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  1. Hi we live in the Vendee not far from Fontenay. We moved here in 2007 from Normandie and have only but only used one kennels both for our dog(s) and cat since that date. Like everyone here on this thread our animals are so so very important to us and thus our decision making process was let us say thorough. Please let me know by pm if you wish to have the details. It is a husband and wife team (French) but with some English. Husband shows his dogs and the wife is simply mad on cats.
  2. We have a pomegranite here in the Vendee in a pot and it is growing well but so far no flowers perhaps because we are a bit far north? As to soil conditions on our various moves I always (I think the cost is £20) have the soil tested by the Lab at York and then you know what you are dealing with. Sometimes Gamme Vert and the like have open days when you can get your soil tested. A general comment but here in the Vendee and near Foussais they grown apples and pears by the millions. I will search through my files but Google will help there is a leading grower of all forms of fruit trees called Eric Dumont or something like that. His catalogue gives you all possible advice. He also growns fruit trees in 'U' forms double 'U' forms espaliers and lots and lots more. So if you have a nice retaining wall south or south west facing you really could have a lot of fun. He supplied a five year old peach tree to us and last year we were literally giving them away.
  3. If you look at postings here in this section you will see quite a few from 'Tony' who lives in the Dordogne and is let us say very knowledgeable on these things. He might pick up your posting otherwise I am sure and knowing Tony that he would not mind if you sent him a pm. rdgs
  4. dragonrouge


    Garlic is conventionally planted on the shortest day and harvested around the longest day. That is of course and according to the French if the moon is with you.
  5. Dear Tony I have read the last paragraph of your posting with considerable interest. So we have a two step approach post October 2007 and then the vexed question of the period from when one left the country to October 2007. You simply cannot sign away your rights but I would like to see the letter!
  6. Lots of us have been exposed to death and we all deal with it differently. I come from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales and in an earlier life was a Police Officer before I realised it was not for me. One day sudden death the PS sent me to deal with it. An ex-miner had died then a PM as a young PC of 18 go to see as was the case in those days the PM. Told by the PS to take Rowntrees pastilles and I think that is sufficient for today. Following week my Father died of what we called 'dust' and had to have a PM. The good folk of those days gave us £10 to bury him and the following week withdrew our concessionary coal for there was one less person in the house. Here this was against seeing a PM less than a week before. Then we had Aberfan and enough said. I then doubted my faith but have hopefully re-found it.
  7. But of course NormanH that would mean you would benefit and we cannot have that can we?
  8. Tony have sent you a pm as 'normal' email has failed?
  9. We have many examples of well-known British businessmen and ladies indeed avoiding tax payments in the UK with well thought out schemes. Indeed it is alleged that Sir Richard Branson pays nothing in the UK. Whatever. France has always but always been protectionist and jealously protect their own. We see EDF all over the UK but I am not sure I have seen Thames Water here?
  10. Also those on third marriages.
  11. But do not forget the cats and dogs and chickens
  12. If life was as simple as one single marriage then children only from that marriage. But life is not like that. I do not have children my wife does from a previous marriage so when I go I go and that is it. A statistic left us today in his beloved France and worldwide assets of £ as in The Times. Rubbish to that will do everything whilst we are living to help the 'family' but dead man's shoes is not my way and if you are ever valued as to the amount of your estate? My wife's children will have our investments in the UK our life here in France is for us.
  13. We have two huge beds of the green stuff here in the Vendee and from garden to pot it is seconds. However and on my travels I lived once near Evesham and indeed went to many charity auctions at the Fleece at Bretforton. There is nothing bar nothing to compare with Evesham asparagus.
  14. Only you and your family will be able to decide what you are going to 'do' in life. Unfortunately in my job I have had to react to instructions from my clients on corporate matters and have seen some very sad events. But I owe a duty to my clients and that is the way it is. I was in the legal profession but now retired (almost) However after falls comes the ability to get back on your feet and re-establish yourself and your family. I have equally seen many examples of this so everything is possible. However setting everything aside I can imagine the 'drivers' of a fresh start and all of that and lets get on a ferry and go to France. Perhaps it might be better to just wait a while get into the UK routine demonstrate all sorts of stuff to all sorts of people and organisations before moving here to France? You have been through one hell of a series of events and it is not easy but France will too pose you many problems many of which are outlined on this forum. A period of reflection may be something to consider?
  15. It has been alleged on another forum that PayPal has been hacked big time and there are considerable amounts of people who have suffered with the amounts just under the £100 threshold. Has anyone please seen and witnessed unusual activity on their accounts? It is suggested that one changes one's password
  16. I have just returned after church and our Vicar's wife said exactly what you have said. Creme fraiche. thanks
  17. I think I know this to be soured cream. Not sure if I have seen this in France and according to a recipe that we have for a luncheon party next week I need soured cream. Advice and guidance would really be appreciated. I do not think it is as simple as putting some lemon juice in cream and then into what creme. This is our last get together with our neighbours before we move on and would like to get a few dry runs in ahead of the day.
  18. These FX guys make money out of bluff and double bluff. Next thing we will hear is that Xmas falls on a Sunday this year and it is not a leap year so rates may go down. And of course that they want to build a £M6 dragon on the outskirts of Wrexham so that should influence borrowings and thus negative and again rates go down. Two years ago I factored in 1.03 to the £ so not too far to go. When we purchased originally it was £1.675 and thus we had a benefit then we sold in Normandie and now down here somewhere the money is still floating about in our existing home. If I could sell I would discount heavily and move the money back into £'s. For a number of reasons we are seriously reflecting upon moving back. No dialogue please that issue has been done to death. It is really painful for people whose income is derived from £ and when a baguette now becomes say £0.80 and a small glass of wine £2.45 it does tend to concentrate the mind.
  19. Dear Sweet 17 please believe me its points on the board that count and indeed England and France on the day were the better sides. Indeed there is an opposite argument that the Scots were as well but then points on the board. I played cricket years back and on a league basis (not in Wales) and when you were out and sometimes disputed the decision of the umpires one was always directed to the score book and asked 'what does it say in the book? out' However that still does not limit you having a viewpoint and wondering what if?
  20. This season is simply as ever about points on the board and France would seem now to walk the Grand Slam. However on the last count us Welsh have given away and indeed Friday some 12 points so you can never win on that basis. Then the English game some seven points without the points when quite rightly our second row was sent off for the trip. Could have been so different rdgs
  21. Dear Tony Linda and I send our very best wishes and if there is anything I can do then just simply pm me. take care Ken
  22. Tony our English legal system has always but always tried to put the complainants back to their original position and before the loss occurred. It does not reward it takes one back. I hope to be there next week rdgs Ken
  23. Why should I in that my Grandfather was one of the original founder members of the Labour Party. I have no relationship with the present organisation that suggest it represents the concept of Labour values. This one-time card carrying member is no longer. See the DLA concept with typifies what I am saying. Again and with respect Jack Straw is a failed Barrister and behind that comment I stand firm. See his history see his appearance before the Iraq enquiry. The guy beggars belief. Also Gluestick if you were to research you will find that more MP's let us say go one to become a QC than other practitioners as in Jack Straw as in Michael Howard who had more Judicial Reviews against him than any other Home Secretary.
  24. Sorry disagree Gluestick simply a good advocate. I have done it three times and I do not intend to argue the point but there is recent case law on the point at issue. Both CA and what was then the House of Law both of which dealt with delays and the test of which you are obviously aware reasonableness. If you go into a M and S store and you will see a sign saying where documents should be served so you are on notice. However I still say if no sign you are not on notice thus serve wherever.
  25. Dear Dog I have no wish whatsoever to discuss your previous banking relationship or the need to put up your house. However a point of law if your house was indeed in joint names? Interesting I think but thats me. Have a look at Barclays Bank v O'Brien it is a Court of Appeal case 1985 and I did some work on another CA judgment later on in the raft of cases that followed the initial judgment. It deals with undue influence and the need to protect say a wife where the house is jointly owned and the need for her to receive totally independent advice especially where she was not a Director of a Company owned by her husband or a shareholder and where she received no benefit from depositing essentially the deeds of the house and where later the bank exercised or tried to exercise its security. Obviously that did not happen in your case in any event. But the Banks are now on warning and it was one of the first cases that I became involved in.
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