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  1. Cooperlola is undoubtedly the expert on this, so everything she said goes!  One thing I would add is to try and take a stroll around the paddocks late at night.  We managed to go around last time at about midnight or 1:00 in the morning.  Wonderful atmosphere, with some of the night and early runners prepping cars etc.   So, yes, definitely get a Paddock pass!


    Thanks for the complement Coops!  We’ll be parked in the Corvette Club France stand, which in the past has been at the “top” end of the paddocks, behind the village.   Perhaps we'll see you there?    We're bound to see Mr & Mrs Cooperlola!

  2. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the supply of packet bread mixes.  Usually we get ours from ALDI but they have stopped selling it and our other supermarket (SU) has a lot less on their shelves than normal.    When I asked the assistant at ALDI if they were getting further deliveries, they said no but could not give me a reason.

  3. Thanks a lot boys and girls!   To be honest, my main reason for asking was to make sure that our TV wasn't missing something that it should be receiving!  We can get radio via the tuner with no problem.  However, in the UK there is wider range of radio available via the digital network that over the airwaves, so that might have been good here.   Maitin's point about the bandwidth is interesting and the better picture quality is certainly noticeable.

    And yes, we do occasionally stream stuff over the internet, but that’s not so practical for us…..

    But now we know the score anyway!  Thanks.


  4. Hi

    I have recently had to go to the dentist as a filling had come loose. My dentist told me I would need a crown fitted (I was led to understand that it was not possible to fill again). When I received the Devis in the post, I was a little concerned about the cost so when I went for my next appointment I explained that it was too expensive and asked if he could just fill the tooth and maybe at a later date I would have the crown fitted. He told me it was entirely my choice and that of course he could fill the tooth although it would not be as strong as a crown. I'm going back next week for the filling. So no, I don't think you have to have the other work carried out, especially as you haven't signed anything. If your dentist will not agree to a revised devis, perhaps you should look elsewhere.
  5. This seems very French as we have stayed in lots of hotels in France that have a seperate toilet from the washbasin.  I too would prefer a washbasin in the toilet.  Unfortunately in our house there is not enough space, but I always make a point in showing our visitors the    bathroom which does have a wash basin.  Even so, some guests do not use it, so I'm guessing even  if there was a wash basin in the toilet  that also wouldn't be used!
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="Loirette"]

    Hi Coops. a nice Torch Red Corvette Grand Sport at Chassay in Tours just waiting for you to drive away!!


    Lovely idea, I'm just not sure I could afford the fuel bills.[:-))]  But we could make a nice little convoy between us.

    I should have been at Silverstone this weekend.  Sob.  I guess I just have to write this year off as far as motor racing is concerned.[:(]  Thanks for your good wishes.


    I bet you won't get 30+ mpg at 70mph with a  Porsche!  But you will with the Vette!  Looking forward to that convoy!

  7. Hi Coops.   We think you deserve a Porsche or similar - but surely you want something more exclusive!  And there is a nice Torch Red Corvette Grand Sport at Chassay in Tours just waiting for you to drive away!!

    You are constantly in our thoughts.  Hope the treatment doesn't get you down too much.

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