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  1. Can't help with the pie but my OH makes lemon meringue ice cream - best of both worlds and lovely jubbly [:)]
  2. As a further complication ! We have no trouble with power cuts but for no reason our VOIP line from FT has just stopped working. They seem unable to resolve the problem but we're glad we have the landline. Sorry ......[:D]
  3. Hi Sharkster, not sure if it's connected but my VOIP phone (Orange) stopped working last week and despite a number of suggestions and actions by Orange is still down. Internet seems OK. When I access info systeme < VOIP on my livebox configuration it says etat ToIP - error. I've no idea what this means but it doesn't look promising ![:'(]
  4. You should bear in mind, Joidevie, that if you remove your friends Livebox she will lose any free (illimite) service for phone calls. When my brother visited recently he just connected to our livebox network, was asked for the security password, and then connected easily. He could download his emails but couldn't send through his smtp account (but then you couldn't with the router anyway).
  5. I have used a program called ISObuster (freeware) which unpacks the contents of the ISO image onto CD. I presume you could then use DOS to run the setup.exe file which will (?) be one of the files on the CD. Can't remember where I found the program but it should be google-able.
  6. I never cease to be amazed by the stress some seem to suffer from the process of flying. I fly back to UK once a month, usually with FlyBe who are very good if a little pricey relative to the other low-costers. But still a steal in my opinion. However my last trip was RyanAir. Cost €16 all in for a return ticket. I only take hand luggage so printed an online check-in/priority boarding pass 4 days before I left. On arrival at Bergerac airport I was whisked out of the queue by a RyanAir hostess and fed me through security in super-quick time. After waiting in the departure lounge for 50 minutes they called forward all priority boarders. We both stood up and in no time I had strolled up the steps and chosen my seat. Loads of room for a six-footer. The crew were very pleasant and efficient. We landed at Bristol half an hour early and I was in my car before I was due to land. The return flight was much the same albeit a bit busier but certainly no trouble. I managed to read in peace and get in a short doze during the 75 minute flights. Would I drive ? Guess !! [:)] Would I pay €5 for priority boarding. You bet.
  7. Pads, I was amused by your 'ticker' so logged on to www.tickerfactory.com to see if they would do one for the installation of our new fosse (cunningly scheduled for Mrs Greyman's birthday, hence saving the need for another embarrassingly useless gift !!). However I now seem to have become the proud owner of an Ovulation Calendar. Could I have a kir while I consider appropriate uses for this device ??? [:-))]
  8. Thanks Lisleoise, I'll drop in on my next trip to Leroys.
  9. I'm looking for a framer, preferably near Perigueux, to frame a couple of newly acquired prints. Anyone got a recommendation ? Thanks
  10. Thanks, my English Rose. Here's one for you too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAEGapfVMXI   ...and also for all Dads and their boys, especially my two - one in France one in England http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oXoAF_rBgR8
  11. Oh dear what a plonker, Rodney. He probably hasn't got any new English friends because they are avoiding him and his new French friends are sticking around because they are amused by his Franglais. When we made our last move in Devon we didn't spend all our time agonising about integrating, only went to a few village events, were only on nodding terms with our neighbours, made a few friends through my son's school and struggled with some of the local accents. Exactly the same as here. Our old friends still used to come to visit, we ate the same food as before and were quite happy to watch the same old soaps on TV. We had some new and delightful experiences, met some nice people and the ladies in the local shop always smiled when we called in to buy our bread and sweets. Exactly the same as here. We were part of the village without having to shout about it or live our lives demonstrating how important we were. We were happy and so were our neighbours. Can't say there's been much difference in fitting into our new home apart from learning a new language and despite our ropey French that's not been a big issue. We've felt very at home from the beginning as we did when moving to our last English home. [:)]
  12. Well not quite true Grecian. If they are fit for work they can get a job ![Www]
  13. No contradiction. It's called democracy, you don't always get what you want (Tony Blair, Gordon Brown !!) but the majority do (in theory). I don't like some of the manefestations of the free market but I like the alternatives even less. I do agree about the wine though. Interesting discussion but it's time is up. Time to open a bottle and check Mr O'Leary's latest offers.[B]
  14. I think it may be along the lines of moins quart....as in m'wan kar [:$]. Try saying that quickly. Similar to moins cuire as said to my OH at a market when buying bread with a slightly paler crust.
  15. That's a very good point but unfortunately it's down to the free market. These people all had the same opportunity that we have, they just chose to sell their souls to the trashy media or Sky Sports when we wouldn't ever want to do so, but where does the money come from ? The great unwashed of course. These people so many of us appear to loath earn their mega-bucks from us and they saw the opportunity to do that and took it. Most of them have played within the system it's just that we (me included) don't put any real value on what they do. But society as a whole obviously does. It's within our power to change this but I don't see it happening in a hurry. We could stop buying the Sun and donate the cost to a nurse - there's no law against it. Or we could vote for a party who promise to raise taxes on the 'celebrity' wasters. It just won't come to be in the real world. Equally Ryanair can continue to be slated for poor service, ripoff prices and arrogant PR but as long a Joe Public fly with them they'll keep making a profit. They are obviously providing what's wanted.
  16. You're right on both scores Coops, so long since I've pulled out the 60s collections and my memory isn't what it was. Still great though. I seemed to have got diverted down ths line trying to link arguments against a successful Ryanair with other earlier arguments on the thread against successful early retirees, so a very tenuous hold still ..... I think ![:)]
  17. yes I know that Artsole. So the regime is wrong and needs to be changed but Scooby was complaining that the guy had unfairly profited from his criminal dealings and if he(she) feels so strongly then that's the best action. I believe if a system is wrong it needs to be changed not turn a blind eye to everyone bending it. It may take for ever but you can't complain about the unfair results it creates on one hand but condone the behaviour on the other. I have to come clean about the pic. It's the king of cool Steve McQueen from the sixties so more than 20 years old and it never did bear a resemblence. Maybe after he'd finished the egg eating stunt in Cool Hand Luke........[+o(]
  18. Hi Scooby. I can see on the face of it this supports your argument. However I wasn't talking about those with criminal gains, there's a simple solution to this - report the older brother to the police/fraud squad/his professional insitute. You have a responsibility here. His story is by far and away a minority and doesn't give others the right to denigrate those who have done well for themselves. Equally a poor start in life isn't a reason for not achieving. It's a tragedy that not everyone gets a good grounding or support in their early years. But it is possible to go on and do well. My father was born in the poorest of the poorest of the slums of Nottingham to deaf and dumb parents. He was never rich but he has acheived great things in my view and has a happy retirement now all from his own graft. He never had to take a penny. He was lucky he had good health and I for one would never begrudge a penny to anyone who needed help. There are winners and losers in life as in business. It just seems that the winners often get knocked just for being winners and it's not a bad thing to do well. Lets cheer the winners for once.
  19. I think Andy's rant (well said that man !) is related to the Ryanair thread, in that plenty of people seem to hate Ryanair because they are single-midedly pursuing a successful business model sometimes at the expense of what the moaners think Ryanair should do for them. A bit like those who have been successful in life and then selfishly want to retire while the uninspired still do 9-5 for peanuts. Tough on both counts. Ryanair aren't a public service body they are a business and will pursue the policies that they believe will give them the best profit. If you don't like what they do then go somewhere else.  Why do so many people think they are owed a favour by life. It seems to be the driving force of the UK - too many takers not enough givers. Ryanair have changed the way we live HURRAY for them I say.
  20. Yes miss, I'll do it right now miss. And I don't peep, I'm allowed to look just to make sure she isn't saying anything rude about me.....doesn't work though [:'(]
  21. Hey, don't encourage her Pads. I expect at least a couple more hours yet [6]
  22. It's alright, I've sorted him out. I told him when he's a big boy I'll buy him an orange hat and a big gun and he can go out and shoot the horrible mice. He's happy now. [:D]
  23. Twinkle, I've just had to strap the boy to his bed and put gin in hs bedtime milk 'cos he thinks the souris will be crawling over his face tonight. I think he's traumatised for life. Don't tell me Santa's sleigh's pulled by howling wolves in France [:'(]
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