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  1. Does anyone know whether we are able to advertise our property for sale with more than one agent please?
  2. Uffcat

    cat on speedferries

    Ours travels with no problem at all on the car deck.  If you are concerned, ask your vet to give you a tranquillizer tablet to be given about an hour before the ferry leaves.  Depending on which make he prescribes it will sedate a cat for between 4 and 8 hours, perfect for a journey.  Or just cover the cage with a blanket and leave a window partially open, the cat will sleep.
  3. By sticking my arm (plus camera) down from the chimney vent I've come up with two photos.  The first shows a view from above.  The thinner rod from the lever comes in on the right hand side and connects to the other assembly, which then has a thicker rod running right through the chimney.


    The second picture is a side view showing the lever system.  I assume this is stuck in the "open" position.


  4. Still pursuing the damper problem, we have had the chimney vent off so that we can see the top of the stove.  We can see the rod coming up from the outer damper handle and it appears to be connected to another rod which it should presumably turn by pulling the first rod in or out using the knob on the actual frame of the fire.  This runs through the "chimney" itself and has a securing nut on the other side.  It's a difficult spot to reach but so far we have been unable to persuade it to move.  Whatever sort of plate the rod should be moving is presumably jammed in position inside the chimney itself and I can't see how we are supposed to reach it.

    I'll try to get my camera in there to take a picture as I'm not sure I'm explaining this very well!

  5. Wow!  Whole new world here!  After unscrewing a piece of wood which was impeding the decorative brick top piece from hinging out we discover that ours does exactly the same.  We had no idea!  The wood was obviously put there to stop bits falling down or heat escaping and presumably there is a better way of doing this or a better way of mounting the wood so that the brick piece can move?

    About the only problem now is that we still can't budge the damper rod.  I can't see how to get to the assembly to try to free it either as it seems to be fully contained somehow.

  6. Thanks, great idea!  I'll give it a try.
  7. Thanks for that.  Not sure how we will "ungunge" the lever but at least we know which direction it should be going in.  WS40 hasn't achieved anything yet.  So that's why we can't damp it down.

    On the point of the two ringed levers at the bottom - yes we do have these.  We had no idea what they were supposed to do, other than apparently disengage the bottom hinge and allow the door to open from the top (only about three inches).  We have just been turning the levers around so they propped the bottom open on the casing!  I can't see how the door would go into the casing.  How does this work please?

    Do you have any idea what make these fires are please?  You're right about the seal, too.  I'll look out for one when we next go to Bricodepot - our nearest is Perigueux.

  8. I have a book which suggests sponging with undiluted mouthwash!  It does make you wonder what on earth it does to your mouth if it gets rid of mildew!
  9. We inherited an inset stove with this house.  Our only previous experience with such things is a "proper" multifuel stove, ie freestanding.   We could always damp that one down to last overnight but we don't seem to be able to do that with the insert.  We close down all air inlets etc and still it roars away.

    There is no make written on the stove and we have no instructions.  The only info is a model number, S 1 O (or 0) on the front.  There is one knob on the top right which we can't work out a function for.  It leans downwards and appears not to be bent but will not move in any direction.  Does anyone know what this is for and which way the knob should go?  It is obviously jammed - any suggestions for making it move?  Might this be a "jammed open" vent?


  10. We have our internet connection and free phone calls to 52 countries via Tele2, all for a pretty constant €35 per month (it only varies if I call mobiles and even this seems to be pretty cheap) and no need to pay anything to France Telecom for the line itself.  I must say I'm very happy with it but am now wondering about the UK equivalents of 1471 and 1571.  I seem to remember the inital blurb from Tele2 mentioned this service being included but I can´t now find the information to help me set it up.  Does anyone have this system?  If so can you point me to the right page on the Tele2 site or repeat the instructions on the forum please?
  11. Uffcat

    TENS machine

    We both use a TENS macine.  I was retired on ill-health grounds due to osteoarthrosis apparently brought on by a fall.  One of the options presented to me was a nerve-deadening treatment so that I just wouldn´t feel the ongoing dull pain.  I decided against this on the basis that the pain was probably trying to tell me something.  Instead I decided to institute my own form of treatment. This consisted of

    1) weight loss.  I was 4 stones overweight and losing this not only helped my back problems but also completely got rid of my blood pressure problems at a stroke.

    2) walking EVERYWHERE.  No getting in the car unless the journey is over 2 miles each way.  This really helped my back to the point that if I feel twinges I now head off on a long brisk walk before I think of other alternatives.

    3) daily glucosamine and cod liver oil capsules.  These take about 6 weeks to become effective but seem to work for me. I only use prescribed painkillers as a last resort and sometimes just use anti-inflamatory tablets on their own.

    4) the TENS machine.  I was a sceptic but I find this really works.  Two ten minute sessions will cure my most serious bouts.  I use it on a high setting and am usually a little sore the next day but it's unusual to need treatment for more than two days.

    My husband, who seriously damaged his neck and spine in a cycling accident some years ago successfully uses exactly the same system so I don't think my regime is just appropriate for osteoarthrosis/arthritis.

    Check out EBay or, as you say, Lloyd's Chemists.  I understand the pharmacy at Morrison´s supermarkets have a really good offer on at the moment too if you can find someone to check that out for you.

  12. My son works in IT in the UK and when I asked him why my emails to him at work using my tele2.fr account were bouncing back a few weeks ago he said he had put a general stop on all .fr emails through the company server as there was a very high incidence recently of spam from .fr accounts.  Not sure why and fortunately I can use a UK based email account when I want to contact him.
  13. I have just checked our vet's info and see they give an emergency 24/7 number.  You may have to pay a little extra but I've found the vets to be really reasonable in France.  We are also in the Dordogne, the vet is in Nontron.
  14. This is just by way of a general thank you and a comment upon how useful these forums are.

    Last night I suddenly realised that we were not receiving Channels 4 or 5 on our Sky box.  We don't actually have a Sky subscription, do not have a French TV aerial but receive our channels via a Digibox with Sky card.  I have no idea why this works or how, but it normally does.  My first thought these days when we have problems is to check out the forum.  Finding the thread on missing Channel 4 we just unplugged the box, replugged it in and away we went!

  15. Thanks for both of those suggestions.  The second scart on the TV is in fact not to do with the computer connection.  That was a translation problem in the instruction book  which we managed to inteprete when we looked at the Spanish instructions.  I've wired it as per the website posted by Clair and this ties in with your first suggestion Martin. 

    Thanks so much for this almost instant solution, we have been messing around with this all evening trying to make it work.  Now watching the Grand Prix with total surround sound!

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