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  1. Just a thought as I prepare to resubmit, does anyone know if it is possible to re-initiate the original application in any way or do I need to get the dictionary out and start all over again ? I appreciate that as no-one has been able to try yet the answer will probably be 'no idea' but thought I'd ask anyway !
  2. Thanks for the timely update Peter, I'll try again tomorrow and let everyone know how I get on.
  3. Thanks for the update chaps. We'll sit it out a bit longer then.
  4. Has anyone heard any more about the inability of professions to register under AE ? I filed a dossier online for OH on 7 Jan which was rejected because of this hiccup and I understood it was to be sorted in Feb. But we've heard no more and the AE site doesn't appear to refer to it.
  5. Much amused by this thread. Anyone expecting haute cuisine in a Wetherspoons is deluded but I was in one in Newton Abbot in Devon last night. Had a perfectly good sirloin steak cooked to my choice with chips and fresh salad and a pint of Pedigree - all for £5.69. The clientele were pleasant, not stockbroker belt material thank god but honest working people. It was a nice night out and very cheap. There was a 99p pint on - I didn't have it but it wasn't a fizzy 'Worthington' type, it was a decent ale. I've been in rough pubs all over and they're not restricted to chains. It just depends who is attracted from the local area. There's another Wetherspoons in Exeter near the Uni and it attracts students unsuprisingly. A different experience altogether but you know what you're getting as soon as you open the door.[:)]
  6. Always ate mine in UK. Just like winter greens really. Haven't got the potager sorted here yet, it's a project for this Spring and I've joined growveg.com to do my planning online and get some tips.
  7. Given the current cult of the worthless celebrity I'm happy for this pilot to be a hero. He'd be mine if I'd been pulled off the wing of that plane ! He may have been trained to make that landing but I've no doubt that if he made just a slight misjudgement then a number of people would have died. But he didn't, he kept calm and focussed in the face of a possible horrible death. Hero does it for me, may there be more Chesley Sullenberger's on the front pages and less Tara Palmer Wasteofspace's. [:)]
  8. Well done Val, fantastic savings. I had been about to buy 15kg Iams for 79.99 euros but got 20kg for £51.34 delivered on zooplus. [:D]
  9. Many thanks for keeping us up to speed Peter. My OH's application has been rejected due to this 'difficulty' over professions liberalles. I would say you couldn't make it up but of course you knew exactly what would happen ! Your posts are always authoritative and I'm sure many of us are very grateful for your tracking of this saga.
  10. Does any one have experience of children travelling on Ryanair ? My two aged 16 and 13 are due to fly out on 29th December, Bristol to Bergerac. Having booked their tickets I've just noticed the Ryanair site says they will not carry under 14's unless accompanied by an over 16. Will they accept a 16 year old ? They have been doing this for some time on Flybe so I didn't imagine it would be a problem. Does anyone have any experience of this in practice i.e. how strict are they and if my children do online checkin how do Ryanair know their ages ? Thanks.
  11. Having just passed the big 50 this year I may be experiencing the start of the downward slope to dribbling or perhaps it is something others can speculate about ..... I've started hearing the Hum. This apparantly widespread phenomenon has been driving me nuts of late. It is described here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum, thanks to wiki. Before I started googling it I was following the common pattern of turning the house upside down, switching off power, searching the neighbourhood and wrapping my head in blankets. The low frequency humming sound is clearest at night and when inside the house. It seems to have no discernable location or cause but it is persistent and once your mind focusses on it the distraction can cause sleepless nights. It is said not to be tinnitus which I am told manifests in a different way and although I am open to the idea that it could be, in my case it just doesn't 'feel' like an internal problem. When I work away in UK I never hear it, indeed on recent trips I have actively tried to focus on trying to hear it with no luck. It seems to be 'loudest' in winter and although heard when outside it is clearest indoors. I have ruled out all obvious causes - we are in a quiet country location with no roads, machinery, power lines etc. close by. As the sound is constant (for me a bit like someone blowing across the top of a bottle but for hours without taking a breath) I don't think it can be wind related as this would come and go. Last night I finally slept to the music of Bach Cello concertos - very nice and exactly the right frequency to cover it - but I don't know how long OH can put up with that ! If it continues I will try the doc but like I said I don't think it's me ! Has anyone else come across this or have any ideas for a solution ? I did read one website that suggested sleeping outside so I'll rule that one out now.
  12. You probably need to press the button on the back of the livebox that pings for connectable devices. Until your laptop picks up this signal it won't be authorised. But then again just chuck it straight in the bin like most people seem to end up doing and get a proper wireless router !
  13. ....should I ? Moral dilemma now ... perhaps just , no problem Clair, you're welcome
  14. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="greyman"]...I suspect often it's just the lack of a 'track my posts' facility. Or is there such a thing ?[/quote] You can track all the threads you've posted to by going to My Forums (top left of main forum page). [/quote] Thank you Clair (nearly forgot !). It's been subtly explained to me now by Rose.
  15. I've just returned from a week away and seeing this I started racking my brain to recall if I could be guilty. I've forgotten what I was posting before I went and can imagine how easy it could be to forget about something you asked, particularly if you raised it on a few forums (fora ?). If done carelessly I think it is rude not to reply but I suspect often it's just the lack of a 'track my posts' facility. Or is there such a thing ?
  16. I had this and couldn't understand why it wouldn't work. I eventually sussed that I was stupidly entering my connection password rather than my messagerie password. I'm sure that won't apply to you but maybe worth checking ?
  17. We took our 2 cats on the BF fast ferry last year and they slept all the way through, in a travel box each. No trouble at all. Fed and watered them at the other side but they weren't really interested, just wanted to sleep.
  18. [quote user="Bugbear"]He sold the family silver (gold reserves actually). [/quote] ...and stole my family silver i.e. all the tax credits from my pension scheme. The biggest robbery of all time and virtually unnoticed by the public.
  19. Please don't rely on an insurance company to keep you straight. Of course they won't ask any questions when you give them a cheque ! It's what they do when you make a claim that counts. If you aren't legal they won't pay out.
  20. Am I right in thinking that it is 16% tax + 11% contributions, so 27% in total. That could amount to a five figure sum, not a small price if it could easily be avoided by complying with the rules.
  21. I definitely had one filter, no more. It all came in a box (in the attic !) but I think I recall a list of contents at the front of the instruction book. Worth a look if you still have it ?
  22. [quote user="sweet 17"] Once they decided to sell up and "go home" they filled in a tax form and then sold their houses.  [/quote] I think what may have happened here Sweet is that your friends of friends in fact regularised their position before selling, by filling in a tax form. They then became eligible for the exemption on their main home, assuming they were French residents, so hence no tax. This may be a less stressful way to not pay the tax than wait for the Notaire to ask the question !
  23. The damage will depend on how much 'profit' they make over and above the purchase price. I'm no expert but my gut feeling would be that they should jump in their car first thing Monday morning and come clean to the taxman in the hope of at least getting registered for 2007 income. Do you think they would have any French tax liability that they have avoided or is it all taxed at source in UK and they just assumed they didn't need to declare it here (erroneously) ?
  24. If you're not sure P&P I think they need instructions on how to buy them. Perhaps something displayed prominently at the entrance to every shop selling them .......
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