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  1. [quote user="Dick Smith"][quote user="Gengulphus"][quote user="LyndaandRichard"]

    There is no excuse imo for those people, it's lazyness.

    The Firefox browser has a spell checking add on that can be used and this is useful when using forums…


    There is no certainly excuse for lazyness if you have a spell-checker!


    That's an interesting point, because there is no good reason why [lazyness] shouldn't be correct. But the spellchecker doesn't like it, because it follows that old, Dr Johnson Latinate spelling diktat.


    I am entirely in favour of Latinate diktats myself, but they are irrelevant to the spelling of 'laziness'.  The form simply follows a common rule of English morphology which used to be learned in infants' school.

  2. [quote user="LyndaandRichard"]

    There is no excuse imo for those people, it's lazyness.

    The Firefox browser has a spell checking add on that can be used and this is useful when using forums…


    There is no certainly excuse for lazyness if you have a spell-checker!

  3. [quote user="Geranium"]but how long can I expect it to last in a normal air-tight bottle?


    Indefinitely, if you use camden tablets, as below.  I make mine in quantity every second year, and '06 is still fine.  It may throw off a slight haze which rises to the top and can be poured off.



    40 heads of elderflower

    1 lemon thinly sliced

    5.5 pts boiling water

    8 lb white sugar

    5 oz citric acid

    2 camden tablets


    1.    Place flowers in vessel with lid.  Add lemon, sugar, boiling water and stir until dissolved. 

    2.    Cover and leave for 5/6 days, stirring occasionally. 

    3.    Crush and dissolve two camden tablets in a little hot water and add to the vessel and stir well.  Strain through muslin. 

    4.    Dissolve citric acid in a little boiling water and add to the strained juice.  Bottle in sterilized bottles.  Serve diluted to taste.

  4. [quote user="JayJay"]acide citrique… you can substitute it with acide tartarique, you can get that from your pharmacie.[/quote]

    There is a slight distinction here.  Most elderflower cordial recipes are quite heavy on citric acid, which contributes significantly to the final taste.  Whilst citric acid is 'lemony', tartaric acid has a decidedly sour taste which most people do not consider pleasant in quantity.

    But, as jayjay says, citric acid is readily obtainable.

  5. [quote user="Dick Smith"][quote user="trees 2"]Amazing, isn't it? Call the cops to report a burglary etc, get a crime number, and usually, no visit.

    Flip one of their Scameras the bird, etc, and they'll chase you to the ends of the earth.


    I really don't want to live in a society in which people are allowed to choose which laws they observe and which they don't...


    I don't recall there being an anti-mooning law in England.  Did Tony and Cheri slip one in whilst I was away? 

    Naturally, mooning at a police camera would be an aggravated offence.

  6. No, no - he was speaking about dear pants.  (That's Irish pronunciation for you.)

    Various composers from Palestrina onwards have made the same musical complaint about the exorbitant cost of underwear, including the contemporary Rosephanye (pron?) Powell:


    Try Marks and Spencer.

  7. Sounds as if it might be scale insects. I have had similar on a lemon.

  8. [quote user="Christine Animal"]

    Centenarian Tips for a Long Life

    These long-lifers eat mostly fish, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, corn, and buckwheat - and virtually no meat. Scientists have confirmed the health benefits of a diet high in fish and vegetables and low in animal products. These centenarians are living examples, as they suffer from very little heart and liver disease and have negligible rates of cancer and degenerative diseases."


    How fortunate that in France we have the much more instructive and relevant example of Jeanne Calment, who verifiably outlived these comparative youngsters from the east, and who ate and drank with gusto. It must be admitted, of course, that her giving up smoking at the age of 118 must have made a great difference to her life-span.

  9. [quote user="Belle"]Gengulphus, I would consider anything and everything at the moment, the noise is surely more than I am expected to live with, until you HAVE lived with it you can't know what it's like.[/quote]

    I have in fact spent most of my life beside such a frog infested pond, and indeed much closer than your 20 metres - and have to admit that their singing never struck me as a problem.

    But if it is, what about an efficient grass snake or two?  I have a whopper in my orchard and have been delighted with the short work he makes various troublesome vermin.

  10. Have you considered a culinary solution?

  11. The last words of Brillat-Savarin's aunt Pierrette who, after a long life devoted to the pleasures of the table, exclaimed:

    I think that I am dying - bring in the dessert immediately!

    must surely be among the greats. 

    And the addendum of B-S's brother:

    … but she took coffee in another world.

  12. Yes, I have recently installed velux windows front and back in an ancient house in a site inscrit.

    The particular concerns in my area were:

    A photographic record of the roofs in their 'before' state. (I also included other street-level photographs to indicate the negligeable visual impact of the alteration).

    A 'plan' giving an indication of where the lights were to be inserted. I supplied plans in all three dimensions (as asked for), which I did myself, and with a moderate attempt at accuracy. A neighbour with a similar project merely submitted a reasonably informative sketch, and this was accepted.

    A clear indication of the dimensions of the window. I did not make this clear enough on mine, and had my forms returned. (But since this meant no more than a 30 second walk for the garde champêtre, who waited whilst I wrote it larger, this was not too grave.)

    A concern that the velux windows should be placed symmetrically with the extant fenestration.

    No, they did not want a picture of the window itself, and yes, much of the form is irrelevant.

    Addendum:  The question will naturally arise as to whether your work is going to add to the rateable value of the property, viz by increasing the habitable floorspace. This may need to be handled with some circumspection.

  13. I find this page very useful:


    It begins with distillation, but scroll down until you get to Ratafias etc.

  14. [quote user="bym"]  where can I buy some feverfew plants?


    This is a common and profuse weed which can readily be found growing naturally both in England and France. 

    How many hundred do you need?

    P.S.  I presume you want to use it medicinally, and if you seriously cannot find it within 100 m of your front door I will willingly send you a seed head in due season.  It is not usually reluctant to establish itself and is, in my experience, extremely efficacious.

  15. A large 'state' creates little people - and little people do not achieve great things.

    Source, alas, forgotten.

  16. [quote user="Mel"]

    And I am very keen to emphasise whenever I can that this    is the flag of les anglais...

    And not this    


    Oh dear.  The second object isn't anybody's flag (or jack), I fear  -  the Cross of St Patrick is not correctly placed.

  17. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    Should it be here whilst the weather is hardly spring-like?


    When cuckoo comes to the bare twig

    sell your cow and keep your pig.

    When cuckoo comes to the green bough

    sell your pig and keep your cow.

  18. [quote user="Bugbear"]

    any magic remedies I could try........................


    Turmeric, codliver oil and exercise.  Only the latter is not available in convenient capsule form.

  19. Dr Smollett's Travels through France and Italy still take some beating for freshness, truth, and entertaining insight not untouched with vitriol. Unsurprisingly the inhabitants of Nice threatened him with stoning should he ever reappear there.
  20. Roz - your Avis de Contravention will tell you if you have lost points. Look for the rubric: Perte de points OUI/NON. The Formulaire de Requête en Exonération gives you, in a table on the back, the precise details of how many.
  21. Thank you Moderator, that now looks charming - but despite my best efforts I absolutely cannot find the button to which you refer. More alarmingly, why was 'encumbrances' censored? Has the word acquired some new and disgusting meaning in the English-speaking world which, in my innocent backwater, I am unaware of?
  22. Roxy,

    I am single and keep an accurate record of living expenditure. I have no en-cumbrances or responsibilities whatever, and live in a modest sized house (250m or so) in a tiny mediæval town.

    At present €320 p.c.m. covers: Taxe d'habitation et foncière; water, town gas, bottled gas, electricity, insurance, chimney sweep, motor insurance (but no other car costs) and broad-band connection. Food, drink and household materials appear by some fluke to be almost exactly the same figure. I do not consider that I live tightly - and frankly I don't - but have to admit to scouring the countryside for walnuts, fungi, crab-apples, wild pears, cormes etc. (Not because I have to, but because it gives me pleasure.)

    I am astounded by cooperiola's experience that the cost of food is much the same as England. I do not doubt his observation, but give hearty thanks that I live in a more favoured region where I can live richly at a fraction of the GB cost (but I am a countryman and perhaps have different requirements).

    The only occasion on which I am disagreeably conscious of haemorrhaging money from every orifice is when I am obliged to travel to England and spend any time there.

    I hope that this is of some use, and wish you good luck. PS the hypertext tools work for the preview, and then do s.f.a. on the actual post. What is the reason for that? And what is wrong with encumbrances?

    Edited by mod - if you click on the 'design' button rather than HTML (under posting area on left) I think you will find your post looks how you intend.

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