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  1. 'Darling, c'est moi, Jon.' Colette's knees trembled. She remembered the twinkling blue eyes, etc etc.............[:$][:$] 'I know how we can be together, for ever' Colette's heart raced. 'All you have to do darling is to transfer a teensy weensy bit of cash to a bank account in the U.K  I'll transfer it back to you, when the time is right  and with the exchange rate as it is , we'll be able to live off the proceeds. There's no way it can fail. Trust me darling. You know I............ Colette shook the mobile in disgust. How dare it stop working. so much to think of, so much to do. The phone rang again. With trembling fingers Colette answered it...............      
  2. I had no problems cancelling utilities  etc when I returned to the U.K. In fact they were all very helpful, apart from 'ex-pat', who provided cheaper phone bills, when an internet alternative was not available. I genuinely forgot that there was a subscription to them. They took  95 euros from my bank account, because I had not notified them. They were not interested in my explanations for my oversight. Best to go through all accounts to make sure you haven't forgotten one.
  3. [quote user="sweet 17"] I'd deffo feel more insulted to be called a "lady". In the circles in which I moved, "lady" was applied to people in menial jobs such as a "lady cleaner":  it was a way of somehow elevating someone's status but of course it only sounded patronising. If "woman doctor", "woman engineer", "woman academic" is perfectly good, I'd feel mad as hell to be referred to as a "lady". [/quote] I suppose it's all down to the circles in which one moves. When phoning for an appointment with a GP, if I felt it was necessary, I would prefer to have a consultation with a 'lady' doctor rather than a 'woman' doctor.      
  4. Just as an aside, it may be a good idea to have a list of passwords etc so that is possible to access all accounts when ( if  ) it  becomes necessary. A computer is only as good as the info that you are able to give it.[geek]
  5. [quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="britgirl"] I take it this is arranged for the 31st June, when there will be a blue moon.[Www] [/quote] So, just for you, britgirl, we will include this item: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuCZDanw3aE&feature=related    [:P]  [/quote] Thanks sweet 17, but when there is a blue moon I'm cuddling my duvet and enjoying a cup of cocoa.  
  6. JJ I don't think you have your enterprising head on. For a small 'consideration' you have stalls selling food.[I] I happen to know that the bloke what runs my local chippy has a mate who has a second cousin twice removed  what does a very tasty andouillette fritter. He must be good 'cos he's at Heston services and has a cookery prog on the tele at the moment. Failing that I have a hand  written edition of Mrs Cropleys famous recipes and I'm sure I could make a sarnie or two.[+o(] As far as entertainment is concerned I'm afraid I have no skills what-so-ever. [:(] I take it this is arranged for the 31st June, when there will be a blue moon.[Www]
  7. [quote user="AnOther"]Entitlement to an E106 is dependent on having paid sufficient full class 1 NI contributions in the preceeding 2 full tax years. From memory this is a minimum of 42 weeks/pa but don't quote me. To put that in practical terms if say you packed up work today you would need a full NI record for the tax years 2007/8 and 2008/9 to qualify however the E106 you received would effectively have started on Jan 1st so would only last until Jan 2012 or 20 months. [/quote] As far as I know Class 3 (non/un employed ) contributions, will not count towards your E106, so there is no way of trying to 'beat the system' if you have given up work already. It really is a case of very careful planning. Bon Chance
  8. When I relocated back to the U.K. I had NO problems with my mail being redirected. I went to my local 'Poste'  and filled out all the forms, although I think it can be done online. As it was a year or two ago I can't remember what I paid, but all my mail for the next 6 months was forwarded promptly. There is the option of having it for 12 months. I seem to remember that when I was living in France, it took longer for  'snail mail 'to arrive from the U.K.  than it did for me to post  a letter from France.[:)]
  9. I travelled from Caen to Portsmouth on Saturday, and the ferry (Normandie)was very busy. If you were lucky you were able to find a seat, (the only comfy ones left were in the cinema). I almost felt sorry for the people who were preparing food as the queues for the self service cafe were non stop, and it wasn't much better for the restaurant.  The biggest problem was trying to get through all the people to get to the car decks at the end of the crossing, because foot passengers had congregated at the foot of the main staircase with all their luggage. B.F. need to review their disembarkation proceedures, as a lot of unnecessary tension could have been avoided.[:@] On the same day my daughter who travelled  from Portsmouth to Cherbourg on the 'fast cat' said her crossing was very quiet. With one nephew stranded in L.A.who has been told he could be there until the end of the month, and another somehere in Poland,who is trying to find his way back via trains etc I hope that they will be soon back in the U.K. Best of luck to all those who have to travel in an emergency.
  10. [quote user="suein56"][quote user="Dog"]My favourite sausages are leek sausages they cost much much less and have no disgusting animal fats.[/quote] Do you make these yourself? As a near-veggie I ask as I have only ever seen ready-made leek sausages for sale in the UK. [/quote] I used to make glamorgan sausages using leeks, cheese and fresh breadcrumbs. these were shaped rolled in flour. egg and dried breadcrumbs then cooked/fried. They were supposed to look like potatoe croquettes. Another favourite was to substitute mushrooms instead of meat for a strogonoff. BTW I still enjoy my meat and 2 veg, variety is the spice of life....
  11. Just John, I tend to prefer to listen to music rather than the radio when travelling. It became a 'tradition' to have Enya's Watermark playing every time we got off the ferry. Even now my children refer to it as the France music.
  12. I believe that Radio 6 could be axed. Back to R4
  13. [quote user="Chancer"] Actually there is another school of thought regarding (most) French buyers. The kitchen is that room which is expected to be totally bare but for a sink over a flimsy white 2 door melamine unit that will collapse if you open one of them, illuminated by an ampoule screwed into a brass douille hanging from a domino. [/quote] That rings a bell or two. The house we bought was less than 10 years old. When we completed, our kitchen was just as Chancer described. It did make it easier as we didn't have to empty cupboards when putting a new one in. When I sold it my French buyers were quite insistant that they wanted my U.K. range oven to remain. Another 'design' feature were the wall lights, ( in every room), which were electric cable with a knot and a light fitting.[blink]. Couldn't complain about that, because it was like it when we viewed the house. Best of luck with your move.  
  14. I don't think it will give you any comfort to know that similar things happen in the U.K. My sister bought a rail ticket via the internet, which gives the time/date of travel. Changing platforms, and being a bit flustered she unknowingly boarded a slightly earlier train to the West Country, stopping at all the same stations etc. When her ticket was checked she was told to either pay for the full fare (another £80), or get off at the next available station and wait for the right train. As money was tight she had no choice but to wait for the next train. What added insult to injury was the train was not busy. She has also put it down to experience, but has impressed on her student daughter to always double check train times.  
  15. Do you need to speed?  The roads are normally so quiet that you can enjoy the pleasure of being on two wheels. I rode pillion on my late husbands Yamaha Diversion 900 and the only time I ever felt uncomfortable was when there were adverse cambers on the road, and that was only because I was not aware of them.[:)] 
  16. Bugsy wrote " In eight years+ of living here I have yet to try the bath...."   Oh Dear!!  Do you have any friends? I'm a 'shower girl' but every so often in times of stress  the idea of relaxing in a bath is soooo appealing. When I was in France and  now  back in the the U.K. I've been lucky enough to have both a shower room and a traditional bathroom. As Bugsy has already said, you have to live in it, and only you can decide what YOU need. Off  for a 'bubbly!!' [:)]  
  17. UUMMMMMM      Where ever you can find a suitable position.[Www] [Www]
  18. P'raps he should get a medal for believing what he thinks is right.( In the middle of winter  I have to question his judgement.)  Any volunteers.....?[blink]
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryuSTj5ajIU Apologies ladies for the lyrics, but it makes me smile. [:D]  
  20. [quote user="Théière"][quote user="britgirl"] And men complain about women's sense of direction.............[Www] [/quote] At 3:26am Britgirl it's obviously been on your mind [;-)] Do you know where it is? [:D] [/quote]   [:$] [:$][:$]
  21. And men complain about women's sense of direction.............[Www]
  22. [quote user="sweet 17"]Yes, indeed, what is it about these pimply youths that mature women (who should know better) find so fascinating? Perhaps there is something about the age of 19 but I can't, for the life of me, think what is is?[/quote] I couldn't possibly comment [Www] except to say stamina and control spring to mind [;-)]
  23. JJ wrote "Some friends back from holiday in Cyprus said they'd been surprised how many retired police officers they'd met, worse, all of them seemed to drink themselves incapable. Just a thought . . " Bit of a sweeping statement based on hearsay.
  24. So sad that she died for vanity. All surgical procedures are potentially dangerous, maybe this will highlight the true cost of cosmetic surgery.    
  25. A short walk to the sea, (spent yesterday watching the storm and the waves crashing on the shore); between Chickerell and Preston[Www]  
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