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  1. Does anybody have the forms required to do this in English? we are planning to move to France this year and I will want to register our uk car in France the only forms I have seen are all in French (surprise) but I remember seeing a translated form somewhere? Can anybody help please? Smudge
  2. Hi All  We are looking to move to France next year, I will have retired and drawing UK state pension, do I have to take out private health ins or will the French health care system take care of any costs? If a top up is required can anybody suggest an ins company bearing in mind I am only on uk state pension so money is tight. Thanking you for your help. Smudge
  3. I am hoping that somebody may be able to help? if we purchase a property in France what taxes have to be paid on an annual basis ie council tax etc and what would be an average total cost? Thanks Smudge
  4. We are moving to France with our son (25) who is a good bricklayer is there work available for him the area would be either Brittany or Dordogne.
  5. we are looking to move to France full time, when our driving licence is due for renewal about 2 years time can it be renewed in the UK?
  6. we are thinking of moving to France (Brittany area0 in 2014 but will start looking next year, can anybody suggest the best agents to talk to who speak good english. Is this a good time to look at this type of business as this will be our retirement. thanks, smudge
  7. Hi We are looking to move to france to purchase a property with a gite to suppliment our pension. The price range is from 50000 to 200000 euros. We would prefer to buy in Brittany we are looking for some help/advice as to if this is possible within this price range. Any advice would be welcome. Smudge
  8. If labour get in your sunk up the creek without a paddle at least with the conservatives you will get what you see.
  9. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT Labour to win the next election the UK has gone to pot since they came to power they have no leadership i wish i could move to France and enjoy a better way of life, i am not saying the torys or libs are any better but i believe they should be given a chance.
  10. [:)]  I am hoping you may be able to help me we are looking to holiday in the Aube area next year (TOULOUSE,CARCASSONNE,FOIX,NARBONNE) and am looking to hire a Gite for the two weeks proberly late June early July. Is there anybody that can put me in touch with Gite owners in these areas please. there would be only 2x adults. Thanks Smudge
  11. HI I dont know if this will help, but when our boys were this age we used eurocamp sites (mobile homes) we found these to be good value for money,the boys had loads to do and they were well looked after by the staff.The sites are in excellent locations and are easy to find,and clean and tidy. Hope this may be of some use!! Smudge
  12. Hi I am thinking of holidaying in the above regions for 2008 during late August early September c i am looking for gites in those areas to sleep 2 adults near sea if possible but not essential. I look forward to hearing from you Smudge[:)]
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