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  1. [quote user="AnOther"]Good grief, there's a blast from the past, welcome back cassis ![/quote] I've been a bit busy.  [Www]
  2. I'm only answering because no-one with expert financial knowledge has done so - I think you should ask your tax office for advice or get a tax consultant if no-one knows for sure. [quote user="bkm7"]Can we use the abattements of 50% and 65% "Detenu entre 2 et 7 ans Detenu a partir de 8 ans" ? [/quote] [quote user="bkm7"]I rightly or wrongly declared some ISA losses in 3VH some years ago and have been carrying these forward on form 2041-SP without any questions being asked [/quote] https://siddalls.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/qa-savings-and-investments-when-becoming-french-resident/ and http://www.french-property.com/news/tax_france/bank_savings_interest_not_declared/ Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Would it be muddying the waters if I were to mention bi-fuel wood and oil CH boiler?  We use wood when the temperatures have dropped definitively to winter levels and oil in the shoulder period or if it's mild, when we just need a background heating for an hour or two, first thing in morning or in the evening. There was one installed when we moved here (dated from the 80's) and we replaced it with the same type of thing about 4 years ago - in fact we kept the same oil burner, just had it plumbed into the new boiler.  It's an open system with header tank.  The wood burner will also last on low burn overnight if you want it to.  PS - there are strict regs regarding safe siting and installation of oil tanks in case of leakage http://www.roth-france.fr/regles-securite-et-installation.htm
  4. Clearly values vary widely - land is typically 35-40€ per square metre in the villages around here.
  5. [quote user="idun"] Nice to see you post Cassis, hope you are well! [/quote] Muddling along, as you do. [8-|]
  6. There are numerous "French" groups and ex-pats in France of various shades on Facebook, if you haven't already posted there. I can put your link up on our Page and post to my Profile if you like.
  7. I'm a bit surprised at these low prices - around Alençon (also in the Orne) you can't get anything for that sort of money.  Not even a small building plot. [8-)] E.g.  http://www.noyauimmobilier.com/   
  8. I'm 100% unprocessed.  I have added a little fat over the years but not so's you'd notice.
  9. It's not something we've done, but on the Douane website it says inherited goods imported from outside the EU are TVA exempt "Sont exonérés de la TVA ... les biens personnels appartenant à des personnes physiques et importés définitivement à l'occasion du déménagement de leur résidence principale, d'un mariage, d'une succession" - which is in accord with your Toulouse official.  http://douane.gouv.fr/page.asp?id=533 I presume you're importing directly to France or via the Netherlands so you can ask them by email, which would at least get you something in writing. Contact details on this page. http://douane.gouv.fr/page.asp?id=263
  10. Bonjour à tous et toutes.   I don't mind how I'm addressed, honest, as long as it's not "Hey, Fatty" as in my own deluded mind's eye I'm a lean, mean sausage love machine.  Facebook is to blame - not enough hours in the day for Forums AND Facebook AND Firefighting.  [:)]
  11. I've had the same experience as Sid except shutting the flap between the wood-fired boiler and the main flue, and dousing the boiler after removing the wood, didn't stop it - possibly because the previous owners had a "regulator flap" in the chimney flue itself, above the boiler, which continued to let in air to the fire in the flue.  The causes were also exactly as Sid describes, according to the chief of 20 or so pompiers who attended.  Not an experience to be repeated and nothing to do with not having the chimney swept - entirely down to the boiler burning at too low a temperature for a long period of time and creosote condensing in the flue.  Not a mistake I'll make again - I'll never let the boiler fire burn other than fiercely!  We were lucky - no damage except to the flue.  It could have been a lot worse.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, CeeJay - I'll definitely give the regular planks a go next time.  [:)] Phil
  13. Sounds worth a try - cheers matey :)
  14. Just to be safe, I always give any red meat a good coat of white gloss before I eat it.
  15. I also considered the "yellow" treated planks as they were about 30% cheaper than the same width and thickness decking planks at Brico Depot; I was put off by the fact they're only treated for use in carpentry (roofing etc) and not meant for damp conditions.   They're definitely an alternative to decking planks but my thought was they won't last  as long.  I can only vouch that the decking planks are as new after 6 years, with absolutely no rot. CeeJay - I've been thinking of doing more raised beds, do the yellow planks last okay in contact with soil?  If they do I'll happily save 30%!
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