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  1. Having being  born and bred  in Midsomer (Norton) I can confirm that the number of 'untimely' deaths is no worse than those in Oxford.[:P]
  2. Just came into my head.[Www] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZucJAkzCNq8&feature=related
  3. Yawn. Yet another thread seems to have been taken over by one upmanship and point scoring.[:(]
  4. [quote user="just john "] [quote user="Alan Zoff"]I trust, as a good Brit, John, that you wear your black socks with your sandals and white shorts. My kids say it's wrong.[/quote] What are friends for if not to help one another out?, a particularly unkind (but candid) friend of a friend took this snap of a very good friend of mine (I've known him for what seems like all my life) during one such moment, obviously your kids are not all wrong, only cherrypickers and cheesemongers wear white shorts, and bearing in mind this is last years model, but clearly black socks, shoes and shorts are a la mode pour le average brit whilst going about his daily business in the sun[8-|] [IMG]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh166/classic69_72/socks.jpg[/IMG] [/quote]   Crikey John, with  friends like that who needs enemies. I always imagined your 'friend' as having more sartorial elegence. Think a visit by Gok or Trinny and Susannah might be be something for your 'friend'to consider.[Www]   edit: forgot to say that all my socks shrink in the washing machine irrelevant of the temperature. Can't blame the tumble drier as I've never had one.
  5. How is the search going Wools?  The album Silverback Gorilla[:)] has a track which tells a similar story about touring and meeting different women but all he is really looking for is Good love, (thought of you when I saw the hat)[:D]
  6. [quote user="sweet 17"] Never been to Chinon, Britgirl.  Tell me, is Richelieu worth a look as well?  I've seen pictures of it and it intrigues me. [/quote] a few years ago now, but from memory, certainly worth a visit, not huge, village size but built like a town square, symmetrical, formal architecture, a sort of proper Poundsbury, didn't stay long, discovered it by chance on route from Chinon the previous day, had lunch there in the main square and moved on, I think there was a visitor/tourist centre which was closed for lunch!
  7. If you feel like snaking around on the route down, then a couple of places I've stayed at and felt that there wasn't enough time to discover all, were Chinon., and Angles-sur-l'anglin , terrain a bit up and down from memory but do-able and definitely worth the drive. No ultralight pics I'm afraid but I did once see one sticking out the back of a 2cv, looked like the 2cv was being propelled by a giant fan![:)]
  8. [:$]  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNHSIge21LM&feature=fvst  [:$]
  9. Just for you Wooly: this may help in your mission. Xx[:$] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG8cbZL44VM
  10. It's grey, cold and dismal, and I need cheering up.!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz2-ukrd2VQ&feature=related Well it makes me laugh.
  11. Sorry , but can't help being frivolous Ugly women are beautiful too As one who has always been 'less' than the ideal model girl [:-))]
  12. Not too sure if this is of any use, but I have just travelled from Southampton to Weymouth without any problems. It was bitterly cold (-4 to -6) and foggy in places. Safe journey.
  13. [quote user="sweet 17"]You mean Colette isn't going to fry the piranha from Tiranha?  I'm confused now.....what feesh then?[/quote]   Red herrings of course.[Www]
  14. S 17, At the risk of being 'non P.C' I'd find what a man-what-can. Watch what he does and you'll know for next time. No point in taking risks [8-)]
  15. In another thread (Poppy Protest)   [quote user="cooperlola"]   Personally, I have never found that a bunch of degrees and bits of paper ever made anybody necessarily cleverer, more inteligent, more sensitive to others or a greater humanitarian.  A person's true character is obvious from their achievements, their deeds and their words, not their qualifications. [/quote] I think for all those worried about being prevented from enjoying a university education, they shouldn't be, I agree with Cooper Lola, and add that the experience of U.o L. has been probably more entertaining.[:)] and a lot less expensive.  
  16. Collette was sat at her dressing table. For the last few days she and P-Y had totally relaxed on the Ile de Re. There had been no talk of work until now, the warm weather was very good, but Mama had always said that it was one's duty to look after ones' self. Idly she rubbed body lotion into her arms. Zut alors was there a sign of the dreaded Ailes de bingo. Surely not. P-Y was always a gentleman and was at this moment in the 'en-suite' bathroom attending to his toillette. He was talking away, and as always when work was mentioned, Collette tended not to listen. BUT wait what was that name 'Pont de Truit'? Where had she heard it before. Why was it familiar? She racked her brains. She suddenly remembered!! She shook with horror as she recalled when she and Jon had been together and he spoke of this ship.  What could this mean? P-Y entered the bedroom and saw his wife shiver as she looked at him in the mirror. Ahh, he thought tonight.........[:D]  
  17.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAH6Zt30n58 Would this help??
  18. As a woman should you answer the original question, or question the original answer? Is there no ending to this conundrum?[8-)]
  19. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="britgirl"] [quote user="woolybanana"]Why rain?[/quote]  Just keeping up with the current weather conditions.[Www] [/quote]What is the sentence for a non-interogative sentence?[/quote]   Oops, can you please send all answers on a postcard?
  20. [quote user="woolybanana"]Why rain?[/quote] Why not? Just keeping up with the current weather conditions.[Www]
  21. [quote user="Weedon"]Would you do that on my parade?[/quote]   What rain? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_g3kkGH8Mo[:)]
  22. Not too sure about this régime alimentaire, but I'm sure there will be no shortage of volunteers.[Www] http://uk.health.lifestyle.yahoo.net/eat-candy-lose-weight.htm
  23. 'Darling, c'est moi, Jon.' Colette's knees trembled. She remembered the twinkling blue eyes, etc etc.............[:$][:$] 'I know how we can be together, for ever' Colette's heart raced. 'All you have to do darling is to transfer a teensy weensy bit of cash to a bank account in the U.K  I'll transfer it back to you, when the time is right  and with the exchange rate as it is , we'll be able to live off the proceeds. There's no way it can fail. Trust me darling. You know I............ Colette shook the mobile in disgust. How dare it stop working. so much to think of, so much to do. The phone rang again. With trembling fingers Colette answered it...............      
  24. I had no problems cancelling utilities  etc when I returned to the U.K. In fact they were all very helpful, apart from 'ex-pat', who provided cheaper phone bills, when an internet alternative was not available. I genuinely forgot that there was a subscription to them. They took  95 euros from my bank account, because I had not notified them. They were not interested in my explanations for my oversight. Best to go through all accounts to make sure you haven't forgotten one.
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