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  1. 'You must always look after your extremities! To have an extra appendage is not good. It may make you even more deaf. Remember that salt water... '
  2. 'You can take the girl out of the countryside, but you can't take the countryside out of the girl.' For those who despair at my 'comfy ' clothes.
  3. "Talk accompanies work: work does not accompany talk. There is a differance." No wonder I was in trouble at school and when I worked. I always got the two mixed up. Happy days.    
  4. Well I've ben going through some bits and pieces that I found in the attic and  haven't found that edition yet. Mind you I've not seen his truncheon and handcuffs for some time either. I wonder where he hid them?
  5. Can recommend pineau (ice cold) and pistachios- Never failed to work
  6. Wow! Now I'm really scared. My computer is my lifeline to the rest of the world. Luckily my other half installed  'firefox' (what ever that means) and I've had no problems at all. My knowledge of all things mechanical is legendary. I knew a man who fixed things for me but.....
  7. Who could forget those immortal words " The lady's not for turning"  M. Thatcher. P.M.
  8. As a red head: REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD. Be afraid, very afraid!
  9. When it's pouring with rain again, the fosse has bunged up, and there has been yet another power cut, it has to be: 'Non, je ne regrette rien'  Michel Vaucaire (1904-1980)
  10. It's not just about money!!!!. My husband died 29/10/2007 (he was 55 and I was 53) and life is hard. I have no money worries-thank goodness- but it is the everyday things that get you down. Yesterday the lawn mower packed up. Today the hoover finally decided not to work. Thankfully the tractor is still working so I can mow the field. I have problems with the computer because the man who' fixed  it' is no longer around.  I have very good friends who would do anything to help, because he would always help them, but at the end of the day I have to sort out every day problems my self. It's very hard to do in a country where you are out of your comfort zone . I have decided to return to the U.K. where I will be in my 'comfort' zone, and try to rebuild a life for my self. I am so thankful that if nothing else that we were lucky enough to fulfill our dreams. For that I have many happy memories and no regrets.
  11. Saw him at The New  Inn  at Ashburton many moons ago. I remember he really had to work really hard that night.He was confronted by many stony- faced 'elderly' ladies. Us youngsters thought he was hilarious.
  12. Can't wait for the cabaret. Is Jethro here tonight.? I remember when I saw him before he was famous !!!
  13. Can I join? Mines a pineau de Charentes. Any chance of pistachio's as well?
  14.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE8lL3YTVpM  I have my 22 month  grandson staying with me and think I have broken my toe playing Footie . Any ideas what I can listen to in the bath later on to take the pain away.......Surgery  etc etc is not neccessary!!!1. 18.41.. Just realised the link hasn't worked. It was supposed to be Me and my Shadow'  Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes. No wonder I got no sympathy . C'est la Vie
  15. Her eyes glazed over and she licked her lips in anticipation. Then she frowned. What is the best sauce for roast goose?...........
  16. ....poor Yvette. She was only a peasant woman. Could she make the right decision?  Suddenly she had a thought, I know of some one who will help me, but ......
  17. M. le Moto sprang to mind. Here was a man who..........
  18. There will be a big 'pouff' and I  can not guarantee zee results.....
  19. Born and bred  near there but escaped 30 odd years ago. Am returning in the near future. May need to form an escape comittee after 6 months.
  20. now just john do you remember Acker  Bilk and also the Wurzuls who came from your neck of the woods?  If I was clever enough I could use You tube etc but I'm not. I'm sure you can enlighten others !!!!
  21. Many thanks Cooperlola, As I was recently widowed your efforts have bought me the time to decide my future. Many thanks for ALL you and your team's hard work. I only wish that I had the courage and determination that you have shown, God bless Brit girl
  22. I would hate to be a killjoy, but I have no faith in the A.L.D and the hope that it would allow you access to the french health system. I can only speak from personal experience, and appreciate that everyone's circumstances are differant My husband was issued with an A.L.D. from 20/04/2007 for a 'tumeur de rein droit'. This proved to be cancerous. I received the 'official kicking out letter' in November of last year. At that time I did not feel able to contest it,. It was dated the day he died and I received it the date he was cremated. . At the present moment I am no longer able to stay legally in France from the 31/03/2008, unless I am able to obtain Private Health Insurance.This is something that I am investigating, as I know that I have sufficient income from my husbands local authority pension (he was a policeman who served his full 30 years) At the end of the day I have to have trust in the system. and that the goalposts are not moved at a later date. In  spite of all this I am so thankful that we were able to follow our dreams.- however being a widow at 53 was not one of them. I can only re-iterate that for the very short time (20weeks) whilst he was treated he had the best care possible. I only hope that my experience is the exception to the rule. Brit girl
  23. Thanks again for the info. I'm also looking at the cost of private health (and travel) insurance with my bank. Hopefully by the end of February, I will be able to make a decision about my future. Brit girl.
  24. Thankyou Cooperlola for your prompt reply. I have one more question which I hope you can help me with. It is not personal, so may be of interest to others. I am returnig to live in the U.K. anyway. At the moment I don' t know when, as I have to sell my house first, and that could take some considerable time. Assuming that I'm not allowed to stay in the C.M.U. I could be back living in the U.K.  from April  and reregistering with them for health cover etc.and using this house as a holiday home, until it is sold.  I will naturally inform all relevant  French authorities of the change of use to the house. How long can I visit this house, without incurring the wrath of the French Authorites. I know that all bills for utilites and Habitation taxes etc have to be paid. I live in a fairly rural area so I know that it would be very easy for people to check on how often the house is being used Thank you Brit girl
  25. We were not entitled to E106 because my husband had not paid enough class1 contributions in the relevant qualifying period. The class 3 we paid did not count. We did not have E121. I am not eligible for my state retiremnt pension for another 10 years. We were affiliated to the CMU early last year, and had the 'new style' Carte Vitales with our photos on them. Hope that helps. Brit girl
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