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  1. Aged 11 can sit in the front:


    which links to:


    Also lists exceptions for under 10 if there is no rear seat but seat belt and child/booster seat requirements still have to be met.

  2. Sorry about your loss,Maria.

    No one appears to have answered your question re insurance. Unfortunately,even if off the road it still has to be insured.

  3. Under "Tariff"


    From Newhaven to Dieppe ring the Newhaven office.

    From Dieppe to Newhaven ring the Dieppe office (English/French speaking)

  4. According to the Impôts website, you can now declare on line without a certificate.  What to do (either way) listed here:


    Still have to have made a first declaration in paper form.

    As I understand it, however, getting a certificate means you can access all your information on line.

    The certificates do expire from time to time but renewal is straightforward

  5. [quote user="powerdesal"]

    'everyone beats Scotland dont they ?[/quote]

    Apparently not.[:P][:D]

    Now - Allez les bleus![:D]

  6. As you've raised the matter again I read through the posts.  There is repeated in several "as Scotland Yard takes control of cases in the UK".  Quite inaccurate.[:(]

  7. [quote user="Llantony"]

    We now have a bill for 53 euros for blood tests and I guess we will have to pay then get the money back from Groupama. [/quote]

    You could ring the lab and find out if they have "tiers payant" and, if so, is Groupama one of their companies.  If that is the case they may take your Groupama account details and claim direct from Groupama.  Worth a try.

  8. [quote user="Polly"][quote user="Weegie"]Useful to  remember that Transmanche do a 20% discount for
    • senior over 60 
    • youth under 25
    • student under 27
    • disabled person
    It cannot be done by booking on line but only by telephoning - UK contact number for UK to France and French number for France to UK.

    Booked today for Dieppe to Newhaven return in February.  Car and two was £125 less 20% plus a £2 fee for booking by telephone - Total £102.  A useful saving for those who qualify. 



    This link didn't work, but by footling around I got there, to find that this discount only applies to Newhaven-Dieppe


    That's why it says "Transmanche" ie. Newhaven - Dieppe.

  9. [quote user="NormanH"]It really is very irresponsible to give advice on your limited experience.[/quote]

    Don't see what you can possibly see wrong with the advice.  "If you don't ask,you don't get".

    Seasons Greetings.[:)]

  10. A virement, as mentioned by Jako, is the easiest way.  You need the account details to pay it into including the IBAN number.  There is no charge within the Eurozone.

    If you go into your CA branch they will give you a proforma to complete.  Straightforward and easy.

  11. As you say, according to HMRC, not yet in force.


    Another take on it?


  12. [quote user="Jo"] Get yourselves down to a good legal advisor,  there's no substitute for professional advice.


    Couldn't agree more.

    Especially when one sees this when the question refers to spouses:

    [quote user="Jo"] to buy en tontine just exposes the survivor to up to 60% death duties[/quote]

    [blink] [blink] [blink]

  13. [quote user="Judith"][quote user="Jo"] to buy en tontine just exposes the survivor to up to 60% death duties


    This is news to me, how so?  There is surely (now) no succession tax between spouses? 


    and it never was 60% between spouses before the law change.

  14. The actual toll charges are the same but, as you will know, SANEF have a  charge of  €2 for any month in which it has been used.  ALIS have no "usage" charge.

  15. It "kicks in" from the first application for a permis for Groups other than A or B.

    From the French Govt website:

    For all the other categories:

    "s'il a été reconnu apte par la commission départementale médicale."


    "Durée de validité

    Le permis est valable :

    • 5 ans, pour toute personne âgée de moins de 60 ans,

    • 2 ans, entre 60 et 76 ans,

    • 1 an, à partir de 76 ans.

    Pour obtenir sa prorogation (renouvellement), l'intéressé est soumis à un examen médical.

    La demande doit être faite à la préfecture du domicile, avant l'expiration du délai de validité."

    EXCEPT for passenger carrying vehicles (Group D) where the medical is more frequent after 60

    "Le permis est valable :

    • pour une période 5 ans pour toute personne âgée de moins de 60 ans,

    • pour une périodicité maximale d'un an à partir de 60 ans."

  16. Re "buying the tank".  It isn't really an option as it has to be tested every three years and the supplying company will normally do that as part of the deal.  It is also checked at each delivery.  If it doesn't come up to standard then they replace it.

  17. [quote user="Clair"]I have written several times to La Dépêche, as they keep on referring to "low coast" airlines.


    Maybe they are reporting low-level bombing raids?[:D][:D]

    Re the OP - "Je vais chez le manacurist"?

  18. [quote user="Chancer"]So does being conventionne mean that you can only charge the base or is it as I posted in reply above that the bases are only used for reimboursement.[/quote]

    The important bit from the Ameli website is:


    prothèses dentaires sont prises en charge par l'Assurance Maladie si

    elles figurent sur la liste des actes et prestations remboursables, et

    sont remboursées à 70 % sur la base de tarifs dits de responsabilité,

    très souvent inférieurs à leur coût réel.

    En effet,

    contrairement aux consultations et aux soins dentaires, le tarif des

    prothèses dentaires est libre
    . À noter cependant que le

    chirurgien-dentiste ou le médecin stomatologiste est tenu de fixer ses

    honoraires « avec tact et mesure »
    et de vous en informer préalablement

    au moyen d'un devis écrit."

    So for consultations et soins dentaire (extractions etc) a conventionné dentist charges the scale rate and you get the appropriate reimbursement from CPAM.  For prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures) the dentist can charge what he likes but should not be excessive - not defined.  However, he should give you a devis and from that you can make your judgement.

  19. Yes that is correct.  It was merely to indicate to the OP that there is more than one way.[:)]

  20. If it helps, when we bought, just over six years ago, I made an offer through the Immobilier. The figure I gave was to include ALL fees, agent and notaire.  This was accepted and, obviously the sellers and the agent came to an agreement as to how the money was to be divided between them. I.e.  They adjusted their price and he his fee.

    The notaires fees were, of course, not negotiable but the immobilier was able to calculate how much they would be from the published scales and advise the seller accordingly.

    You can use this website to make the calculation for the notaires fees:


  21. From the French Government website:


    "Pour être exonéré de la taxe d'habitation relative à votre résidence

    principale, vous devez, au 1er janvier de l'année, remplir les

    conditions suivantes"

    As he wasn't 60 on 1st January he won't be elligible until next year.

  22. Code de la Route Article R222-2:

    "L'échange d'un tel permis de conduire contre le permis français est obligatoire

    lorsque son titulaire a commis, sur le territoire français, une

    infraction au présent code ayant entraîné une mesure de restriction, de

    suspension, de retrait du droit de conduire ou de retrait de points.

    échange doit être effectué selon les modalités définies par l'arrêté

    prévu à l'alinéa précédent, aux fins d'appliquer les mesures précitées.

    Le fait de ne pas effectuer l'échange de son permis de conduire

    dans le cas prévu à l'alinéa précédent est puni de l'amende prévue pour

    les contraventions de la quatrième classe."

    Failure to exchange under the circumstances highlighted is punishable by a fine.


    Link to the Code Article on the right of the page.

  23. "Occasion" is perhaps less of a faux ami as it can be used in a similar sense to the English usage.

  24. [quote user="Loiseau"]

    Yes, I knew about the 12 points being deducted in France v 6 points added in UK.  In fact by that token it would seem logical that I should incur only half a UK point. [;-)][/quote]

    Not so.  12 points in UK also. Just added instead of subtracted.


    Unless you are new driver?

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