 204  17.7%Line 205  Cash Dividend x 17.7%Line 207 = Line 205Line 208 = Line 207 + Line 203 Then go to section 7 and complete the relevant boxes ending with the tax credit going in the bax right labeled 8vl.Hope that helps. JFB
  21. I cant help with the line numbers as i have not yet got round to doing my returns. But your accountants 10% changed a few years ago with changes in UK tax. The notional tax credit rate for the UK is in the 2047 notes, it has been 17.7% for a few years.You start with the amount of dividend received, you gross up (x 1.177) this gives you the dividend to declare which will be taxed at french rates. You then claim back the UK tax, the notional tax, as tax credit,ie actually received less gross above declared.There was some discussion on the forum way back when in the past about what the notional tax was ie the uk tax credit on the dividend slip. But it is more complex than that. Personally I go with the flow of the Fisc as thats what I can support.Cash received x grossed up by Fiscs deemed rate = Dividend declared. Tax credit for UK tax = the amount of the gross up.Hope that helps and does not confuse.JFB
  22. Why not mitigate the issue. Declare with your 2018 revenue and if picked up in the future the answer would be. oops silly me wrong year.JF
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