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  1. Hi all, Rose is in UK at present earning my beer money. The boilers are now gone to the first taker, who as I write is toiling back to the Limousin at 20kph with 2 tons of iron in the back of his van. Thanks for taking them and I hope your trip home went well and your back copes with the unloading ! [B]
  2. well max, what a bitter reply. Perhaps the inacifs affected worked 24/7 when they were younger to build up a retirement fund in their business or they may have invested all their spare cash in an early retirement fund. My understanding is that they have been excluded from contributing to CMU. They may only contribute based on a small early retirement income but that is no different to someone contributing to the state based on a low paid part time job. I don't think any of these people want something for nothing, just to be allowed to contribute. Maybe the people who crow the loudest about the plight of these people are the ones who used to bunk off school and now find they are working themselves into the ground until 65. That won't be me !! [:D]
  3. Thanks Andy, spot on link but the 'shopping basket' times out after about 2 secs. I can't type that fast !! I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. I'm trying to find out how to get tickets for the Brive vs Newcastle ERC match on Friday night. The ERC Rugby site says tickets only available from the club but the link to the Brive website doesn't work and Google doesn't find it ! I've not attended a match at Brive so don't know if it's worth just heading off for 100 km on the offchance or whether a match such as this on a Friday night may be a sell-out. Any advice ? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, We moved to Dordogne in August and now we've settled in we would like to spend a few days in the snow (hopefully !) in February half term. The Auvergne region is within an easy drive and seems a good location but I don't know the area at all. Any ideas from locals where we could base ourselves ? We're not skiers (although my 9 year old fancies a go) but we love to 'play' in the snow, maybe tobagganning, walking etc.   Any advice welcome. Thanks.[B]
  6. Jon, You asked about PEOPLE LIKE FLY. So Clair gave you the previously posted info. about the sales in your Dept for all the PEOPLE LIKE FLY. You had clearly missed it before so she helped you out. Seems simple to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Does anyone have any experience of fitting Electric underfloor heating particularly in 24 ? We are upgrading the ground floor of our sous-sol with limited head height and this seems the best option. I'm not a fan of wet CH heating systems or lining the pockets of the sheikhs so electric seems a good solution, and we not a hot-house family so I'd rather pay a little extra for a neat solution. Any experiences would be useful. Thanks
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