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  1. Many, many thanks for your help.
  2. I am having a nightmare.For some reason I can't get to the section on Form 2047 where you declare interest on uk accounts. Any help please .
  3. From May 11, are two "over 70's "allowed to travel together in a car? Under the previous scheme, we always felt that it was only one, unless for example you were going for a Doctor's appointment, and your partner either could not drive, or was taking medication.
  4. Many thanks again for your help, I do appreciate the time you have taken. This is the action I will take. Stay healthy.
  5. Thank you Cajal for your comprehensive reply. The Loan was from a Bank, and the settlement was as follows: Refunds due £2185 Refund of interest on premiums paid at contractual rate£1869 Interest at 8% £3533 Total redress ££7588 less Basic rate tax £706 Final cash payment £6882
  6. I have been lucky to receive a payment in respect of a miss selling of insurance on a car loan. The company have paid the sum of £706 basic tax on the settlement figure. I normally receive interest gross on the little interest I get from my UK accounts. How do I fare with my French tax return? Is there a way of claiming it back, or does it come under double taxation?
  7. See below British Embassy Paris 19 hrs · One of the questions at our first meeting in Perigueux was about the recently launched online portal for residency applications post-Brexit in a no deal scenario for UK nationals and their families. The portal is accessible from the French government’s Brexit website here: http://bit.ly/2MjqfAM. A fee of 119 euros for the first application will be payable at a later date. If you are a UK national living in France at exit day, and intending to remain, you must make a new residency application through this portal. There will be a 12 month grace period during which your existing residency and related rights will be maintained, but you will need to apply for your new card within 6 months of any no deal Brexit, even if you already have a carte de sejour. The site is getting good early feedback and is simple and easy to use, but make sure you have your documents ready to upload before starting the process as you cannot save and come back to your application. Once you submit your application, you will receive confirmation by email and you will later be contacted by the prefecture for an appointment. This appointment is to provide your fingerprints, a photo and your proof of payment. After this your residence permit will be posted to your home address. Bear in mind that applications will not begin to be processed until after exit day, meaning there is no immediate rush to apply.
  8. Interesting article: https://britorbot.org/2019/03/22/revoke-article-50-petition/
  9. Jazzer


    I came across this https://www.marilynztomlins.com/articles/cost-of-dying-in-france/
  10. Jazzer


    Same day , next day on occasion.Great doctor, and my wife says she feels better as soon as starts talking!
  11. Good cheeses available in France- have to be quick as he is retiring at the end of the year. http://www.cestcheese.fr/cheeses.php
  12. Bought a small bungalow in 1998 for retirement but returned to work for a further 7 years. Rented that property out, and on final retirement in Jan 2006 bought 2 nd house and have lived here permanently since then. I have made 2 return trips for family funerals, and at the moment have no desire to return.
  13. Coma across this https://www.delidrinks.com/167_gingeur.
  14. Amazing sight. Thought we were going to miss it, but suddenly the clouds disappeared, could see 3 stars and then the moon! incredible-different shades of intensity, lasted about a hour and then back to normal. One of those occasions when I am sorry not to have a decent camera.
  15. Slight pixilation here, but have no BBC 1 or 2.
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