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  1. looking at the telegraph article You cannot compare a drug gang shooting in a big city like marseille with a mystery shooting involving a british family on holiday and a french cyclist and the media say it was a green 4x4 and a motorbike that fled the scene and there was a family feud with the 2 brothers
  2. Thankyou for replys, I will send of the forms this week
  3. I want to close my bank account with credit agricole cmds, I have 270 euros balance and no cards or loans. I have recieved 2 letters to sign and send back to them, the letter reads "declare demander le remboursement de 113 part socials" and "au prix unitaire de 1,53 euro, soit un total de 173 euro" does this mean they will charge me 113 euros to close the account, Is it normal in france to pay about 100 euros to close a bank account, can anyone help.
  4. Does anyone know if the france poste is working okay this week, I sent a letter from the uk on thursday and the post office says it will take 2 to 3 days, its going to deux sevres
  5. thankyou for replys, I will try the impots website
  6. I have online banking with CA-CMDS but I have to pay money every time I visit the website, and the reason I want to sort the tax fonciere out is because I dont want some impots computer somewhere in france freezing my CA account because someone somewhere did not give the computer what it wants
  7. I think the form on the bottom of the yearly tax fonciere bill is something called a T.I.P which you sign and date once a year but you send them a copy of your R.I.B with the T.I.P on the first year, this form I have got is to send to my bank for a direct debit plan
  8. I applied online with impots to pay my tax fonciere by 10 monthly installments, I have now recieved a letter instructing me to fill out the form and send it to my bank, but it says " if you have already provided a debit authorization to your bank thank you to ignore this request" so in the past I have signed and dated the form at the bottom of the page each year and put it in the envelope provided and sent it off , so do you think I need to fill out this form aswell
  9. In france they have credit agricole and they say the post office is the best
  10. Thankyou for your reply, so I am signing the deed this month so If the notaire cannot be bothered then I will have to stop the sale then find another notaire, does the notaire make money from the sale of property, If so they should be helpful
  11. When selling a property can you instruct the notaire to pay the money to someone like monycorp in euros then transfer to pounds then put in uk bank account
  12. the euro is lower in the summer against the pound to encourage the tourists to visit europe then it goes back up in the winter
  13. I went on the website impotes.gouv.fr and filled out the form to pay tax fonceires over 10 monthly payments and filled out the rib, but it says the payments start in january 2011, did i fill out the wrong form or is the january start the right one
  14. unfortunatly im not with britline but i have credit agricole bank account in charente region, the letter has no email and the tel number is an 09 which i think is one of those press 1 for this press 2 for that press 3 for another so i would be on there for a long time and would be £1 a minute so im going to send a letter
  15. thanks for the reply, my new policy starts on 28th september so they may have taken the money out already, today i am sending a letter from the uk with copy of policy and letter saying i do not want to pay yearly, i want to pay monthly, im going to send it to the address at the top of the letter and see what happens
  16. im trying to cancel or change my multirisque habitation insurance with credit agricole assurances, theres a number 09 74 75 76 77 to ring but its a pound a minute from a uk telephone box so i was on for 2 minutes then cut off, does anyone know how to contact assurances pacifica 17117 saintes cedex by email or can i write to them because the policy renewel starts on the 28th sept and the letter was sent to me on 14th sept so im trying to stop the yearly fee of 210 euros, am i to late
  17. I understand credit agricole is different in different regions, im with ca-cmds so will that make a difference, do I have to contact them by phone or internet, I dont know much about all this, like will it be a re mortgage and what is the best rate
  18. I am thinking of applying for a loan with credit agricole to pay of the rest of my credit agricole mortgage and would borrow 8000 euros over 90 months so monthly payments would be about 100 euros a month, ive been on the website calculator to get these figures ,ive paid 80% of the mortgage so far, has anyone done this type of thing before
  19. the compromise de vent has a date for completion of the sale by the end of august but the buyer cannot get a mortgage at the moment but will get a mortgage by october, they have paid money to the estate agent and notaire, can the seller refuse to sell after the august date
  20. what bill you paying like water electric or tresor public, anyway on the bottom part theres a form where you sign and date it and send it by post then the tresor public or water people take the money from your french bank account, i do not know if it works for holland bank accounts, what can we do
  21. i agree about the photos they take, are they wearing sunglasses when they take them i mean really, what do you mean about secrecy of location, the buyer or seller
  22. when selling a property in france through estate agents is it best to go with their recomended notaire or use one you have delt with before and trust or can i trust the estate agents notaire
  23. acte de vente is that the 30 pages you get from the notaire which shows whos selling and who buying and the land plots, thank you for replys
  24. yes its " de ses deniers personnel,soit" 66 500,00 FRF and "du present pret, a concurrence de son montant, soit" 330 000,00 FRF and " montant total de l'operation" 396 500,00 FRF
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