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  1. Hi Georgina-last year I got a ticket at Bordeaux airport-parked in a bay which looked like it was for dropping off at the Billi. I was helping my disabled mum to drop off her bags. I was so incensed-I appealed against it. I had to wait for about 8 weeks for a response but they quashed the fine and apologised. The area now sports lovely green bollards to stop anyone parking now. So. yes-it is worth appealing
  2. It's for Astra satellites Quillan. It does have a card and it was a dish used for analog so looks like we will need a new LNB-thankyou for your help.
  3. Thankyou JohnM-so just to confirm we can keep our existing dish and just reposition to pick up the satellite and it wont matter whether it's Astra or Fransat?
  4. Thankyou for your quick response.We don't have a new tv ariel just a satellite dish which is 5 yrs old. We have to get a new dish then?
  5. Have just returned to France after 5mnths to find analogue tv no longer working. Have bought an Astra decoder but can't get it to work either! Please does anyone know if Fransat and Astra are the same/compatible with the original satellite dish? Currently in area 33-Bordeaux. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Thankyou for that-think I will give them a try!
  7. Thankyou Andy and Jimmy! I thought I may have heard mice if they were the culprit. Bit flummoxed bout the dragonflie lights hanging from the tree-that only happened when I was in Uk for 3 weeks-that's why I thought possibly lizards! Not sure what to do about it now!!
  8. Currently residing in SW France Recently have had to replace 4 light fittings in upstairs rooms which appear to have been chewed through! After only 1 month-same has happened to landing light. String of dragon fly lights on tree in garden has suffered same fate! Am baffled-attic recently renovated( ie 6yrs ago), into rooms therefore very little roof space left. No noises or smells whilst I've been here for last 8 weeks. Any ideas anyone please??
  9. Hi  Rawlie I will be moving close to Lesparre in April 08. I have a house in a little village called Blaignan amongst the vineyards. Whereabouts are you? liz
  10. Hi Cathy just found this forum by chance-was really looking for airport parking at Bordeaux Airport. I am moving to the Medoc in april 08 and will be living in a little village called Blaignan amongst the vineyards.It would be great to have someone to contact for tips and advice!!. Regards Liz Swire
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