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  1. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="gosub"] Next year we may have to apply to the UK, for the renewal of our EHIC's. [/quote] Yes, but I believe that is only for E form holders, not CMUers like myself and maybe Sweet 17.  Could be wrong....  Same applies though, personally I never wait until I know I'm travelling, I just make sure I always have an in date CEAM/EHIC. [/quote] You are right, I should have made a distinction between E form holders, and those in CPAM.
  2. "Just a quick tip Sweets.  This will happen again next year so why not pop the expiry date of your new card in your diary a month in advance so you won't be tearing your hair out again over this?  You never know when you might make a quick trip to another EU country so why not always have an up do date EHIC regardless?" Next year we may have to apply to the UK, for the renewal of our EHIC's.
  3. [quote user="Dog"]You shouldn't have been able to buy a house with timber problems. Ask the notary for the guarantees of treatment. [/quote] Woodworm comes free with most older properties in France and there is no requirement for them to be treated before a sale.
  4. I would agree with Sue, our local notaires do not charge for this sort of advice.
  5. Check you house contents insurance, it should be covered.
  6. [quote user="Jez Caudle"]If you logout then login without the box ticked it will not log you in again automatically next time even when connected to the Livebox. Well it works for me anyway. ---- But I can't try it because I'm in the UK now :-( I'll have to send someone round to do it but they'll charge me €35 per hour for this. I did't have time to ring the help line today - something for tomorrows to-do list. Thanks every one for your help. I only joined the forum to try and get some help but I'll hang around and see if I can help others.[/quote] You can do it from the UK, go to the Orange "messagerie" Page and click the persons head with the X on it, if you hover over it, says something like "ne plus etre identifié comme xxxxxxxx"
  7. [quote user="AnOther"]OK peeps, here's the story. Had 'er indoors go to Orange.fr, she was logged automatically and saw NO 'persons head and shoulders with a X across it' as Quillan describes to log out, nor any other obvious option to do so. I, at exactly the same time, was logged in from my present location and did have it to log out with so it would appear that two different pages, if not sites or servers, are in play here. [/quote] You need to go to the Messagerie page, then click on the X, the next time you go to the Orange.fr page or  Messagerie you will not be recognised.
  8. [quote user="betty"]I am planning a long holiday and not knowing the ‘rules’ can anyone give advice or information please?   I am having difficulty finding out if La Poste offer a service to hold all mail at the post office. Has anyone used this service if in fact it does exist? (I have no address to divert mail to and no one that would empty my mail box).     Is it advisable to notify my local gendarmerie of my absence?   Does the house insurance company need to be notified?   Thank you. [/quote] It depends on how long you are planning to be away, but the services you require are available from La Poste for holding your mail. some info on the links below. Do alert the gendarmerie of your absence. http://reexpedition.laposte.fr/reel/aide/faq/theme8/stheme1.do http://reexpedition.laposte.fr/reel/aide/faq/theme7/stheme1.do
  9. You may get some info from this link. http://www.modele-lettre-type.com/recherche.php?recherche=resiliation&operateur=AND&debut=0
  10. "My friend tells me that the noise they make would seem very much louder than you could imagine these tiny creatures could make! Could the noise be made by rats lor sqirrels" It could be Fouines in the loft.
  11. "The only thing, which I am sure somebody can help with, is if it needs a twin LNB? Its got good reviews and as one reviewer said it works in SW France." It will work without a twin LNB/twin cable but it's limited, something to do with the channels being horizontal or vertical. However it can do more than record one whilst watching another.
  12. Your link seems to be broken. Try this one http://www.kent.police.uk/Advice/Travelling%20abroad/Reporting%20a%20crime%20in%20France/Reporting%20a%20crime%20in.html
  13. [quote user="Braco"]Are there any tool hire firms. We are looking to hire an airless spray pump.[/quote] edited:
  14. The seller pays VAT on the sale price, if sold within 5 years, you can deduct VAT paid for any major work that you have full invoices for, i.e. kitchen, terracing, pool, having the water, electricity and  road put in.
  15. I will have to get out more[geek] http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=290160
  16. I have had no problem using, Comodo free firewall & antivirus. http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/
  17. gosub

    Dutch E106

    You may find some info on this LINK
  18. Some info for you on this LINK
  19. [quote user="AnOther"]Talking of that it was only about 3 or 4 years ago that I took my daughters car for MOT but the rolling road brake testing equipment was out of order so the old inertia tester was dusted off and employed in the passenger footwell on a test drive. I can't really believe for a minute that it was officially sanctioned but it was that or they closed for the day and I got my MOT so did I care ! [/quote] Totally legal, MOT stations have to keep the old inertia system for brake tests (Tapley meter) or similar, just in case of a failure of the rolling road. They also have to have the meter calibrated, I believe every 2 years  used or not.
  20. In the days when the MOT tester had to take the vehicle on the road to do the brake test, he could fail the vehicle on the speedometer technically by refusing to take the vehicle on the road, because he would be breaking the law by doing so. He could not fail it on the legalities of the speedo itself, because as already mentioned, it's not in the manual.
  21. I don't know about the C5, but unexplained brake fluid loss with no obvious leaks in the rear wheel cylinders or brake callipers, was normally down to a small leak in the brake master cylinder,which was then sucked into the brake servo. Easily seen once the B.M.C. was removed. Whether this could happen on the modern type ABS brake system I don't know. Edit: Your mention of brake fluid put me on the wrong track for a moment, the C5 uses the same fluid for the brakes and suspension, so I guess the leak could have been in the suspension system. Hope not.
  22. "Jetlag may be a French resident, but their UK driving licence will, most likely, have an out-of-date UK address on it. " If he/she, is a French resident then the out of date UK address is of no concern.
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