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  1. Sounds a great idea Ian. I can't see it's possible with kids in the country (are you in a city ?) but we did downsize from 2 to one car a year ago and it works fine. I can't envisage life without it altogether but we do TRY to avoid using it if at all possible. We walk to school, to many strange looks from other parents and plan to kit orselves out with new bikes soon. We even see some parents from our village driving about 200m from their house to the school gates. If you do it you must keep us all informed of progress.
  2. Yes miss, I'll do it right now miss. And I don't peep, I'm allowed to look just to make sure she isn't saying anything rude about me.....doesn't work though [:'(]
  3. Hey, don't encourage her Pads. I expect at least a couple more hours yet [6]
  4. Nicky, I wouldn't recommend flying at all. It's not a pleasant experience for cats and if they are sedated it can result in a fatality. We moved last August with 2 cats and we drove down. We left home in Devon at about 5am, both cats in separate travel boxes in the boot, but next to each other so they could communicate. They had blankets to lie on. We took litter tray, litter, water and dry food (what they were used to). Initially there was a lot of mewling, but they soon quietened down. We left them in the boxes in the car for the Fast Ferry crossing. No problems. On arrival in Cherbourg we dropped one of the rear seats and let them out to roam (in the car !), drink, eat or do the necessary. They crawled all over the car but showed no interest in anything else, so we put them back and set off. After about 4 hours we stopped in a service station and repeated the exercise. Still no interest, so we set off again. By now the weather was appalling and time was dragging - we had to meet our removal lorry - so we decided to press on. They were now totally silent and appeared to be asleep. I eventually got so concerned I stopped again but they were not interested in moving out at all, so we carried on. We arrived at 7.30pm, a 14 hour trip. We took them out and into the house. I was really worried as they had been so quiet and not eaten, drunk or used the tray. However to our toal suprise the next day they were back to their usual inquisitive selves, eating etc. and within 2 days we let them into the garden and they loved it. They have now settled really well and apart from the usual cat problems both are well integrated into the local community and I believe even learning French as I hear them shouting at the locals at night.[:D] You should be fine. Just go prepared and keep an eye on him and don't be suprised if your cat appears to sleep through the whole experience.  
  5. It's alright, I've sorted him out. I told him when he's a big boy I'll buy him an orange hat and a big gun and he can go out and shoot the horrible mice. He's happy now. [:D]
  6. Twinkle, I've just had to strap the boy to his bed and put gin in hs bedtime milk 'cos he thinks the souris will be crawling over his face tonight. I think he's traumatised for life. Don't tell me Santa's sleigh's pulled by howling wolves in France [:'(]
  7. Twinkle, you devil !! [:$] All alone apart from a 9 year old litle chap who would want to defend his poor Dad from the faeries. Mind you, given he has just written a note to the Tooth Fairy to tell her he has moved to France he'd be dead impressed [;-)]
  8. Poor Rose is all alone tomorrow in UK, replenishing my beer fund. So I've had to make a temporary change to my avatar to let her know we miss her [kiss] (besides its cheaper than a card [6])
  9. I think most posters have got the general idea but just to be precise, the default situation for a UK supplier is that they will charge VAT on their (eligible) supplies (goods or services). However, for intra-EU supplies the UK supplier may zero-rate his invoice if it shows the EU VAT number of the customer. Hence the customer must be VAT (TVA) registered in their home country. It is important that you give this number to the supplier as, without it appearing on the invoice, he should charge VAT or may himself be liable to the charge. It is not enough to provide a SIRET number as VAT inspectors in the UK can, and do, check the validity of VAT numbers appearing on EU zero-rated invoices. There is even a website allowing suppliers to check if the VAT number provided is valid for any EU country. Hope this makes sense. BTW I am a UK chartered accountant and have had to 'encourage' clients to phone EU customers to obtain these details before zero-rating invoices.
  10. Twinkle, I've been hoping she'll be naughty ever since you sent us the full version of her avatar [6][:$] ooh la la
  11. Thanks JnD. I fired off an email to their sales dept and got an almost instant reply saying they had no french distributor but offering to quote for direct supply to us. We await a price !
  12. We love the look of the Firebelly woodburners but can't find a supplier in France, particularly Dordogne area. They do a 12kW version which would be ideal for our large sitting room. Anyone know of anywhere that may be able to help ? Many thanks,
  13. My kids watched Mr Bean on Holiday recently. They were cracked up by the scene where Mr Bean steals a velosolex from an old French chap, who then proceeds to catch him up at a fast walk and takes the bike back. If you're ever down our way Nectarine let us know and I'll get the kids out [:-))]
  14. I think if the system was professionally run so only genuine medical claimants got on to it then the poor reputation of IB would go away and we'd all know anyone receiving it had passed a stringent test. Some say having the test is demeaning but it seems a small price to pay and after all having to work in a low paid job is also demeaning but it's what you have to do to keep food on the table. If you were deemed able to work at a later date I agree you may struggle to find work in the real world (although any discrimination would be illegal !) but you would then switch to jobseekers and other allowances - provided if you were capable of working you were genuinely trying to find work. It's just a case of ensuring benefits are focussed on the genuine benificiaries, not the scroungers.[:)]
  15. Ali-cat, I think most people have genuine sympathy for those in your situation and don't begrudge the help you get in any way. However, it is precisely for your reason that the statistic of 1 in 15 of the working population on IB needs to be dealt with. How can it be possible that 1 in 15 cannot work at all. It's plain common sense that this can't be right. The deserving 1 in 50 or whatever should have all the resources focussed on them and the others frankly thrown to the wolves like the rest of us.
  16. That's more than 1 in 15 of the UK working population. MORE THAN 1 in 15 are INCAPABLE of ANY work !!!! Can you believe it.... well no I know you can't but apparantly the politicians have for many years. Why do we vote for these idiots.
  17. Sorry allatsea I cant give any direct advice for your situation as I'm a long way from you and my circumstances are not identical. I have found a local accountant who I am consulting and that must be the best solution - there will be some in Normandy without a doubt, you just need to try lots of forums for recommendations. However, what I wanted to say was about cost. I am actually an accountant, no knowledge of French tax law though, but you have to realise that the advice you seek is very specialised. Others can give either generalised or detailed advice on here but it is unlikely to cover your circumstances exactly. You need to be sure that what you are told is precise and also that you have a comeback if it is wrong. The cost of a mistake could be as much as 50% of your income if you find yourself in the fairly punative French tax and cotisation system unexpectedly. You may find a local accountant who will charge less than £1400 but that is not actually a huge fee for the knowledge you require. It is not the lenght of the letter it is the quality that is in it that counts, and for a specialised situation that can only be earned the hard way by the provider so they have to charge a lot to cover that effort. And six months continuing support in a specialist area is also not cheap. So, what I'm saying is not necessarily to go wit the £1400, but don't expect to get this sort of advice for free or on the cheap. It will likely backfire on you. I'm sure you'll happily pay more than this to move your furniture to France so why not for financial peace of mind. Hope it all works out.
  18. Hi Frenchie, I suspect your managers told you that for exactly the reason that I think you should do it - it is a definitive record of events at the time. They can deny verbal discussions ever happened but if you have written things down and given them dated letters then you have evidence should you need it in the future. They are right about writing it down being dangerous - FOR THEM - if they don't treat you fairly and you make a claim against them ! Do what makes sense to you, not what they tell you.
  19. Frenchie, you are right to tackle this problem on Monday. But as you know it can be very emotional and often it can be difficult to think of the right words in a face to face meeting. I think you should put your concerns in writing to your manager. That way you will be able to compose a logical argument, set out examples of the behaviour, possibly refer to any anti-bullying policies your employer has and very importantly have a record of your concerns. My OH and I run a business and we would always take any such complaint very seriously. Lets hope you are treated like this too. Good luck.
  20. Oh boo hoo ! Welcome to the modern world and modern europe. If France wants to create the Peoples Republic of France and close it's borders then that is an option open to the voters - it's still a democracy. I don't see it happening though ! If some people choose to behave in this way then they are entitled to. It may not be in their best interests if they want to enjoy life to the full in their new country of choice but it's their life. I don't really see a few Brits changing French culture any more than all the French in London are going to turn it into Gay Paris. I haven't noticed many young French people buying dilapidated barns in this corner of the world nor retired Brits buying apartments in central Perigueux but perhaps I don't know much about the French housing market. Where I moved from young people couldn't afford to get on the housing market either but it had nothing to do with immigrants. And how are these people living in ghettos imposing anything on their French communities. Isn't that the point of ghettos - they don't interact much with the outside world ? And maybe perhaps France could learn something from Britain just as Britain could learn from France. Why not take best practice from wherever and share it. I for one consider myself a European who just happens at the moment to be living my life in this part of Europe. I conform to practices and pricipals that best suit my own and my family's lifestyle. If I don't like snails I won't eat them. If I'll get by better speaking French I'll speak it. You only have to look at the queues at MacDonalds to appreciate that it's not possible to impose a culture on the people - it will develop based on what the people want. Long live democracy and the free world.[;-)]
  21. [quote user="sweet 17"] ......She is laughing into the face of a thin, consumptive looking weed with salt-and-pepper hair and wire-rim spectacles. [/quote] [quote user="rose"] LOL... have you met my OH already then?  [:D] [/quote] Hang on a minute here..... I DO NOT have salt-and-pepper hair ! I think a touch of grey is very distinguished !![geek]
  22. Happy 21st Cooperlola, I hope you're enjoying a day off in sunny France.[:)]
  23. B***** hell Rose, that explains the queue of moggies in the garden. And I thought you were turning in to the Mad Cat Woman ! Suggest you get out there with mop and Perrier now and give it a clean up.
  24. Girls, can I just say if anyone mentions the words 'Greek column' there will be trouble [:)] from Rose's OH
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