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  1. Surely there are much more important issues at this moment in time. It either opened on the 23rd or the 24th does it matter?
  2. yesterday we had a new double glazed door fitted and which left some gaps around the new door. First of all our guy filled it with quick drying mousse and then made up a mixture from a large 25kg bag much I suppose as suggested here.
  3. Hi I am so sorry but tough upper lip and all of that. See it through. I get gently chided on being over here and being English! Here a comment and for nothing whatsoever but to shut up these guys and that is I am not English. They then go all over the world to try to find out where I come from. Sometimes they get it right mostly not and I am not from Tibet. I then chide them on their knowledge of the world and they walk away. At this stage I say to them (and with Cooperlola I do not think this way) in Londres we have over 300000 French people well in excess of our being in France. Why do they go there? Then I stick it into them but gently.
  4. Thanks but I was not able to view either my response or your reply in that we have both been censored. So no problem. I absolutely believe in what I say. Sometimes we do not engage brain before opening mouth and equally in a face to face situation I am sure we would not respond as some do here.
  5. Do we have any FE colleges left in the UK. As to UWE its Law School and by any judgment (spelt the legal way) has a fantastic reputation and is one of a handful of Universities that has the Bar Vocational Course. I think? I should know.
  6. Thanks Gardian for the information really am grateful to you it does help. Meanwhile enjoy the area I love it the Rhone Valley is something else. rdgs
  7. Dear Gardian We purchased here in the Vendee in December 2007 and next week all the front windows the port-fenertre to the rear and the rear door are all being replaced with top of the range wooden double glazed units. Our costs in 13000 but with other works 20000 euros. Are you please saying that I would be entitled to 25% green allowance from the Impot guys? on the cost of the windows? Here please see in this respect the posting on eco loans which appears above this posting. rdgs and the Pont du Gard looks wonderful. I have a story about it but perhaps later but involved my wife a car in the night and the Pont du Gard. I suppose the credit for the windows would be raised next year and as I pay by prelevements I should get a tax rebate or perhaps much reduced payments for 2012?
  8. First an apology to the OP. I just could not (I do now!) believe that I could obtain a zero interest rate and then some green credits from the Impot as well? Obviously one has to take advantage of the offer but there is no such thing as a free lunch? However SD is well versed in such matters. Thus another question please to SD in that next week I am having double glazed units to the front and back of the house plus other installations cost circa 20k. As to the fiscal limit in 2007 when we purchased the house (December) my revenue stream was slightly below the limit but with my wife really pushes us well over so I presume it is joint income that counts? and thus we do not qualify. Final question please if I may SD I pay my tax monthly by prelevement and if I were to qualify the prelevements for 2011 are based on this years declaration for 2009 and have increased due to the rate of exchange and a particularly good year for me in 2009. If I were to qualify does one still have to continue with these and the adjustment is made in 2011? Once more my sincere apologies to the OP
  9. Hi examined this with CA Britline. Obviously it is limited to 30k but logic suggests you only borrow up to the amounts of the devis (indeed I would suggest you input something of your own into the deal) for otherwise it is 100% borrowing and experiences in the UK suggest that an equity in a deal is better than borrowing the lot. You are correct when you say it is interest free but of course you cannot claim 'green' allowances with the Impot guys. It might be an interesting concept to examine both ways and to see what benefit 'green' credits from the Impot guys has upon your taxation here in France.
  10. As in Notaire be they male or feminine. Sometimes they are not addressed so politely.
  11. Dear Tony hope you have had and will continue to have a good gardening summer. It has been difficult here. Tony please can you kindly pm me with details of the DLA web site. rdgs
  12. Porthcawl lady we of course disagree and will continue to disagree. But that is life. Have a good holiday. As to house purchases that is of course for lots of us an ongoing problem but here I still have a home in Chepstow so will probably return and just shut this one down.
  13. dragonrouge

    fags n booze

    Very (very) seriously did you not see the programme on TV as in drink and one's liver earlier this week. It is a huge problem and which costs the relative systems be they UK or here in France huge amounts of money. I say this as someone who really does enjoy a drink. Let us say it has caused me to reflect and to change.
  14. Of course Caerphilly then Llanbradach but no cheese is made there. Come on Sweet 17 with your knowledge of Wales you should know better.
  15. I hold the view that after some years here in France and with the experience of the French living that one knows one own body. In the UK you would not transgress to a web site to seek advice of a medical basis and would contact either NHS direct or the new 111 . Thus why Sweet 17 from Porthcawl are you trying to double guess the system. Simply put gets one with it and contact the appropriate organisation. You do not need our approval or preening I see feathers here|!
  16. I do apologize and for spreading the load we once had a Banque Postal account in a place called Percy in Normandie. We no longer have that account seeing once the local manager legless in the local bar chatting about the accounts of Les Anglaise and if he cannot even get one's nationality correct there is little chance.
  17. Experiences are widely spread and thus Sweet view's are only to be viewed in isolation. We have been with them for over ten years and without a problem. Sometimes the client's do not understand the system or even behave appropriately.
  18. Hi my wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has suffered from it for over 35 years. She has been through all of the treatments over the years and has now been on Humira (have suffered a reaction to another product) for many years and self-injects twice a month. Equally she has to take steroids. Humira is one only in the stable of drugs which addresses such illnesses and indeed today there are newer drugs on the market place. We have an appointment later this week with our specialists in Niort and it is likely that Humira will be stopped and once a month my wife will have to go into hospital for an infusion. A starting point would or should be the Arthritis Society web site. There are very good Rheumatologists in Nantes and Montpellier and Bordeaux.
  19. Sweet 17 slightly off track but sorry the Agent in the UK is not negligent. His duty is towards his client ie the guy who is selling the house. He does not in my mind have a duty of care as in TORT to the purchaser. That is where the Solicitors comes into play he must carry out all searches and whilst a Solicitor can act for both parties (two differing Solicitors within the same practice) it is normal for both parties to have their own. Searches such as environmental problems flood zones etc are carried out.
  20. You have not experienced a Welsh winter unless one has been to Maerdy in the Rhondda called little Moscow. I was born and brought up in the Rhondda Valley then travelled extensively with my profession and then Normandie and now the Vendee. On balance and lots will think me mad but Normandie and despite its winters has it for me. However what it does not have going for it was the fact that we lived on the second highest point with overhead power lines and the like and got hit and I mean hit three times by lightning. Thus someone was telling us something. Hence the Vendee but again on the move.
  21. Tony F have you seen please the posting elsewhere on this forum as to the withdrawal of Carers Allowance by the guys in Northern Ireland?
  22. I am sure Tony will read this and come back with the answer
  23. My thoughts exactly in that tried to book a return trip Caen Portsmouth and Caen St Malo for September and the cost was over £200 more than a similar journey of two weeks ago thus at the height of the season I am now being forced to go elsewhere but that is voting with one's feet. Simply I do not understand it.
  24. Sorry I forgot arrest does not mean guilty. Fact despite one's background the secret of good law is to put aside previous incidents for this time the guy could well be not guilty. Thus arrest and guilty are two differing issues and thus if the OP wishes to have a lecture in legal matters a donation to a charity of my choice would be welcome.
  25. I have been away for some time and now think I will go away again. Why please are we interested in this issue? What relevance does it have be you Spanish French Italian or Welsh. Ok the UK but if you are charged with an offence (and its my bag not being charged but being in the law) prosecution can ask that you hand in your passport. The OP should understand that until you appear before your peer group at least in the UK you are not guilty but still bail conditions can mean curfew at night reporting to the Police every day or whatever. And why not. If you want to challenge it then go ahead and a Judge in Chambers of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal will hear your application. It is so-called justice why are we becoming involved in a story that seems to me to be half-baked and why does as Tony suggests the OP need to become involved? If he feels so aggrieved then hand in pocket big cheque book and Avocat. Then many thousands of euros later he will be a wiser person. This is not the site for free legal advice and like everything in this life there is a cost.
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