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  1. If they were entitled they would be getting it.

    They don't come into that category .

    Of course you can argue that the criteria are wrong, either because of the weird demands of where one lives on a certain date and age, or because of a belief that such a benefit should be means-tested.

    I don't however think that anybody has said that somebody entitled isn't getting it.

  2. What has happened to you is scandalous, and you are honest about your reasons for wanting to come to France.

    I don't think that things are as easy here as they might seem, and if his pension is paid in £ it could be even harder, so I would advise caution.

    My equivalent of 'council tax' is 1200 euros a year, not far off yours.

    See the costs in many towns in France here

    I don't understand the point you and  Ba F make about not being able to 'afford to stay in the UK', however.

    Do most OAPs have any option?.

  3. According to this site the average household  income in Quillan is  12 286 euros

    Some of these Brits will be in a couple with two pensions, so could easily have double this.

    My point is that they are comparatively well-off, that despite this they could qualify for the French allowance for oil heating  if they don't pay tax here...but they are still moaning.

  4. Quillan

    "When the question comes up about how much you need to have to live in

    France most people on the forum say about 20k Euros if you live really


    But the Smic and the RMI (soon RSA) are nowhere near this.  Poor families in France have to exist on much less than these people. Of course there is APL, but these British people own their houses so don't need it.

    They are comparatively well off.

    But ironically because they probably don't pay tax in France (as they pay in the UK)  they would be be entitled to the 'prime à la cuve' intended for low income families (quite reasonably means-tested in France for those who DO pay tax here) ...

  5. The main person being interviewed said he was on a 'modest' Police pension.

    I can't imagine that that is less than £15,000 a year...

    maximum pension of ½ final salary plus a fixed lump sum of 4 times the pension

    maximum pension after 35 years

  6. From the link in my first post above:

    l'institut Ipsos a sondé la consommation des Français au cours des six

    derniers mois, avec une attention toute particulière pour les habitants

    du Languedoc-Roussillon. Résultat : le pessimisme ambiant se traduit

    effectivement par une évolution sensible des habitudes, notamment

    alimentaires : 74 % des habitants de la région disent avoir réduit leur

    consommation de viande, 69 % mangent moins de poisson, 51 % moins de

    fruits et légumes, 37 % moins de produits laitiers.

  7. Just the standing charge alone is 65euros a year.

    Yes I am in a small city, and there are all sorts of local taxes to pay + Tva on taxes etc.

    Basic price per cubic metre around 3,2 euros, then all the rest on top

    Plus there was an underpayment from last year..when I had some spendthrift 'friends' in the place while I was away for 3 months..

    Présentation simplifiée

    de votre facture annuelle détail au dos


    m3 Prix moyen*

    du m3 Montant TTC

    Abonnement 62,35

    Consommation 176 3,16 556,75

    TOTAL 619,10

    Solde antérieur 371,29

    Sorry for taking the thread away from food...

  8. "the costs of car/house insurance, taxes foncieres and habitation, water

    and electricity have hardly risen for me during that period"

    I find car insurance much higher here, or would do if I wasn't priced out of car ownership

    Taxes foncieres and habitation are about 1200 euros for small flat.

    Water 75 euros a month

    Electricity 80 euros a month.

    I have been able to cut down, but don't know any more how that compares with the UK

    The cost of food I can't compare, but it certainly seems to be hurting the French

    see here  seen on another Forum

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