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  1. [quote user="evanflemming"]Cleaning our swimming pool from time to time is very important. For that best pool builders as they will give you the best tips for cleaning pools.[/quote] Dingus! Best people to ask are the ones who look after lots of pools and have no commercial interest other than having a perfect pool for their customers :) Steve
  2. You are lucky you dont have a 2 speed jobbie - 1200 + for one of those Is there room for a small shed nearby to house a sand filter and pump? Much better and easier to manage Steve
  3. Right, if PH is way too low, it needs to go back up - 7.2 to 7.6. Most of mine are between 7.2 and 7.4. TA what is your TA, if its too low (needs to be 80 - 120) Too low and it could lead to stains. (generally in wide area's not splodges!) Calcium hardness - what is the calcium hardness reading? needs to be 200-400. Too much and calcium build up can start, killing pipe work and pumps. Most of all, get the PH up other wise guests will start complaining of burning eyes and rotten swim wear! Shame you are not a bit closer Steve
  4. Hiya I had the same problem regarding the triangle shaped head full of sand! Try a weighted half leon on the stain, face down for half and hour, or a sock of PH- powder resing on it for 15 mins, see if that does any good Steve
  5. Agreed with Theiere - we opened a pool on Wednesday morning, (owners fitting a heater next week and need it running) When the cover came off it was green with algae strings floating from the edges. In went the Javel, within an hour or so, it had started to change colour. Went back yesterday for 1st vacuum, left looking clear and clean, one more vac and it will be ready to use. Save money - dont go to the pool shop! Steve
  6. Danny actually has a very good pedigree, but came from the guide dog school in Bordeaux at 8m old as he had a dodgy hip - they need scores of 'C' and he had a 'D'. I think that his grt grt grandad was a champion in UK, but since then he has had French in his line. He is a very big, strong lad at just over 40kg, but one of the most gentle natures I have come across Steve
  7. crumbs, if you think work is hard to find in Oz, wait until you get here! You will not get any state help unless you have paid into the 'system' not even health care. This means unless you have a job before you arrive, you will have to purchase a private and very expensive health plan. You might find washing up/waiter work in Paris or other big cities, but in the sticks, anything is hard to come by. As for starving or steeling, you dont watch French news progs! If you do find self employment - dont forget that 50% or there abouts of any profit goes to keep Sarco and his chums happy. Steve who will sell a very sucseefull gardening co in about 10 years!
  8. And here are all 3 [IMG]http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r247/stevelowe/0221024x683.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r247/stevelowe/IMG_00071024x683.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r247/stevelowe/IMG_0025_11024x683.jpg[/IMG]
  9. Gosh how sad :( We came home last year to find Danny almost rolling about instead of walking and his usual bouncy sef - he had broken into the feed store and must have eaten at least 5 or 6 kg of royal canin! We had to take him out to a customers that night to keep an eye on him. He wanted their dogs dinner too! We use a 'Brake fast' bowl to feed him as he is so gutsy. We lost a GSD with twisted tum a few years ago. Steve
  10. So you can but I cant : ( Confused dot com! Steve
  11. Why cant I see the image? Followed destructions :( Steve
  12. Well, Danny Dog thinks he is :) [IMG]http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r247/stevelowe/022sm.jpg[/IMG] Steve
  13. Ah, but I am a registered gardener, paying my 50% to MSA. I know its not on my remit, but I will do it for 50c There, that will get all the registered AE window cleaners and dog walkers on my back, cos I am doing their job cheap! Steve
  14. mmm, maybe you like being an idiot yourself and drive illegally. What a burk Steve
  15. blimey, my minimum hourly rate is more than that and I charge TVA on top! 15€ an hour! They wont last long charging as little as that. Unless its working on the black. AE I suspect? Steve
  16. What a load of cr*p! The fence collars bleep first and if the dog continues then they get a zap. It didnt stop our loony going over 2 wires (2m of zaps!) over a fence and 6ft drop the other side to chase a deer when we first had her Electric collars are good IF USED PROPERLY - that is the training collar, rather than fence collar (that also work well, normally!) We just have an electric fence around the edge of the garden to keep hungry Labs out of the chicken pen and to stop foxes eating the chickens. Steve
  17. MMM, new dip test strips purchased by customer with a 2013 use by date gave 8.4 ph, 1000ppm total hardness, and 1-3 chlorine....... actuals are 7.3 ph, 232 TH, and 2.6 free chlorine! Nice and accurate these dip testers! Steve
  18. sounds like he doesn't quite know the protocol of dealing with English owners, mine certainly don't, This is funny :-) another pimms dear? Steve
  19. Great idea! If any one wants some bidons, I have a garage full if you want them Steve
  20. Hi Ian, As I said, talk to the Chasse - they may be able to help. I know Aubetterre well as we have a customer on the main road (possibly below you!) and they are a pain, but dont get in the meard over them! Steve
  21. and tell us what type of pool filter you have Steve
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