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  1. Oooooh yes ! Cue one large capital gains tax bill. Some may say foolish, others ................
  2. Yes, thanks Will. That makes sense, just wanted to be sure I hadn't missed something somewhere. I'll get my accountant to check it out when the full details are released. I'm hoping my income will not be so low as to be outside the tax bands anyway !
  3. Well hallelujah ! Well done Quillan, adding French to my IE7 languages did the trick, I can now view all items on eBay France without any 'get-arounds'. Thanks for sticking with it ! [:D]
  4. I'm hoping some of you with better French than I can help with a point that's puzzling me about the new auto-entrepreneur scheme. If, as it appears to say, the 23% rate (for service businesses) includes cotisations AND tax how does this take account of the sliding tax scales. If my earnings are so low that I would be paying no tax surely I'm being penalised ? And if I have other income is the whole of my tax banding available for this or is some of it taken up by auto-entrepreneur earnings ? I am planning to find an accountant to advise on a business venture next year but it would be helpful to have some knowledge of this scheme under my belt and I just can't get this straight in my head. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have the same issues, as yet unresolved. Near us we drive on a main road to the next village then make a right turn to the following village - all very simple you would think. But Garmin takes us off the main road about 10 metres before the junction, around the back about 4 houses which sit on the junction (down narrow alleys) and then back on the road about 10 metres down the right turn ! Takes about 2 mins longer to negotiate the alleys and may save 2 metres in distance. Madness. I've tried changing settings but it still happens and I have the latest downloads.
  6. [quote user="Ron Avery"]But through which EBay do you view your Ebay stuff?  What is your my Ebay in, French or English?  If you use Ebay France exclusively then there really is a problem and no point in signing over to EBay France.[/quote] I view through eBay France Ron and it's all in French. I too thought this would resolve the issue but it didn't.
  7. Changing the Windows location didn't work for me Quillan and I tried a reboot too just in case. I'm on XP Home. And Ron, I've joined eBay France with completely new registration details and logon. That didn't help either ! The only solution that does the trick that I can find is Krusty's proxy server in Germany. Even the other proxy locations on that service didn't work, just the German one. I just can't fathom the purpose of this. Even in the UK car sales on eBay are exempt from the requirement to accept PayPal so why block any users from seeing items ? As WB has said it seems to have arisen following the case in France against eBay for allowing counterfeit goods to be sold on it's site. But counterfeit Skodas ?? I think this must be a side effect of some clever tricks gone wrong at eBay. Hopefully they'll sort it soon.
  8. Here's one I can't see without using Krusty's proxy server service. http://cgi.ebay.fr/AUDI-A3-TDI-130-CV-QUATTRO-AMBITION-LUXE-2002_W0QQitemZ230281831941QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item230281831941&_trkparms=39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A7%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  9. When I did it Russethouse I clicked on the eBay link that gives the message, then copied that link from the address bar of my browser and pasted it into the anonimizer URL window. Click Germany and press Go. Sorry that still sounds a bit jargony - hope it makes sense.
  10. Thanks Krusty. That works ! Great link, I didn't realise it would be so simple, thought it was a proxy service like the one I paid (a small amount) for. So it's not a cookie problem but linked to ISP location. Wonder why Germany works but not UK or France or any other far-flung places ? Do I care ! I can now look at the campervans we can't afford !! [:D]
  11. I checked all this Ron and I seem to be 100% French as far as eBay France are concerned. No trace of any UK details anywhere. However, as I said, I did have a UK registration on this PC before so perhaps some cookie-type file is still lurking somewhere. But Quillan deleted all cookies and that didn't work [6] Krusty's idea may be valid. Unfortunately I don't have a German  proxy so can't try it. The closest I have is Swiss which doesn't work but maybe because it's not EU. Can't believe it's so hard ! I wouldn't be impressed if I was selling and a large part of my target couldn't see the details of my item !!
  12. I got all excited then Ron. Opened Firefox and tried the link expecting great things but still got the same message [:(]
  13. I did wonder initially if eBay Uk had dumped something on my PC which blocked non-PayPal items. This could be because UK now insist sellers offer PayPal. Perhaps clearing cookies will do it ?!
  14. I get the same as Russethouse plus a strange look from my OH when she saw I was searching for Skodas ! [:D]
  15. Thanks Ron. I'm doing exactly that. Log in to www.ebay.fr and I even have a separate login name on that site (different from my UK login). I can see the list of cars etc but when I click on an individual car to see it's details I get the aforesaid error message. But when I view say, a camera, which takes PayPal I can see it (but not a camera which doesn't accept PayPal !). Really puzzling that it works for some but not others.
  16. I don't think it's linked to any of Ron's suggestions. In my case I was looking at campervans from a PC in France, the items were in France and all were for collection only i.e. no postage. All my searches were related to France (in fact sorted by distance from my postcode). None of them were viewable beyond the initital list. However, when I switched to cameras I could view those with the PayPal 'P' symbol next to the listing but not those without it. So I conclude the problem is linked to the seller offering PayPal. But I still don't know the solution [:(]
  17. I've also tried it through a proxy server in various countries (European, UK, USA and Canada) with the same result. It seems to be something locked in to my PC rather than the route into the site but I can't figure it out, especially as Ernie is OK. Perhaps the high seas have an exemption ??
  18. Ernie, all motor vehicles on eBay France are unviewable for me, presumably because you can't pay for an expensive car by PayPal.
  19. Yes from France and with an eBay France registration (although the same PC has a UK eBay registration, but logged out of the UK site at the time of accessing eBay France).
  20. For some time I've been struggling to understand why I can view some items on eBay France but not others. After a lot of research I've found it seems to relate to eBay UK's decision to not allow listings which don't accept PayPal (if that isn't too many negatives !). The result is that I cannot view French items which don't accept PayPal - they appear on the list of items but when I click on the detail link it says Cher membre, Malheureusement, l'accès à cet objet a été bloqué en raison de restrictions légales en vigueur dans certains pays. Conformément à ces restrictions, nous nous efforçons de bloquer l'affichage des objets concernés. Nous regrettons de vous informer que pour des raisons techniques, certaines annonces ne rentrant pas dans le cadre de ces restrictions peuvent ne pas être accessibles aux utilisateurs. Nous vous prions d'accepter nos excuses pour tout désagrément et nous espérons que vous trouverez d'autres objets intéressants sur eBay. Merci. Does anyone have any idea if this can be resolved ? It seems PayPal is less widely accepted here than in UK and of course rarely for motor vehicles.
  21. Can't help with the pie but my OH makes lemon meringue ice cream - best of both worlds and lovely jubbly [:)]
  22. ...and with exchange rates at 1.28 that's under a pound a litre. We'll soon be buying shoes for the bairns again [:D]
  23. As a further complication ! We have no trouble with power cuts but for no reason our VOIP line from FT has just stopped working. They seem unable to resolve the problem but we're glad we have the landline. Sorry ......[:D]
  24. Hi Sharkster, not sure if it's connected but my VOIP phone (Orange) stopped working last week and despite a number of suggestions and actions by Orange is still down. Internet seems OK. When I access info systeme < VOIP on my livebox configuration it says etat ToIP - error. I've no idea what this means but it doesn't look promising ![:'(]
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