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  1. Would like to ask who is attending the Picnic in Mirembeau... Maybe we will come??????
  2. May I add that the birth certificate must have been issued within the last six months[bazaar] And you have to attend a court.,,,to obtain the pacs. My notaire forgot to mention the bank account details and the bills as proof of joint accounts..... He has not been doing his job very well...actually.....the proof in the form of bills etc.....is important!  
  3. Do you all remeber your picnic arrangements for June? Who is going?
  4. Well I know of someone who wants to rent in the pas de calais area...walking distance to the beach.and shops..4 beds.....large garden..Will be avail almost immediately.....
  5. Which area are you in by the way? What type of house? Will have some ideas for you if you are interested?
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