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  1. That's very kind of you to say so, Cooperlola2. Ron, alas I have to change my license as the photo part is about to expire.  But thanks for the information given by all..
  2. Thanks "Geraldine" [;-)].  I didn't know that.  I'll be sure and take this with me.
  3. Clair Thanks very much (again).  I'll have a look for that in the shops tomorrow. Lori, thanks for the info.  If your mum wants another overseas charity case to support, she can always send us a packet or two!
  4. Clair That's great.  Thanks very much for your help.  
  5. I have a recipe for pastry which is an American recipe and refers to vegetable shortening, specifically Crisco. Does anybody know what the equivalent would be in France. Thanks.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered before, but can someone point me in the right direction (post a link) to where I can download the form required to exchange my UK driving license for a  French one. I have looked on the Service-Public website, but can't for the life of me see it! Thanks.
  7. Thanks Clair That looks like a good option.  I'll probably wait until the new year before placing my order.  
  8. Hi Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain seeds of Salvia Leucantha? I saw the plant growing during a recent trip to California and would love to grow it here in France. Thanks
  9. Currently snowing in La Sarthe / Loir et Cher area.  Brrrrrrrr....
  10. To follow up on this, we spent about 15 minutes this evening watching not only a Goldcrest, but also a pair of Firecrests.  They arrived in the cherry tree near the patio and eventually came to within two feet of us as we stood watching.    Back in England we knew both species to be fairly “tame”, but haven’t seen them quiet so close since being here.   Alas, no camera to hand, of course!  I’m guessing they are en-route south, but at leas one Goldcrest has been here for a week now.
  11. Definitely a Goldcrest.   (I suspect that the “blue” is the grey of the under feathers and it’s just how the camera has dealt with it)  Funnily enough, just been watching at least one in the garden.  As it’s migration time there’ll be a few “unusual” birds in gardens at the moment.  Don’t forget to keep those feeders full. Birds that fly into windows are often “dazed” for a while afterwards, so it’s always worth assuming that they are alive.  We’ve had some little guys take up to 10 minutes to revive.  It's sometimes worth popping them in a shoe box, suitably lined and ventilated, but dark, until they come around.
  12. Headcook, We posted our completed forms etc. yesterday so will see if they need anything else.  If not, it will be a first! Ron, Thanks for the info. 
  13. Firstly, I apologise if this question has been asked before, but could someone explain how the payments to URSSAF work.  The reason I am asking is that in June 2008 we received an Avis d'echance from URSSAF asking for cotisations for the 2nd quarter (which we paid).  We never received one asking for payment for the 1st quarter but I am guessing that is because our letter of affiliation from CPAM said our cotisation would be from 01/04/2008.. Am I correct in thinking that we will receive the bill for the 3rd quarter sometime during September, for payment before the end of September?   Post edited by a moderator to enable replies.
  14. Hi there I have some spare space in my veg patch and wondered if there is anything worth growing at this time of the year?  
  15. Ian Gosh!  I am so sorry to hear of this, but thank you for the information.  Please let Debs know we are thinking of  her and wish her a speedy recovery.  Is there anything we can do to help?  We are also in La Sarthe. Please keep us informed of her progress.    
  16. Hi Lou I made a similar mistake and visited my local tax office this week and explained the problem.  I took along copies of both completed forms (2042/2047).  They were extremely helpful and said not to worry and they would make the necessary adjustment and I should receive another avis d'impot sometime during October or November this year.  This will also affect the tax d'habitation.  Again, they said I would receive an amendment, probably after the initial one has been sent. Hope this helps.
  17. Oh oh!! Thanks for that.  I can see what I have done there.  Looks like a trip to the tax office is required! 
  18. Can anyone answer this question please. In the past I have completed online form 2047, but this year I also needed to complete form 2042.  These forms were completed and submitted online at the same time in May 2008.  I am able to look online and see both the completed forms and confirmation that they were submitted with dates and times etc. Yesterday I received in the post the Avis d'impot for 2007 but it only had information and charges relating to the info I had provided via form 2042. Is this normal and will I shortly be receving a further Avis d'impot relating to form 2047 info?  
  19. Thanks Phil  & Pat for the info. We think we may have seen a Garden Tiger in the garden but they don't stay still enough in the dark to be certain!  We have definately seen Jersey Tigers, which fly during the day but their caterpillars are not as hairy.  Since moving to France we have seen a lot more butterflies and moths and are still working hard at identifying those that we didn't see in England.  So thanks once again.
  20. Hello I have found a caterpillar in the garden and am not sure what it is, or if it's friend or foe! Can anyone tell me from these photos please? [IMG]http://pagesperso-orange.fr/stephen.irons/Caterpillar1[/IMG] [IMG]http://pagesperso-orange.fr/stephen.irons/Caterpillar2[/IMG] Thank you.  
  21. Andy, thanks for the info. Any idea what the product is called in French??    
  22. I recently purchased a small desk from a brocante/antiques shop and have noticed there are small beetle like creatures emerging from small holes on one of the legs.  I am guessing this to be woodworm.  Can anyone tell me what the easiest form of treatment for this is please.
  23. Hi Chris Thanks very much for the info.  I have never seen a Whiskered bat before!
  24. Hi I found a couple of bats behind our window shutters  the other day.  I took some pics ( a bit tricky as the bats were behind shutters on the first floor).  I know that the bat in the first  photo is a Pipperstrelle , but does anyone know what the other one is in the other two photos, please? All the pics are at this link.....   http://www.divshare.com/download/4278271-cbc Thanks      
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