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  1. thank you all for your replies, and info on normandy sounds our kind of place,constucted critiziem good no problem,wums and trolls i can do without. cathy thankyou.
  2. all countrys change plod, whether its for the good or bad,its how the countrys run for the people of a country thats the problem,im not going to go down the road of how i personally feel, there would not be enough room on the page.       perphaps i ought to have wrote were thinking of moving to normandy, any recommendations please of areas.
  3. my thoughts exactly,    i assume it could be something detrimental, troll means monster in my book.??????????????????.
  4. hello to everyone,                my partner and i,are looking at france to live,we have a house in bulgaria,in country side neighbours are wonderful,to get there is a nightmare at the moment, perphaps to quite for myself,my partner is keen on france for accessibility to england,france being a big country,what area would spring to your mind,if we said, not flat, trees near airport, shopsand quaint markets for myself,or i would turn to seed,my partner retireing this year,im not there just yet,both still very active minded, like quite a few people i imagine we just cant cope with what england is turning into,and feel very frustrated with situation its not going to change ,     i find the french attitude to immigration good,but we will be one of those immigrants how will we fare,?we are going to normandy in february for 4 days,on an organised trip to the d day beaches,was thinking of extending the stay if we could find B&b and have a nosey about, any thoughts on areas would be appreciated,  fishermen in the family,                                     regards    autum      
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