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  1. Changing the Windows location didn't work for me Quillan and I tried a reboot too just in case. I'm on XP Home.

    And Ron, I've joined eBay France with completely new registration details and logon. That didn't help either !

    The only solution that does the trick that I can find is Krusty's proxy server in Germany. Even the other proxy locations on that service didn't work, just the German one.

    I just can't fathom the purpose of this. Even in the UK car sales on eBay are exempt from the requirement to accept PayPal so why block any users from seeing items ? As WB has said it seems to have arisen following the case in France against eBay for allowing counterfeit goods to be sold on it's site. But counterfeit Skodas ?? I think this must be a side effect of some clever tricks gone wrong at eBay. Hopefully they'll sort it soon.

  2. I checked all this Ron and I seem to be 100% French as far as eBay France are concerned. No trace of any UK details anywhere. However, as I said, I did have a UK registration on this PC before so perhaps some cookie-type file is still lurking somewhere. But Quillan deleted all cookies and that didn't work [6]

    Krusty's idea may be valid. Unfortunately I don't have a German  proxy so can't try it. The closest I have is Swiss which doesn't work but maybe because it's not EU.

    Can't believe it's so hard ! I wouldn't be impressed if I was selling and a large part of my target couldn't see the details of my item !!

  3. Thanks Ron. I'm doing exactly that. Log in to www.ebay.fr and I even have a separate login name on that site (different from my UK login). I can see the list of cars etc but when I click on an individual car to see it's details I get the aforesaid error message. But when I view say, a camera, which takes PayPal I can see it (but not a camera which doesn't accept PayPal !).

    Really puzzling that it works for some but not others.

  4. I don't think it's linked to any of Ron's suggestions. In my case I was looking at campervans from a PC in France, the items were in France and all were for collection only i.e. no postage. All my searches were related to France (in fact sorted by distance from my postcode). None of them were viewable beyond the initital list.

    However, when I switched to cameras I could view those with the PayPal 'P' symbol next to the listing but not those without it.

    So I conclude the problem is linked to the seller offering PayPal. But I still don't know the solution [:(]

  5. For some time I've been struggling to understand why I can view some items on eBay France but not others. After a lot of research I've found it seems to relate to eBay UK's decision to not allow listings which don't accept PayPal (if that isn't too many negatives !). The result is that I cannot view French items which don't accept PayPal - they appear on the list of items but when I click on the detail link it says

    Cher membre,

    Malheureusement, l'accès à cet objet a été bloqué en raison de restrictions légales en vigueur dans certains pays. Conformément à ces restrictions, nous nous efforçons de bloquer l'affichage des objets concernés. Nous regrettons de vous informer que pour des raisons techniques, certaines annonces ne rentrant pas dans le cadre de ces restrictions peuvent ne pas être accessibles aux utilisateurs. Nous vous prions d'accepter nos excuses pour tout désagrément et nous espérons que vous trouverez d'autres objets intéressants sur eBay.


    Does anyone have any idea if this can be resolved ? It seems PayPal is less widely accepted here than in UK and of course rarely for motor vehicles.

  6. You should bear in mind, Joidevie, that if you remove your friends Livebox she will lose any free (illimite) service for phone calls.

    When my brother visited recently he just connected to our livebox network, was asked for the security password, and then connected easily. He could download his emails but couldn't send through his smtp account (but then you couldn't with the router anyway).

  7. I never cease to be amazed by the stress some seem to suffer from the process of flying. I fly back to UK once a month, usually with FlyBe who are very good if a little pricey relative to the other low-costers. But still a steal in my opinion. However my last trip was RyanAir. Cost €16 all in for a return ticket. I only take hand luggage so printed an online check-in/priority boarding pass 4 days before I left. On arrival at Bergerac airport I was whisked out of the queue by a RyanAir hostess and fed me through security in super-quick time. After waiting in the departure lounge for 50 minutes they called forward all priority boarders. We both stood up and in no time I had strolled up the steps and chosen my seat. Loads of room for a six-footer. The crew were very pleasant and efficient.

    We landed at Bristol half an hour early and I was in my car before I was due to land.

    The return flight was much the same albeit a bit busier but certainly no trouble. I managed to read in peace and get in a short doze during the 75 minute flights.

    Would I drive ? Guess !! [:)] Would I pay €5 for priority boarding. You bet.

  8. Pads, I was amused by your 'ticker' so logged on to www.tickerfactory.com to see if they would do one for the installation of our new fosse (cunningly scheduled for Mrs Greyman's birthday, hence saving the need for another embarrassingly useless gift !!). However I now seem to have become the proud owner of an Ovulation Calendar.

    Could I have a kir while I consider appropriate uses for this device ??? [:-))]

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