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  1. Hi everyone Just received an email from someone wanting to set up an online one-stop-shop where a wide range of products and services provided by UK retailers and wholesalers who are willing to offer a subsidised or even free delivery to France can be accessed by everyone. To see the benefits of this and complete a short survey that will be used in persuading UK retailers to venture into the Franch market please go to www.goodyjar.co.uk
  2. Thank you so much Clair for your prompt reply.  That's a big relief!! Tracey
  3. My husband has just received his first Attestation D'Emploi for some work he did for someone under the cheque emploi system (CESU).   I was under the impression that the cotisations were paid by the employer and all we would have to pay would be any income tax due at the end of the year but on the attestation there are two columns - Cotisations Salariales and Cotisations Patronales with a different amount for each.  I know that the Cotisations Patronales are the ones made by the employer so does that mean then that we have to pay the amount for the Costisations Salariales in addition to any income tax? Thanks in advance Tracey  
  4. trastu


    Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated. Thank you for your best wishes Jayne.  In England you are self-employed as an Avon representative but if Avon employ you here and pay your cotisations that's good but do you mind if I ask why you only did it for a short time, was it not worth your while? Tracey
  5. Hi everyone Before moving to France last year I was an Avon lady for a number of years and was contemplating doing the same thing here for a few extra euros a month.  I have done a search on the subject and came across similar posts but I was wondering if it could be done under the new auto-entrepreneur system and if so would it be easier. I will make lots of enquiries first to see if there is a demand for Avon amongst my friends and in the local area as I gather from the other posts that Avon isn't quite so popular here in France. I'd appreciate any thoughts please.
  6. trastu

    Additional Dog

    Just really to echo what has already been said.  About 3 months ago we took in a 3 year old cocker spaniel as a playmate to our 6 year old german shepherd.  She was advertised on the Pet Welfare section of this forum.  We went to see her with Kal to see how they would get on and then her family brought her to our house to see how Kal would react to her on his own territory.  He was absolutely fine with her.  She is a very lively, faithful little dog - such a character, Kal adores her (as do we)  When she first came to live with us we did try to make sure that she felt welcome without Kal feeling pushed out by giving them both equal attention but giving it to Kal first.  We think this has worked out so well because Kal is male and Lexie female - we know from previous experience that Kal wouldn't accept another male.     Anyway good luck with your search and I hope it works out really well for you  Tracey                                                                                                                                                                       
  7. We are in need of a travel carrier for our cocker spaniel but the ones we have seen that are big enough for her are nearly 100 euros.   Does anyone know of where we might get one at a reasonable cost.  We live in Deux-Sevres between Niort & Parthenay.  Thank you.
  8. We actually bought these in the UK and brought them out with us.  Stuart fitted them himself as he is a mechanic.
  9. We have just been through the process of re-registering our Landrover Discovery here in France.  I must admit it was something we had been dreading and putting off for as long as we possibly could.  But for anyone out there who needs to register their vehicle and is dreading it as much as we were I felt compelled to let them know that it was (for us, anyway) in fact EASY to do.  From beginning to end (ie actually having the new number plates on the car) the whole process took exactly 1 week!! and this included obtaining a certificate of conformity from the DRIRE database. We followed the advice outlined by SundayDriver at the top of this section and wanted to say how helpful everyone was along the way.  We downloaded the application form for the coc and took it, along with the documentation they require, in person to the DRIRE office in Niort rather than posting it off.  The lady there was lovely - she checked that the forms were filled in correctly and then looked on the datebase for the car while we waited and although she couldn't issue the coc there and then she promised it would be posted out within a couple of days - and it was! (You do need an A4 SAE par recommande for them to post your coc and original registration document back to you) When we had gathered all the documentation together we went to the prefecture in Niort.  We arrived there at 10.00 and within 20 minutes we walked out with our new carte grise.  They were SO efficient.  We took a ticket with a number on and when our number was displayed we went to the desk and the lady checked through all the documents.  She then gave us a slip of paper showing the amount owing which we had to take to the caisse when they called out our name which took literally two minutes.  We handed over our cheque and they gave us the carte grise.  AMAZING!! We then went and had the new plates made up, put them on and took great pleasure in removing the road tax disc from the windscreen!!        
  10. trastu

    GSD Found!

    We are coming down to the Poitou - Charente region to look for property with our beloved German Shepherd Kal at the end of the month. Maybe we should start a German Shepherd owners club?? Tracey
  11. trastu

    German Shepherd

    Awwwww what a beautiful dog.  I am so glad that he will have the life that he deserves with people who obviously love animals.  If the world was full of people like you it would be a much much better place. Tracey
  12. trastu

    German Shepherd

    Jane No you didn't offend me.  It makes me so mad as well when people (and I use the term loosely) like your neighbour have dogs when they can't be bothered with them - after all no one forces them to get a dog!!  It's obviously not pleasant for you to have to live next door to them.  Thank you so much for your best wishes with our move - it's really exciting but a bit nerve racking too!! Regards Tracey
  13. trastu

    German Shepherd

    Jane & Danny I am sorry you have had this bad experience with your neighbours German Shepherd but you are right they do respond well to training and attention.  Any dog can be dangerous, not just German Shepherds, it depends on how they are brought up by the owner.  Our Shepherd Kal is a much loved member of our family and is the most well behaved dog.  He has the most even temperament, he is placid, gentle loyal and affectionate and recently at the vet's he was subjected to a painful examination during which he yelped in pain so if he was going to attack anyone it would have been the vet but he did nothing of the sort.  In fact when he had to go for his checkup he was so pleased to see her he licked her and wagged his tail! We are responsible dog owners who wouldn't dream of letting him do his business in other peoples gardens so I hope that if we ended up living next door to you you would judge us on our own merits. Tracey  
  14. Hi Erniey It was whilst doing some research regarding importing cars into Spain that I came across the information that certain types of 4x4 would be refused matriculation onto Spanish plates due to visibility problems but I couldn't find out which types specifically hence my question regarding our discovery. Hope that helps Tracey
  15. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of finding those threads for me, it was really kind of you. Regards Tracey
  16. trastu

    German Shepherd

    Hi there Does anyone know please or can tell me who officially I can speak to regarding any possible problems we could encounter in trying to bring our beloved German Shepherd to live in France with us in light of the Dangerous Dogs Act.  He has an up to date pet passport (in fact he has just had his first booster vaccination).  If he cannot come with us then we won't be relocating so any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for any help. Tracey.
  17. Hi there Could anyone please tell me if there would be a problem importing our Landrover Discovery into France?  I have just found out that certain 4x4's cannot be imported into Spain and I really need to know if this is the case in France as well. Thank you in advance for any help. Tracey      
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