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  1. Many thanks for the replies.

    As I suspected, 11% was too good to be true, perhaps this is his only income and the tax rate starts at 11%? 

    I'll look into the micro-foncier regime, and read the above link also.

    Can anyone recommend someone who specializes or advises on French income tax?


  2. Hi,

    Could anyone point me in the right direction regards to paying tax in France on income from long term lets of property in France?

    A French neighbour told me that there is a flat rate of 11% on this sort of income, however I've returned home now and I wasn't able to quiz him further on this. I would be delighted if this were true!

    I live and pay income tax in Scotland.


  3. Many thanks for the detailed replies and links, now I have something definite to go on.  We are just thinking about selling and haven't come to a decision yet.



  4. I believe that previously if you'd owned your house for over twenty years, there was no capital gains tax to be paid.  Now the time period has been increased to thirty years, is this correct? 

    I've owned my house for twenty years, if I was to sell, what percentage of  CGT would I have to pay?


  5. Many thanks for the answers.  I've googled pince à sertir, and that is exactly what I need, only wish I'd bought one years ago!

    Chancer, you've answered a question I didn't even know that I'd needed to ask, as I'll be going higher than 3m high, I now know how to do that as well, thanks. :)

  6. Hi,


    As the title says, I have previously used plasterboard screws, but find that they're a pain as they slip a lot. What do you use or what am I doing wrong?



  7. Well done Andy!  To come back in the fifth set the way he did was just excellent.  Great tennis match from both players.  What a way to win your first grand slam!
  8. Ah, so we're only talking about 26 euros here.

    Yours, no longer worried.

  9. JustJohn,  your figures of 2183 and 19,700 euros don't seem to add up in relation to the percentages quoted.  Are you saying that you have to pay 21,883 euros tax on a planning application?

    Yours worried,


  10. [quote user="pachapapa"]

    The TLE in gourgé is zero %  this is set at a municipal level; however the TDENS in deux-sèvres is higher at 1,2 % than in 24 at 0,5 %.

    TAUX de TLE......zero %
    TAUX de TDENS......1,2 %
    TAUX de TDCAUE.....0,3 %

    Click on the map in right margin.



    Thanks for the link.  I'm shortly going to be applying for planning permission.

    In my area TDENS is 0.8% and TDCAUE is 0.3%. 

    Question is, percentage of what?  Is there a way in advance to calculate the tax which will have to be paid?


  11. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]Spraying with Jeyes Fluid will get rid of the moss but it sounds as if there is something more fundermental amiss.


    How much would you dilute the Jeyes Fluid?


  12. Sweeping generalisation...."the average guy, of whatever age, will sleep with any woman with a pulse if he gets the chance".

    What utter rubbish!  I've turned down far more women than I've been with. I've found that the average woman thinks that because she has a f****, that any guy would sleep with her.  There's lots of decent men out there, we're not all desperate!   

  13. As others have said, get your notaire to ask for the compromis that the Belgians signed.  Time for a bit of double bluff, are you any good at poker? 

  14. [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]I think she was born into it like every other English monarch since Henry 8th created it.[/quote]


    Somehow I think you've missed my point, never mind!

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