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  1. Firstly, apologies for my delay in replying to your suggestions but once I posted my question, I then couldn't find my way back again! - Until now... (perhaps now you can understand why I've got into such a bind with my tenants!) Anyway -  I must say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to my questions. Whilst I think some of the suggestions are perhaps going a little too far (!) they've certainly made me smile wryly - some even laugh out loud...but I think perhaps this response from Frederick is the most useful and certainly one that I intend to follow up on. I have to say that I have also come to realise my cupability in this situation...I haven't taken enough care of them or the house and have kind of hidden my head in the sand hoping the problems would simply disappear (not a hard thing to do in the beautiful beaches of the cape it has to be said!) - but now ofcourse it has all come to a head.   I will indeed let you know how the situation resolves itself and will try to deal with it as decently as I can. It is sad for me to see how many people are in similar situations...by the way, given some of the comments about French renters versus British renters - perhaps I should mention that this couple is British!  Regards   Fiona
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me...I have renters who haven't paid rent for nearly 5 months now! They say they are not paying because the electricity is dangerous.  In my opinion these are two different issues - it is my responsibility to make sure the electrics are safe...but they equally must pay rent (Am I right?)  Anyway - now I just want them to leave and I am going to sell my property as living so far away (In South Africa), it is proving too hard to manage. Can anyone tell me: 1. Legally - are they allowed to just stop paying rent when they are not happy with something? 2. As they haven't paid rent for so long - can I just tell them to leave in 2 weeks? What rights do I have to get them out?  3. Do I have any recourse to get the money they owe me in arrears back? It is sad that it is ending like this as they have lived in my house for 4 years! Because of this,  I trusted them so much that we no longer have a valid lease (Stupid I know!) - would this affect my legal standing to tell them to go? Thanks for any help that anyone can give Regards Fiona        
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