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  1. You are allowed to offer meals if you have your licence from customs for offering breakfast etc as mentioned below.

    Here in the Aveyron they are checking on all B&Bs to make sure they are registered with the maire and also have the correct paperwork.

    You cannot sell beer and wine separatly but can offer it as part of your meal.

    All B&B should also have a little sign up outside with the rates showing for rooms and meals. (Like a hotel)

    As times are getting tough hotels and restraunts are not happy about B&B offering meals and rooms so that is why the new rules are beginning to be checked.




  2. Good news it looks like there will be flights to Castres - Mazamet from Dublin and Manchester.

    I saw the details here...



  3. Thanks

    It was a bit late and I could not think of anything else!!


  4. I know the lady in the Tarn. She is very helpful and the problem is the information has not been passed down. It is just as confusing for everyone.

    If you do not like it then yo should not live in France and go back to the NHS.


  5. It looks like they will not contine in the winter again.

    However they have brought on new flight to Dublin startng in April.

    I find this site which seem to be updating information. Rodez Airport Guide...

    Pitty I have been using Toulouse.



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