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  1. We have Alice email accounts and MOH started having problems about a week ago. He hasn't been able to download mail. He has been able to access email via webmail but even that didn't work for a short time. He says he doesn't know how they can manage to make such a mess of it. I hadn't used my m/c for a week or so so don't know if I would have had the same problems. I use Outlook and when I eventually logged on my email downloaded normally. We have had no notification that the migration was taking place.
  2. Because of the free p&p, I used to use Play in preference to Amazon as the sterling prices were often similar. That was until recently when I started comparing Play's sterling and euro prices and discovered that they are converting to euros at a rate typically more than 1.30. I've just calculated a couple of book prices and the rates work out at 1.31 and 1.33. With Amazon you can pay in sterling which suits me and they also add VAT at the correct rate and show it on the invoice which is included with the package.
  3. Yes -  I should have known you'd come along coops. [:)]
  4. jehe, there is a lot of information on this site: Healthcare Issues Site Reading through that will probably answer most of your questions. [:)]
  5. Mooky, they have put their number at the end of their post. Hope it works out for you and your cats.
  6. Thank-you Clair.[:)] I've found a recipe now but haven't tried it yet.
  7. Great story Woolyb.[:)] Not gone yet Sweets? I'm easing off the diet this week - we have visitors so that's good timing. I'll be back on it end of next week.[:)]
  8. It won't help you today Sweets - but info possibly for future use - it is possible to get sticks which can be folded and then might fit in your suitcase. I used to have one in the early days of my mobility problems. Wherever you're going I hope you have a good trip.[:)] 
  9. What is carré frais? I'm looking for a recipe for stuffed tomatoes and carré frais is mentioned. I'd like a recipe which uses minced meat as OH has bought minced meat for the purpose. We have the beef type tomatoes. Any help gratefully received.[:)].
  10. Thanks Sue, I didn't know that.
  11. My SIL and friend will be visiting next week. She was going to get euros from her local Post Office but she has a Nationwide card so I have advised her to use her card here for cash. Will her UK daily limit apply here or is there some other limit which will apply? I know that with our French card there is a weekly limit which is quite low.
  12. Possibly my final post on this subject - I will be out of touch for a few days. Posting as promised. I checked again with MOH. When he went to the tax office he did explain that these were UK contracts and that we had ended them last year. The first assistant called over their foreign tax expert who arrived with a large tome and subsequently told MOH that they did not need to be entered on the forms but that we should provide details on a separate sheet in a similar way to the bank accounts but giving start and end-dates. This is what we will be doing. Mine is pre '83 anyway.
  13. That is very useful information, I am just surprised that all of the anglo sites that disseminate such information for those of us who are not legal eagles don't mention it - at least the ones that I looked at certainly didn't. Such policies are fairly common in the UK so I would imagine that lots of people have them and I would be surprised if people know they should be declared. I will suggest to our mods that the FAQs are updated with the information.
  14. Hi LL, well mine was taken out before '83 so I guess that one is safe. I'm pretty sure MOH's was late 90s - he is out at present so I will read him your post when he gets back. I'm fairly sure that MOH would have made clear that these were UK policies and that they had been surrendered - I will ask him again. This is the first time that I have heard that the existence of UK policies needs to be declared. Last year was the first year that we were liable for tax here and we thought we had researched pretty thoroughly. We listed all our bank and savings accounts but it never occurred to us that life policies needed to be declared and if it hadn't been for surrendering them last year we might still not be aware (although your post if you had made it might have stirred us into action). I'm sure there must be lots of others who are not aware of this requirement. JR, LL is clearly knowledgeable on this subject, maybe he can help you. I'll let you know what we do. MOH does our forms and I suspect that having asked once at our local office he will just give details of the policies as that is what he was told to do.
  15. JR, it does sound as though your wife's policy might fall into that category but the only way to be sure is to ask your local tax office.
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