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  1. Dear Quillan I will not comment as to the rights or wrongs of this save for the fact that his 'peer' group found him guilty and with that I absolutely agee. He will be kept in solitary of that I can assure you. As to 'coppers' per se I have come across lots and lots in my career and I have no doubt as to the validity of what you say. But what I do say is that they are exclusive members of an exclusive club and unless you are a member they believe until proven otherwise that all are guilty. I number amongst our friends a very senior but now retired Police Officer and it was indeed only last Saturday that I argued that during the Miners Strike there was a national police force.
  2. Equally where is Sweet 17? an email to the young lady has bounced and no doubt she would wish to comment upon the lamentable Welsh performance. All I know that it was awful and equally I had the worse hangover of all time yesterday and I have now taken the pledge. However Gethin is back for Saturday so some hope.
  3. Here I absolutely go with the advice that you have been given. I am a lawyer (UK) and its my second marriage with no children from my first marriage. We jointly own the house and bluntly if I am left and unless I limit exposure it will go down my family route. I do not want that to happen I want it to go down my wife's family route. The advice is sound inheritance here is a stranglehold on everyone and unlike the UK France does not recognise issues such as Trust or the effects of equity upon the issue. Until I had safeguards (and to be again blunt) I do not think you will get those I would take and pay for the best legal advice you can afford. I am not an expert in French law but say and at the same time you paid off the mortgage then the house was transferred to you. What would the family of your husband say or see when the house is going to you. I think the transfer to you (even if possible) would be viewed if contested as by-passing inheritance law. Then lots of other things come into play. Take advice and make sure you understand what is being said. Make absolutely sure you understand what you are committing yourself to.
  4. Are they registered with any of the FSA type of guys!
  5. I am sorry but the last place on earth is Maerdy in the Rhondda and following that Blaencwm which is very near Treherbert. I will have nothing said against Treherbert in that you can use the mountain road to get out of TH.
  6. \i could if I so wished let us have a legal definition of both rent and let and indeed the various stated cases on the subject. I will not bother for its boring and knowing Sweet 17 rather well but from a distance I am not too sure she would pay me for it legal advice I mean! From my standpoint I believe that this forum exists to provide a conduit for all of us to learn from the experiences of others here in France. We all from time to time are guilty of typo's and grammatical errors and thus they can and indeed affect the context of the discussion. It is just one of those things. Me I am from Porth in the Rhondda I know nothing except it is very cold this morning and next Saturday I am not watching TV.
  7. Dog I am in that profession and I really find your comments objectionable. Listen to this I come from let us say a very working class background and my late Father who worked on his belly in a seam of coal 2'9" wide always but always fought for the underdog. I have carried out my last five cases on a pro bono basis and continue to do so. I do not go to drinking holes and as for prosecution and defence agreeing the way forward then obviously very you have a penchant for wine and it undoubtedly shows.l Your views are without substance. I have but always thought as a Dog as a man's best friend. I have changed my mind. Come and see me and come back to the Uk and I will pay that will open your eyes. You are asleep at the moment.
  8. Dear Dog having read your positing I thought I would respond on the lawyer front! Do not believe all or any of what you read in the press about lawyers and their fees. Here I do not have to defend lawyers per se they can do that themselves as can I. However are Barrister colleague of mine drove from Gloucestershire to Birmingham Crown Court last week to make an application and he was legally aided. Due to be heard at 10.00 court busy was not heard until 15h.00 then drove back to Gloucestershire. His fee for that £90 from that overheads pension arrangements for the future fees in Chambers that sort of thing. Do you think that is fair remuneration? HMG are cutting back (and so they should) on Legal Aid and so much so that Barristers who are independent members of the Bar are now joining forces with the CPS and becoming employers with leave pension and the like. Of course they will only every prosecute never defend that is how bad it is getting. Final point did you notice that everyone at the hearing from a legal standpoint was in civilian clothes not a wig or gown in sight. Obviously they did not want to frighten the young people!
  9. Where should our sympathy be in this matter? Having some exposure to the law in this regard I know Social Services people and indeed Probation Officers who say they are over-run and literally cannot be everywhere! As to Probation consider that every week people are released on licence from Jail for as you know if someone gets five years then he will serve 30 months less whatever time he or she was in custody. Then for the rest of the licence they turn up every week or 14 days tick a box in Probation and then on their way. It is like Sunday School. Nothing positive happens. I truly believe that we are what we are then add to the fact that children are born into a society which has lost it their parents have lost it then the children equally lose it. Here none of us will truly understand what happened what was behind it save for what we have read and seen on TV. But after the event for the concept of charging the parents to come into play it must have been so very bad and indeed sad. In my years in the law I have never heard of Parents being dragged in and charged and I wonder what they will be charged with? Take this further parents charged found guilty imprisoned what happens to the rest of the family parents go to jail never change habits we look after them in jail? As to the young people sentenced yesterday they are too young to go to prison but are currently in a secure unit. When they are old enough into prison. Much later in the piece someone has to decide they are no longer a threat to society. Do you really think that someone is going to take that leap of faith. The two young men are there for a very very long period of time.
  10. Is Betty's in Harrogate? My experiences of up North are limited to the best fish and chips I have ever had and that was at Whitby. Then the best beef ever in Edinburgh after we were once more smashed at Rugby. The worse hangover at the Ice Rink at Murrayfield after a night out. The best faggots and peas Pontypridd market. The best cockles indoor market Swansea.
  11. Let us all forget about M & S entering into the market place and delivering to European destinations. You have a contract with them they have not fulfilled it quite simple really. In October we went back to the Uk and to Newport Gwent M & S and to renew as part of the trip my wife's Passport. Found her in M and S the pos terminal was playing up I became concerned and believed that the payment was going through twice. No Sir it is not the case...... ok I believe you. Got back to France checked on line two payments for the same amount have gone through the account. It took us some eight weeks to resolve and then only when I threatened to issue proceedings on line on behalf of my client......my wife. It was horrendous and we managed to get the cash back and equally for a gift voucher in the sum of £50. We did not need it all that was required was a credit for the over payment. Simples! This is not the M & S of the 60's and 70's.
  12. Sweet 17 from the Welsh Coastal region I have searched for a posting? Cannot find it will continue looking but please just a little help as to where it is to be found? I currently am faced with putting a lot of logs that were delivered this morning into the shed or doing some legal stuff. I prefer the legal stuff and as long as I am gainfully employed my wife is happy but of course we are currently facing the white jersey with the red rose at Twickenham. I am of course Welsh my wife is from the Shires. It is a time for reflection and to value one's marriage. Difficult times indeed
  13. yes just a little Calvados over the boule seems wonderful does it not? I had a bottle of 25 year old Calva given me and it's amazing
  14. Krups was one that has been recommended to me and if I too could buy a second hand one then I would. Here is the recipe. 1 1/3 peeled tart apple (one Large) 3 cups water 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon lemon zest 1/4 cup Calva In medium saucepan over medium heat bring the chopped apple water and sugar to a simmer. Cover the pan lower the heat and cook for about 15 minutes until the apples are very tender. Remove from the heat and cool the mixture to room temperature. Add the lemon juice lemon zest and Calva and stir the mixture thoroughly. Chill it until very cold about two hours. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturers instruction. Hope that helps. I wonder whether ebay here in France would list sorbet makers must try. Please can someone report back on their findings recipe wise for I think there is truly not enough Calva. But then I would having lived in Normandy and after a while taking another route from our home to bypass our neighbour who if he saw you at 8.30 in the morning on the way to get bread would invite one in for a coffee and some home made Calva
  15. thanks will attempt tomorrow! very grateful
  16. I have a recipe for an apple sorbet with Calva and thought to serve this in Trou Normande style between courses at a forthcoming lunch. The recipe calls for the use of an ice cream machine or sorbet maker and to blunt I am reluctant to commit between 80 and 500 euros for one! I do understand that for the cheaper model it goes in the freezer and the other has a built in freezer. I really would not get the use out of it. I seem to remember there is a hand method where you make the mixture put it in the freezer and then re-visit with a fork every hour or so. Is that correct please and does it work please
  17. At times like these we should think how lucky we are! Forget exchange rates forget health issues and whether CPAM are or are not going to pay. I was in South Wales in 1966 and we saw black and white TV of those at Aberfan digging as well with their hands to free their children. A generation was lost at that time think of what has happened here. In 1966 it tested my faith and it is no different at this time.
  18. Thanks Dog I now understand. Thus the guy in the UK has an office in France and they do the leg work here? So let us say the cost is 200000 euros that must be on the French deed but the cost of organizing it is payable in pounds in the UK and then the Notaire here will transfer the euros back to the UK and one's bank in the UK obviously converts to £ or he converts here in France and accounts for the £'s to you. I am really interested in this for we are going to try at least to sell and whether we stay here or move back to the UK is anyone's guess for I really do miss the buzz of the legal stuff back in the UK and will probably go back.
  19. Dear Tony I am back in the UK for some issues leaving here on the 25th of February then 26th on business and returning on the 27th. I will see if I can extend the trip. Equally my wife has some family things to organise so I will see if we can return to the UK for the hearing. I know Fox Court very well!
  20. Dear P2 of course but equally there may be some amongst us who do not understand the concept. We do not live in Stevenage Taunton Midsomer Norton or the like we live in France
  21. I too will miss Poole but its fine France - Poole but our family live in Bristol and the road from Poole to Bristol is not a very good drive and sometimes it can take me well over two hours to do just 86 miles. I much prefer Cherbourg to Caen and there is now almost a joined up dual carriageway from St Lo to Carentan. Overnight from Cherbourg is wonderful just park up early get a taxi into the town and dine well on the quayside. At the moment trying to organise a trip back to the UK for the Wales v France rugby match on the 26th February. One car four people three cabins leaving 24th coming back 27th overnight. Almost £600 even with members discount. Have to rethink and if Poole overnight was still going? that would be helpful
  22. Sorry Scrumpyjack which tends to lead me on other paths. However SJ Wales has devolution whether you or I like it or not. There is also an Act of Parliament called the Welsh Language Act. It matters not but those elected MP's voted for it. We have somewhat the Mother of all Parliaments perhaps you would do well to understand that concept. I am now on notice both express and implied as to your alleged conduct elsewhere. Good bye
  23. I am sorry but once more I had forgotten. I am not sure of the validity of the report whether it just covers in your case your purchase or indeed whether it covers this sale. I have no doubt that others on this forum will respond.
  24. The maiden name is a facet of the French legal system. Fact fact and fact again. As to the reports you tend to find that the Notaires have relationships and they sort it out. Just get the detail to them and they will do things as they have done for let us say many years.
  25. Of course the OP was asking for advice much indeed like Scrumpyjack who is asking for advice in another area and an area within which he does not have the expertise. The contributors here and as normal have helped.
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