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  1. We have just met with Leggit, they are through France and have numerous avenues to expose property throughout Europe and the World. havent used them before, wondering if anyone else has had any expeirence of them when selling or buying. I would give them a go, of course there are fees to be paid but, if you want to sell in Framce you have use those that can get your property under the noses that really wish to buy. Best of luck.
  2. For the past 2 years we have enjoyed lazy days around all the lakes throughput the Creuse, especially on hot summers days there is nothing better then dipping into the cool lake water to cool down. concerns were raised yesterday by another brit that we met round the pool to say that they had stopped swimming in the lakes due to rumours of Uranium contamination. Now back home there are not many lakes I would swim in, but here in france everyone seems to enjoy the natural pools, What are your thoughts
  3. We need to repoint the gable end of our barn above our bread oven, to do so we require the use of a boom life that will allow us to gain height but also manoeuvre across the top of the bread oven, some 3-4metres. We did find one company that could do it but have now been let down. Any ideas of anyone in La Souterraine area that could help out?
  4. Has anyone had an experience of having machinery delivered by low loader, does 250 euros each way (there and back) sound reasonable for a distance of approx 40km each way (there and back)?
  5. Does anyone know the best place to purchase Parex Monodecor GTP from Bricomarche, castorama, point p
  6. Thanks for the replies, will check some of these out, its a holiday home no need for a TV, only ever watch dvd's but this year as we are going to be way from the UK we thought it might be good to see if we could view the Olympics while we are in france. Thats if we can drag the kids home from the lakes in time to watch anything.
  7. Having used these in the UK do you know if they work in France, I know sometimes the internet recognises where you are and stops you from using iplayer etc, is this the case with Netflicks and Lovefilm
  8. We will be spending the summer holidays in France with the family and want to be able to watch some of the Olympics, does anyone know how this can be done through the internet. Any help greatly appreciated
  9. Does anyone know if there are any planned celebrations going on in or near La Souterraine this June for the Queens Jubilee Celebrations. We are going to be away and thought it would be nice to meet with others so our children could join in the celebrations.
  10. It seems the pointing on our gable end is shot and everytime it rains the water is running down the inside walls and will in the end cause damage. We need to hire a cherry picker, scissor life with boom, or something that will enable us to reach over a ground floor bread oven which is approx 3 metres wide. Appreciate any help or advice
  11. Renovations complete and we have discovered some woodworm in a main beam its been treated before with xylo..... the stuff you are recommended to use, sprayed and soaked the effected area, and some surrounding areas, and surrounding beams including oak bed and cabinet. How good is this liquid, anything to look out for, further treatments?
  12. Has anyone successfully set up a french phone line from here in the UK? Is there a website you can do it through or is there an english speaking phone line that enables you to organise it with ease?
  13. probably whats happened to ours, quite a lot of moss, has probably cracked a tile and caused the damage. Builder will take a look at it in 2 weeks time and rectify the problem, bit of scrapping, replacing old tiles then some of that old moss spray for the rest of the roof. Hopefully no more unsightly leak stains
  14. So with the barn finally finished our attention turns to the garden, but with 3 young kids its hard to get a start on it and before long it will be too wild to even try taming. So does anyone know of a gardener in the La Souterraine area that would be able to help us in time for the kids to enjoy summer in the garden
  15. does anyone live or has anyone ordered logs from around the la souterraine area, need to get a stack delivered so i can get them stored and ready for the winter as the pile our neighbour gave us is slowly disappearing
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